diana film from mexico trip.

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finally got around to getting my diana film developed
(and cross processed) from our trip to mexico back in april.
as much as i love autumn, seeing the film kind of makes me
want a warm beach again. it’s starting to make me feel confused.
i guess i love summer too? maybe i just love mexico. and tacos.

  1. Rhianne

    these are so so pretty, I would want to go back after looking at them too.

  2. Jenny

    Is it just me or are you up super early? In the UK there is never really posts this early.
    Also having never seen a Diana / Hogla before reading Rock Star Diaries I have been totally inspired and am going to buy the digital superheadz lomo style camera!!

  3. this makes me want a diana camera. i just have the lomography for now. ps – i want to see more pregnant pics :)

  4. O.

    these turned out beautifully, looks like a fun trip as well.

  5. JoAnna

    oh my goodness that first picture is breathtaking.

  6. Amazing pictures!! Were you pregnant in Mexico? Or did you guys conceive in Mexico? (hehehehe!!!)

  7. Marie

    That reminds me! I need to get my Diana film developed. Do you mail it away or get it done someplace local? Any reccomendations? xoxo M

  8. I love visiting your blog. There's so much love and warmth here! Those pictures are exquisite. What wonderful memories!

  9. @marie, i get my film developed locally at penn camera. they do it in house, same day, which is great!

    thanks everyone!

  10. i heart cabo! we were there in feb and were MARRIED!

  11. What beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing. xx

  12. you get your film developed same day?
    i'm jealous. mine takes literally a month. i've got to find a better place to get it done.

    looks like such a great trip!
    kinda makes me want some mexican food.

  13. Where did you get your swimsuit from? I love love love it!

  14. holtkamp

    love these pictures!

  15. what a sweet retro bathing suit! where is it from??

  16. This still makes me yearn for autumn.

  17. i'm with you on the tacos.

  18. Heather

    Awesome photos! Where do you get your film developed / processed? I live around DC as well and didn't really like where I got my last roll done

  19. kwistin

    wow, so beautiful! i have a holga but have yet to perfect the technique. how do you develop yours? they are exquisite.

  20. kwistin

    ah. just read the words. cross processed. :)

    awesome compositions as well. by the way.

  21. lynette

    *Sigh* I love Mexico & summer too.
    Beautiful photos!

  22. Thanks! My swim suit is from Down East Basics and for the film q, see a few comments up!

  23. oh man. i've been craving the beaches of puerto rico badly!

    these pictures are not helping with all those beautiful white sand beaches and sunshine.

    lovely swimsuit as well!

  24. Chelsea

    these shots are awesome, I especially love the one of your hubby on the moped. It's really a sweet photo!

  25. I spy a "perfect burger" shirt–love it and so happy josh still does too!

  26. nikki

    is that the beach at the pueblo bonito sunset?? these pictures remind me a lot of my honeymoon!

  27. Roxanne

    Naomi, these are lovely! When you go to your developer do you just ask for them to be cross processed? Or is it much more complicated than that? I hope you have a splendid weekend! XO.

  28. Shorty

    Wow! I'd heard of a Diana Camera but never actually saw developed photos. Very beautiful! Now I want one.

  29. I have been on that exact beach… isn't it intense!

  30. I love these pictures!

  31. srbrown6

    Hi Naomi! I LOVE your Diana shots. I can never get my Dianas to have as much vignetting as yours do even when I'm on the beach! Can I ask what setting you use? Are these set to pinhole? Thanks and have a great time in NY this weekend!

  32. these are really awesome!

  33. Sera Pie

    L-O-V-E these!

  34. How beautiful :] I always love your Diana photos! Definitely makes me want to go to the beach too…

  35. Micaela

    i hope you don't mind me saying this but i really love the one of your husband in a trucker hat :) love the scruff!

  36. Danielle

    I'm listening to some oldish music (think slightly southern dixie with organ) and it goes so perfectly with these pictures since they have that vintage-y feel. Looks like so much fun!

  37. Caty

    Beautiful! I just love the Diana effect.

  38. loving these picts! they have a total retro vibe. completely awesome : )

  39. @srbrown6, most all of these were taken w the pinhole setting. It's my favorite.

    @nikki, yes! We loved it there. How fun you got to honeymoon there. It's the perfect honeymoon location I think!

  40. Pretty pictures! It's funny how pictures of the ocean and beach never get old for me and I live on an island! Haha! Happy weekend, finally!

  41. I took a Diana class with my bff in nyc and you have motivated me to get my film developed.

    :) They are lovely. Have fun this weekend in NYC. The weather is suppose to be amazing. Also I am sure you both heard but Manhattan 8th ward split and now 96th all the way up to 200th (we are combined with inwood) is a new harlem third ward and 59th to 96th is still Harlem 3rd ward. Crazy times. This week is our first in the new ward.

    Hope ya'll are well and congrats on your baby!

  42. Oooh even the photos look warm. Such a great place for a trip!

  43. MJ

    Your swimsuit is so adorable :)

    Looks like you had fun! But then again– it's Mexico OF COURSE you had fun!

    Yours Truly, MJ

  44. Amanda

    Gosh, I love mopeds. I. Love. Mopeds. <3

  45. so cute!

  46. Alexia

    Mexico and tacos. Yum.

  47. Alexia

    Mexico and tacos. Yum.

  48. gorgeous! the first one is spectacular.

  49. hey nice photo! what kind of camera do u used??
    xo, Lorine

  50. Lizzy

    i love these photos.. especially the ones of the beach! x

  51. Sydney

    LOVE these!!

  52. Jing

    What is the name of the location in your sixth picture from the top (third from the bottom)? I think I was there as a kid, and I could never remember where it was!

    Thank you!

  53. After reading your blog and seeing the photos you take,I've started my own and got really into film photography , thank you so much :)

  54. i love all your pictures! makes me want to escape to mexico .. to escape from reality!

  55. breathtaking every time.
    i love the effect and can't get enough.
    this photos are screaming sunshine, and happiness.

  56. Sum

    One thing I really like about lomo is how every picture is in the dream-like state.

  57. as much as i love tights and sweaters… nothing beats big sunglasses a skirt and tee over a swimming suit. i always tell landon i'd rather be a beach bum then a mountain man or city girl.

  58. amylou

    you are so cute!
    The beach looks beautiful!

  59. I love that shot of you in your cute dress…and the hubby on the moped hehe :) Anyways, hope you had a great weekend!

    Well, I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I'm hosting a giveaway sponsored by Sophie of That Vintage on my blog, just in case you were interested in entering!



  60. After enjoying some of your previous pictures, I received the wonderful Diana Mini as a gift – I'm in love! I just got back from playing with the new toy in Costa Rica and was wondering if you could recommend a place in DC to get the film developed…THANKS!

  61. The Diana takes such LOVELY pictures! I adore these!

  62. @alissa's delights, i develop my film at penn camera on E and 9th NW. good luck with your new camera!!

  63. beth

    really lovely.

  64. KillerB

    At first glance, I thought the photo of your husband on the moped was actually a balloon tied to a moped.

    (Go back and look– the white of his jacket sort of blends in the background if you look quickly. But the zipper is bold and at first I thought it was the balloon's string…) I thought– "That's crazy, that balloon looks very realistically like a man…!"

    This is an awesome picture.

  65. Dani

    Love all the pictures!