cry baby.

last night, on the corner of E and 8th st, i had a big melt down for a good fifteen minutes in front of my husband. this morning, i woke up realizing two things:
1. i always feel better after a good cry. sometimes you just have to let it out (thank you, additional pregnancy hormones, for making this already hormonal girl extra hormonal.)
2. those moments where i feel like everything in my life is turning to crap, help make me appreciate all the happier moments of my life. the crappy moments offer balance, and i’m just really thankful for those crappy moments, too, if that makes sense. because they make the good moments that much better.
(not that i wouldn’t mind a few less crappy moments in my life. but you know…)

ok, i’m done now.
  1. Mandy

    I have melt downs too, and I agree – they always make me feel better. I appreciate the honesty of your blog Naomi. I like that you are real.

  2. Rizza

    every girl needs a good cry now and then. it relieves so much stress. it's amazing how great you feel after.

  3. Lo

    sometimes a good cry is so worth it. I had a semi good cry on Sunday and got a lot of feelings out. It is self-therapy in ways. Feel better and I am so excited to read you are preggers! yay! It will be the cutest and most creative baby ever :)


    Lo @ HoneyNutLo.Com

  4. Lucie

    I always feel better after a good cry, it's like a new start. Good moments can make me cry too (it is so good ! You should try)

  5. sometimes a good cry is just what the doctor ordered. i've had plenty during my pregnancy too…thank goodness for loving/supportive husbands.

  6. becky

    I always admire the honesty in your blog; you are REAL and that is why I follow it so religiously. That, and every post is truth.

  7. Did the same thing yesterday. Cried like a baby. The next thing I knew I was half crying/half laughing and then back to laughing again… and boy did I feel better afterwards.

  8. Nikki

    Aww hope youre feeling better!!

  9. M.Ruby

    I agree! A good cry always makes me feel better as well. It's almost a cleansing of everything that has built up.

  10. i am an advocate for "the good cry" bottling it up isn't healthy. i think it's counterproductive since holding in a need to cry fudges up things that wouldn't been so fudgey if you'd have just cried it out sooner.

    and since you're pregnant you can cry as you please and have people wait on you at the same time. xx

  11. we have a feeling you got a big hug after everything was said and done.

  12. hope you feel better love.

    sometimes its nice to fall apart in the arms of someone you know will put you back together.

  13. @dressing on the side, and it was wonderful!

    so glad everyone else loves good cries too. they are SO nice. in so many ways.

  14. amberly

    you're so lucky to have an amazing husband who will let you break down on the street, and have a good cry. not a man who would be embarrassed and annoyed at the thought. you two are going to be amazing parents!

    hope you feel better, beautiful.

    your 'two things' are things I really needed to hear myself. thank you!

  15. Ha exactly.
    I know that feeling.
    Sometimes everything is just getting too much and you can't help it.
    But the best thing is you really learn to appreciate other things.
    I feel overwhelmed with my own business beside a fulltime job and after just moving countries.

    How lucky if we have someone in this moments to hold us!

  16. tiffany.

    prego tears… awesome! and sometimes funny!
    feel better :)


  17. Sofia

    i completely understand.
    i have those moments where i break down, cry my eyes out, and then breathe.
    thank the lucky stars for all the good in my life.

    but just think, you'll have more happy moments when your little one is born! :)

  18. Kate

    So – is that a good location for meltdowns? because I'm moving to DC next fall for a few months for an externship and fully intend on having some meltdowns. Probably in front of my boyfriend who is also coming for the same reason. So I know where you're coming from.

    :-) Feel better!

  19. Aoife

    You probably already know this/have seen this (as most kindred spirits do/have seen), but there's this scene in Garden State where Natalie Portman's character says, "So I laugh and of course I cry. And I look forward to a feels pretty good." You're so right. Thank you for making my heart smile.

  20. Blicious

    awwww!!!!! i hate crappy moments but feel so refreshed after a good cry!


  21. @kate, as someone who has experienced many melt downs in d.c., the corner of 8th and e street is a GREAT location. but here's to hoping you don't have many…. good luck in d.c.!

  22. Whitney

    I always feel better after I have a good cry as well.
    Break downs aren't fun, but they always make me realize how much I need God.

  23. jlc

    [email protected] your comment to Kate Naomi!!

    And can I tell you how refreshing this post was?!?! I had a melt down two days ago.. and then the last two days have been SO good…. I think you're absolutely right!! They give you BALANCE!

    And yeah, I'm going to be just like you…. I'm already moody, so I can't imagine for the day when I'm pregnant too!

    Hope everything is going well!! xox

  24. on bad days I like to look at your blog and it brings instant happiness. instant! thanks for cheering me up so many times.

  25. heather

    sometimes crying is the very best thing you can do for yourself!! feel better, lady.

  26. Baby girl, I am sorry that life is wringing tears out of your head. Remember that you have a friend in out west who is always happy to help you out! Call me soon, and we can chat about crying is my favorite luxury and how I've done PLENTY of it this week.

    Miss you.

  27. amber

    girl, i am so with you on this post. this is is so relevent to my life right now (minus the pregnancy) ha! seriously thank God for promising better days!

  28. Thanks for writing this. Just found your blog!

    I need to cry more. I think I try too hard to "hold it together" in front of my 3 kids, but it would probably be more healthy to show them how to cry…


  29. Kelsey

    crying really does help. sometimes it makes things worse but when you come out of it you feel so much better.

  30. I was thinking the EXACT same thing, about the crappy moments making you appreciate the good moments. SO SO SO true!

  31. Rhianne

    I always feel better after a big cry – if a little silly. I dread to thing what i will be like with prenancy hormones :)

    Hope you are feeling loads better x

  32. Oh, the crazy hormones. My poor husband. It's a good thing these men are so great, or else they might wonder what's wrong with us…;)

  33. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has public melt downs. :) I had one at the metro station the other day and was so embarrassed!

  34. Mhm. Crying is a great way of not getting ulcers and stuff. It purifies any bad feeling you might have and gives you cleanly washed eyes to see the good in life. :D

    (Also, you might start to worry about all those comments coming from me right now but really, your blog is saving me at the moment so bear with me, if you please.)