happy monday!

last week,
our car got towed (my stupid fault)
and then locating it was a complete nightmare (thanks d.c.)
which brought on melt down #2 for me this week
and kingsley and i got caught in the rain 7 blocks from home
which gave me and baby a ridiculous cold.
and my family dog, dear buster, age ten, had to be put to sleep…
among other sad and annoying things which took place
that i’m aware i shouldn’t complain about
because i know people have bigger problems in the world.
but honestly, it was just a rough week.
so i couldn’t wait to crawl into my bed and go to sleep last night
knowing that morning brought monday, and i would get a “do over.”
so, i can’t believe i’m saying this, but i’m so glad it’s monday.
and a new week. a fresh start.
so very happy about this.
happy happy monday!
  1. happy monday lovey! can't wait to see you.

  2. Cheray

    Happy Monday!
    Hope this week is wonderful for you x

  3. ttsc

    Hi –
    I'm a newish reader. Love your blog. Congrats on the pregnancy. And happy Monday. Hope you have a great week. I had a not so great week last week too, so I'm hoping for a better one.

  4. Me too. I'm so happy it's Monday so I can start over. Had a rough patch this weekend too. I hope you feel better & are able to relax a lil! =)

  5. Bridget

    dogs being put to sleep is like theeeeee saddest thing in the world- so sorry to hear that. and hope your cold goes away pronto.

  6. i'm sorry last week was so icky! i hope you feel better soon and here's to this week being better than last!! your attitude is just beautiful!!

  7. amber

    I need a little bit of your enthusiasm for this week. haha I do hope that things are better for you this week, and I hope you are feeling better from your cold :)

  8. bummer about your dog. and your week. have a great one this time around! *deep breath* ; )

  9. at least you are absolutely ADORABLE and you have a husband who loves you!!!

  10. Livie

    As Anne of Green Gables says, "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it". Here's to a better week! :)

  11. Happy Monday to you, too! Sounds like you had quite a weekend ;) Welcome to a new week and a new beginning.

  12. Hannah

    aww that does not sound like fun. i know how you feel about the ca like…mine failed its MOT on brake pads and discs last week…..£115 hole in my pocket now. boooo




  13. I hope this week is absolutely amazing for you! Sounds like you need it after last week's shenanigans :)

  14. Aww…I'm sure this week will be better, I mean it's gotta be, right? lol


  15. Birdie

    Sucktastic. I hate little disasters like that! A new week is like a new notebook…just waiting for you to write something!!

  16. Legs

    Happy Monday to you!! Hope it's a better week. :D

  17. hope this week is 1000x better than last week! happy monday!

  18. I'm feeling the same way about this fine Monday… a nice clean start to a new week.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

  19. amylou

    I'm so sorry about your week and your dog. I've been through this recently and it's so hard. I hope this week is better. Hang in there! Happy Monday!!!

  20. great perspective + some supa, supa, super cute pictures! :)

  21. amanda

    mondays are nice beginning to a brand new week.

    ps, you have the WHITEST teeth!

  22. Chiara

    Hope this week is amazing for you!!!!!
    I hope you feel better and I'm really sorry about buster… I cried (a lot) when my family dog was put to sleep….

  23. Elise

    Yay! Happy Monday… hope it's amazing! You are glowing and so gorgeous. Love these photos. :)

  24. Cathi

    Happy Happy Monday!!

  25. That is the beautiful thing about each new day; you can start over. I have a favorite quote from Anne of Green Gables:

    "Marilla, isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"

    I hope this week goes better for you!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)

  26. Aww happy monday to you too.

  27. Julie

    Oh, you've gotta love the pregnancy meltdowns! I had many while I was pregnant with my baby girl (whose name is Naomi, haha).

  28. i have to adopt your mentality about this week. i had a few meltdowns last week also. and i can't even blame the pregnancy hormones. it was all me…crazy me…

    deep breath and move forward right?

  29. I feel the same way about Mondays … a fresh start, do over if necessary. Hope its a better week for you! :)

  30. Rachel

    hope this week more than makes up for it!

  31. You two are too cute. Here's to a new week!

  32. ahlin

    i totally feel that way. sometimes mondays are just needed.

  33. Ruth

    I truely hope this monday will be the start of an awesome week!
    For you & for everyone :)

  34. Shorty

    Well that is a very positive perspective. I hope this week is filled with laughter.

  35. praying things get better for you and baby :D

  36. Natalie

    This made me excited to move to the city. I'm not sure why.

  37. i had a week like that recently. i was on the verge of a mini-breakdown/tears non-stop. but, like you said, with monday came clarity, new opportunities and a chance to start fresh. ahh, monday….

  38. hi naomi
    i like how you have bad days too. you keep it real and it's quite refreshing to read!

  39. darling cardigan! where is it from?

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  41. .nicole.

    Do over's are good! Its nice to have a fresh clean slate and hope its a better week! Sorry you had such a rough one :(

  42. sara

    this week will be a million times better :)
    happy monday!

  43. Sarah

    So sorry to hear about buster. Here's hoping for a much better week!

  44. jaycelle

    Hope you have a better better and more wonderful week this week! Sending lots of positivity to YOU!


  45. Collins

    sorry to hear about your rough week and super sorry about your dog. that is always so sad. :(

  46. i hope this week is AMAZING for you! and you look gorgeous in these photos. you're glowing and lovely!

  47. Jennifer

    I'm so sorry about Buster, and hope that you and Kingsley are over your colds by now.

    I wish you a wonderful Monday and a fresh start!

  48. Kelsi

    girl, you are GLOWING! and josh is too! you guys are so, so sweet together, and it's completely obvious how excited the two of you are about your little one. :)

  49. yikes.

    sounds like a crap week my dear! i hope that things are going better for you! hooray for new beginnings.

  50. I know what you mean! Last week was dreadful! Today was such a wonderful new beginning to the week and very enjoyable! Happy Monday to you!

  51. Ugh, I hate getting the car towed! :( Sorry to hear about your week!

  52. Jaime

    Hope this week is a better one for you my lovely……totally know how you're feeling….all these things seem to happen at once! However, you do look beeeyootiful….pregnancy obviously agrees with you….so happy for you & hubby! x

  53. hormones really do make u loose perspective.
    sorry about the bad week and hope you get ur prespective back

  54. im so sorry about all the bad crap that happened this week. hope this new one is a lot better for you.
    and also, such adorable photos of you and the hubby! love em!

  55. oh no :( I'm sorry about your dog.. we just lost our family dog 2 weeks ago.. he was 15.. little Murphy. Love those sweethearts. Give Kingsley a big hug, he'll make you feel better :)

  56. Layla

    So sorry about your dog! We had to put our kitty to sleep three weeks ago and it was the hardest/saddest experience. Pets steal your heart and it's a wreck when something happens to them.

    Hope your week gets better!

  57. Mara

    aw I'm sorry you had such an awful week. So glad this week is turning up though :)

  58. Bad days, bad weeks, bad years are there so you can compare it to another and say – damn, at least it wasn't as bad as that week.. :) x

  59. Krissie

    Sorry about your bad week! My dog of 14 had to be put to sleep as well last week. It's sad!
    Hope this week will be better!

    Love your blogg by the way! ;)


  60. caroline

    It's usually the owner's fault when a car gets towed for a rush hour violation, but would it kill parking enforcement to keep accurate notes on where they're moving people's cars to? I had a friend whose car went missing for a week because no one knew where it had been towed!

    Anyway, sounds like we're all having bad weeks. I've been sick with the flu since Saturday.