happy first day of autumn!

last year, autumn on capitol hill was breathtaking. and since i love this season so much, i have been anxiously anticipating the arrival of fall since it left us last year… can’t wait for pumpkin patches, apple picking, cooler crisp weather, sweaters and scarves and hats, and colorful leaves everywhere!
so, happy first day of autumn!!!
  1. Beautiful leaves! Alas we mainly have pinetrees around here, not so many beautiful things fall out of those…

  2. I'm really excited too.. things are just starting to happen here but also no fallen leaves yet! bring on the autumn hues..

  3. abby

    i love the smell of leaves falling . . . and there is nothing quite like a ridge line full of pretty yellows, reds and browns!

  4. Chloé

    I am so so excited that fall is here! The weather needs to hurry up and dip below 90 in GA. That would be great!

  5. Juultje

    Me too love it!! Love autumn colours, would love to see the Indian Summer again…beautifull.

  6. amber

    i hope that the temperature here in TN realizes that it's fall now. haha my favorite season too :)

  7. we haven't had ANY cool weather in Atlanta yet, we wish fall would come! I have already made caramel apples, though I jumped the gun a bit. Apple season is JUST around the corner!!

  8. amanda

    fall is the BEST! i want to jump in that pile of leaves.

  9. love the leaves! and can't wait to wear boots!

  10. ahhhh how fun will it be to be pregnant AND doing all those cute fall things.

  11. julia

    I love the leaves!

  12. cherie

    the autum`s here, in Latvia, has been errm, autumn-ish since sept.1 already! imagine lots of rain, cold winds and golden leaves. that`s what it`s been like for the ast 22 days and counting! :)


  13. Brit

    Happy Autumn! I'm so exciting to get the fall decorations out I can hardly wait.

  14. Brianne

    Oh my, Breathtaking is the perfect word to describe it! That picture is gorgeous. I love Autumn, too!

  15. Amy

    Happy autumn! (Although the first day of autumn isn't actually until tomorrow according to my calendar here at work) :)

  16. O.

    I wish the leaves would change like that down here in Florida.

  17. Kait

    And a Happy 1st Day of Autumn to you as well! Where do you go apple picking/pumpkin patch(ing)? I haven't been apple picking since my college days in Ithaca, NY and would love to go again. Two years ago I took my brother to a pumpkin patch in VA somewhere (he was 10 at the time) but I think he may have outgrown it now…. whereas I never will! Last year we got married so we skipped the year but this year we will definitely be going!

  18. lynette

    Happy autumn! Hope you and baby are doing well!! xo

  19. It looks like the yellow brick road! So beautiful. Love it!
    Happy first day of fall to you all!

  20. I love this time of year.

  21. Im so jealous :( Its still 95 degrees in south Louisiana. Hopefully we will get some cool weather ASAP!

  22. it's so cold this morning!! really feels like the first day of fall

  23. Nikki

    happy autumn!
    I cant contain my excitement for this season! I love it!!!


  24. Renata


    Here we're just in our first day of spring and it's so warm and sunny, like 20ºC (yeah here we measure in Celsius) I was missing heat SO much!! It's kinda funny the thing about hemispheres, isn't it? :P

    Yay happy solstices!

  25. I love autumn too, there is something so magical about the crisp fall weather slowly breaking up summer days.

  26. Shorty

    Sadly it's still in the 90s where I live. But "…pumpkin patches, apple picking, cooler crisp weather, sweaters and scarves and hats, and colorful leaves everywhere!" This is exactly why I'm hoping the temps drop soon. :) Happy fall!

  27. Daiane

    i love fall! finally, warm, cozy sweaters and apples, yay!

    just found your blog, it is so fun! you're too adorable!

    kisses! http://www.sweetfancytreat.com

  28. Cathi

    Autumn is my very favorite time of year! We're starting it off by taking our grandchildren to Disneyland for Halloween Time today! I just the cooler weather would decide to join us!
    Happy Autumn!

