a letter from kingsley.

“hi friends!
it’s been a while since i’ve been given permission to use the computer and write little letters on this blog like the olden days. i lost my computer privileges earlier this summer when i chewed on some of the computer cords. i’m surprised mom went through with her punishment of not letting me use the computer. she usually is such a softy when it comes to me… i swear i can do anything and get away with it. i love my doggy life!
anyway, mom and dad are taking me to NYC this weekend! i haven’t been back since new years, so i’m excited to check out the city once again.
it will probably be our last trip up to NYC together before this new baby comes. i have a feeling this baby is about to ruin my life. i have it pretty good over here at the moment. i mean, mom and dad booked a hotel with “doggy room service” for the weekend. it doesn’t get any better than that, people. trust me.
p.s. i ate a huge grasshopper yesterday on a walk.”
  1. looks just like the diaries I used to write in elementary school :)

  2. Cutest letter ever Kingsley! So sweet.

  3. Kingsley and fam sound like they have a fab weekend ahead of them! Lucky dog.

    And anytime Kingsley needs a buddy, Scrapple the French Bulldog, enjoys evening strolls in Lincoln Park.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  4. amber

    hahahaha this cracks me up!
    ingsley, you are way too cute! ;)

  5. amber


  6. bell

    Awww. That's so cute! <3

  7. kingsley is so funny! :]

  8. amylou


  9. Look at it this way, Kingsley. Having a little brother or sister can be fun. You get to torment them! LOL…

  10. Lauren

    Ahh! I love his p.s. I really hate grasshoppers and I'm glad he had one for a snack.

  11. Carly

    hahah harper ate a stink bug on his walk yesterday. he breath was stinky all day, gross.

  12. Kingsley you are the cutest :]

  13. i love little kingsley letters :) doggie room service? what a treat! i can't let roxy read this, she will be green with envy ;)

  14. i just love this letter~ to friggen' adorable!

  15. amanda

    hey kingsley! no worries, i'm sure your mom and dad will continue to shower you with love!


  16. Doggy room service? He does have it pretty darn good over there! lol

  17. Brit

    I love your dog. I hope you can get picture of him with baby. When baby is big enough of course. Oh they will be so cute together!

  18. haha. this is hilarious! i bet that grasshopper was yummy!

  19. That is so adorable! My daughter had a puppy/child first too … then the baby. Baby just turned one and the other day she and the dog where fighting over a toy just like siblings! It was hilarious and the toy had to be put away – no one got to play with it.

    Good luck Kingsley! At least you are expecting your life (as you know it) to change, because it absolutely will!

  20. baahhahaha.

    oh i love it when kingsley writes.

    and doggy room service? hello…awesome!

    have a great time in NYC.
    I'm going in october with my man – he's never been so he's european small town eyes are going to light right up!

    take care naomi,

  21. Emily

    hahaha i love the p.s.

  22. doggy room service? what a treat. enjoy mr. kingsley!

  23. I could just squeeze him…he is just precious!! Have so much fun in NYC!!

  24. Wow, I love this dog! And such a great writer… ;)

  25. Jenn

    This is really funny!! He he!

  26. with experience from my dog. i am pretty sure he will become best friends with the new baby. and share all kinds of secrets!

  27. Maddy

    haha that last line cracked me up! the new baby will just be more fun to play and cause trouble with ;)

  28. loving this post. i'm a (dog) mommy too. my baby, olive, can do no wrong, either : )

  29. i´m a cat mother but that doesn´t mean i don´t love dogs to. you rock, kingsley! ps. don´t be scared of the baby, you are going to love him too :)

  30. angela

    so cute, little kingsley!! i work at starbucks and LOVE it when dogs come through the drive-up (with their owners driving of course:)

    i should have my puppy write a letter, too. fun!

  31. FeeMail

    enjoy your last month as a star, kingsley :)!

  32. r.

    Kingsley, my puppy Lars would love to meet you, if only you weren't so far away. He thinks you and he would get on real good. :)

  33. Chiara

    Kingsley I heart you!
    What is doggy service though? Do they take you out on walks?

  34. MJ

    So cute. I love the P.S. I hope the grasshopper was extra yummy!

  35. My dog knocked over my 1st external hard drive! We both learned our lesson on messing around near the computer!

  36. For a dog that was punished, he's one lucky fellow to be getting "doggie room service" in NYC. Cute post written by Kingsley and I hope you, Mom, Dad have a fantastic time in NYC. Thanks for sharing!


  37. Min

    Haha… This was fantastic. I'm jealous of Kingsley's doggie room service.

  38. Hannah

    aww very cute… wish i was going to NYC!!!!



  39. Hannah

    aww very cute… wish i was going to NYC!!!!



  40. carina

    So funny! Yes, Kingsley – I'm sorry to break the news. I'm quite sure your life will change significantly when baby arrives. Enjoy your trip!

  41. Have fun in NYC!

  42. Too cute!
    Have fun in NYC :)

  43. Hafsa

    I love your blog and you and your husband are so cute together :)

  44. Alexia

    This makes me wanna get a pup so badly!

  45. I found your blog once week ago and i felt in love with you guys and kingsley (:

    Much love from germany (:

  46. How cute is Kingsley. have a great time in new york city.

  47. Jennifer

    Have a great time in NYC, Kingsley! Make sure mom and dad treat you royally, but let them have some fun too ;)

  48. dear kingsley,

    i really think our moms should hang out this weekend while you're in town. i bet they know a lot of the same people, since we're in the manhattan first ward and all. also, i ate a napkin off the side of the street yesterday!

    peter pan

  49. cupcake

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  50. cupcake

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  51. shopgirl

    Great letter Kingsley – you expressed yourself very eloquently. :-))

  52. oh kingsley. don't worry after awhile you and the baby will be the best of friends :)

  53. Lainey

    I love the Kingsley letters. They make my day so much brighter.

  54. Hang in there Kingsley -now you'll have someone more your height to play with -yay!