best candid pictures of kingsley, via the iphone

the cone of shame…

(1) falling asleep anywhere. (2) getting ready for the NYC subway

around 10 weeks old… resting with the twins sisters

(1) “female bulldogs dig these back wrinkles.”
(2) “just put me down already.”

(1) “no, i swear it wasn’t me who just ripped up all your papers”
(2) “hey remember that time the vet put stuff in my eyes to check my vision
and it looked like i was wearing glow in the dark make up for a week after?”

pretend driving the car with josh. he loved that front seat.

“it’s hard to eat with this under bite. you try.”

“i’m sexy.”
  1. Bridget

    such a lover, that kingsley.

  2. maybe kingsley towed your car somewhere and buried it?

  3. hahaha aww what a cutie! love the back wrinkles :)

  4. awww, I wish they stayed puppies forever…just learned how to be potty trained. ;)

  5. Archives

    uhm……too much cuteness!!!

  6. Too gorgeous!

  7. bahahaha. my how he's grown. cutest puppy ever.

  8. Chiara

    Kingsley is amazing!!! Congrats on having such a rockstar dog :)


  9. Lauren

    I'm glad you call it the cone of shame too. My poor pup has to wear one for at least a month in the summer due to allergies and sensitive skin. I think he's embarrassed.

  10. lynette

    What a doll! My boyfriend really wants a bulldog :)

  11. Alexia

    He's so precious!!

  12. tiffany.

    as a female human i actually dig the back wrinkles :))


  13. these pictures of kingsley are adorable!

  14. what a cutie!!!

  15. { erin }

    oh my. love these. especially love the back wrinkles!!

  16. Liz V.

    little kingsley!! so adorable :) and i think baby and kingsley will be instant best friends!

  17. He's so adorable!!!

  18. Kelsi

    oh my, he's so tiny in the little dog carrier! how old is he now?

  19. Karen

    He is so adorable! Every time I see pics of him I want a bulldog more and more :)

  20. As much as I love these pictures of Kingsley, I couldn't help but notice Josh's face looking down at him in the subway. The pride! The adoration!

    It will multiply 100 fold with your sweet baby. I'm so excited for you guys!

  21. man… he's the coolest. and i totally forgot how tiny he used to be!

  22. ciupa


  23. Gina

    what a cute car!!

    and pup hehe

  24. omg! i love this post! look at how Kingsley has grown through the months. Isnt he turning a year old pretty soon? :)

  25. HR

    I am in love with that very last one!

  26. Amanda

    one of the sweetest bullies on the world wide web…and probably the most photogenic. ;)

  27. Amy

    Seeing photos of Kingsley never fails to make me break out in the biggest smile. He is just the cutest.

  28. he's 10 1/2 months now! will be a year old on halloween! i can't believe it either. although part of me hopes this means some of his puppy energy will die down just a little in time for baby. i love him to death but he is one hyper boy all day long….


  29. amber

    hahaha kingsley is so darn cute!! it's funny how much we can love our doggies…i wonder if they even have a clue?! lol

  30. cupcake

    all i can say is: Aww to cute:)

  31. Shorty

    Love the back wrinkles! So cute!

  32. Jennifer

    i just adore kingsley! i want a puppy like him! that 10-week old picture killed me! SO CUTE! <3

  33. I tell you, there is NOTHING like a dog! I just can't imagine life without mine! My house would certainly be a lot cleaner, but what's that when I'd loose those funny moments where you catch them doing something they aren't supposed to? I can't ever get really mad. I just shake my head, laugh, and say "Oh Evan!" I love Kingsley! Some of my favorite posts are with him – especially the fire screen ones!

  34. The one where he is sleeping halfway off his bed is the greatest! lol

  35. I recently discovered your blog through a good friend who recommended it and I love it! These pics are so dear. We have a 10 yr. old Eng. Bulldog and this takes me back to the early days. So much love …. so much energy and fun! Bullies are the best ;-)

  36. Annah

    Love your doggie :) What a joy and great thing that you love him back so much.

  37. abigail

    too cute!

  38. Your dog is so adorable..I love bulldogs. I have a black lab at my parent's house and she had surgery last winter and had to wear a cone. It really is the cone of shame..she just hung her head low and looked up at us. Poor thing.

  39. Katy

    LOVE these! what a cutie pie! poor thing with the cone of shame… :-)

  40. Kelsey

    my pup just got fixed and has to wear the cone of shame

  41. Thanks to cutie Kingsley (one of my favorite names!), I've finally agreed to let the mister get a bulldog! ♥

  42. Sarah

    aww, I just, oh, LOVE!

  43. by far the cutest dog on earth, by the way, your blog is amazing. (:

  44. The one where he's hanging out the window of the car is great! Thanks for the smile.


  46. oh my gosh i love kingsley! and the name too :) love your blog :)

  47. haha these are fantastic. such a grand personality mr. k has :)

  48. Claire

    so adorable!
    I love the around 10 weeks old pic
    I always like to say
    Bulldog are full of rolls of love!

  49. OMG!!!!!he'!!!….so

  50. She is adorable…she reminds me of my Abby, our family bulldog, when she was a puppy. Awwww….love bulldogs. Just found your blog, am your newest follower. Hope you are loving DC; that is where my husband and I met and our hearts will live forever.

  51. how cute is he standing up in the car!? haha funny little thing.