  29. angela

    Hurray for autumn! I shall wear a scarf today :)
    This season in DC must be so gorgeous.

  30. and your OWN little pumpkin is getting closer and closer to arriving!

  31. nikki

    I was not looking forward to fall, but your enthusiasm has made it difficult to remain crabby about it.

    Thanks :)

  32. caroline

    I'm confused. The Pillsbury calendar in my cube says the First Day of Autumn is Thursday, September 23rd. Who do I believe, you or the doughboy?

    To be honest I've been disappointed by DC's Autumns, for the five years I've lived in the area. I grew up three hours north of here, where the air is so much crisper, the foliage so much more vivid, and that thrilling sense of change just hangs in the air so much longer. In DC it seems that summer just crashes into winter and the landscape scrambles to catch up.

  33. Autumn is my fave weather.

  34. I love that each season means a little something different to each person and how they brings such warm memories. Fall for me is smaller waves welcoming in the big surf and competitions and when North Shore comes alive. I love this time of year. I wish we had some changing leaves or something :) Happy Fall!

  35. Nicole*

    beautiful picture!!
    happy fall to you too :)
    i can't wait for pumpkin pie!

  36. ahlin

    oh man it hasn't quite hit provo yet… but i can't wait! :)

  37. Jennifer

    i love autumn! it's the best time of the year.

  38. Shannyn

    That picture makes me happy – fall is my favorite! I wish we had all the fun of changing seasons here in LA…but I can live vicariously. =)

  39. Sum

    I. couldn't. agree. more. Happy Autumn! Your enthusiasm has got me all fired up for fall now! :)

  40. Fall is my favorite season!!! =) HAPPY FALL!!

  41. I just wrote a blog on Autumn too! It's my favorite of the Season family. (:

    Have a great Fall!
    & you have an awesome blog, i love looking at it for ideas!


  42. I'm equally happy, but for the first day of spring! I needed it so much, I was sick of winter!

  43. I'm equally happy, but for the first day of spring! I needed it so much, I was sick of winter!

  44. MJ

    Such a beautiful photo! Would love to be in DC in the fall :) I went there this past Spring and I LOVE IT!

  45. buhdoop

    Hey Naomi, I remember on a previous post you said you would blog about your dance school, but I never saw a post on it. Did I miss it? I would love to hear about that.

  46. Lidia

    fall is my favorite season too!! Love the photo! =)

  47. fabulous photo :) those leaves have such rich color!! I'm in love with fall too :)

    PS – That is so great you're have your little babe be a surprise!! We did it old fashioned with our first baby we had this past March…and we loved it! It was like Christmas :) And our little boy continues to surprise us everyday ;)

  48. Chiara

    Happy Autumn!!!!

    My personal favorite is to hear the leaves crunch under my feet!!! I will honestly go out of my way to step on those extra crunchy ones that aren't necessarily exactly on my path hahaha.



  49. Me too! I'm always excited for autumn – it turns the world into art. Can't wait for the skeleton leaves to start falling here! It's our First Autumn in a new city.
    Goodbye summer, hello Halloween and Bonfire night :)
    Happy Autumn!

  50. Brie

    everything about autumn (or fall) makes me giddy! i just love it so much!

    i'm a fall girl, that's for sure.

  51. Connie

    I KNEW there was something different about today- I set up for Halloween! LOVE DC this time of year- I'm so jealous I'm in dry brown Arizona and not there.:p

  52. haylee

    I love fall!! OH and I totally know you! I was shocked that I randomly found this blog I liked, and then realized who you are. I live in WH, and used to be a Houghton :D

  53. My husband is also Josh and we also (semi) recently moved to D.C.! :) Love your blog – glad to find a kindred soul :)


  54. andrea

    this photo makes me SO HAPPY

  55. Kenny

    these autumn leaves are majestic!