a few photos from the last little while.

1. i chose to wear long sleeve flannel on a 95 degree day. let’s not talk about it. 2. dunkin. love. 3. husband in his overalls. 4. kingsley is growing cuter each day. 5. a bump in my tummy. 6. husband sitting on our greatest craigslist find ever.

have a great labor day weekend!
  1. Maddie

    sooo cute!

  2. Kayla

    You make me want donuts. Thankful for all my friends and fellow lady bloggers having babies so I can get my fill without actually having a baby. And jealous of that gorgeous couch.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. Such a cute baby bump!:)

  4. Meredith

    Seriously, you are too cute for words.

  5. i looked back at photos post baby announcement, how did you conceal that big of a bump in those photos? you seriously can't see it at all!

  6. Taza, I've never actually cried over a blog before…until now.
    This is so beautiful, and I'm SO happy for you! Congratulations!

  7. omg-i think i have that SAME couch in blue…it was my Grandma's!!

  8. It's weird seeing Husband in Carhartt overalls. I'm used to button-up shirts and bow ties. ^_^

    You are one of the cutest preggers ladies ever!

    LOVE the couch!

  9. Is your hair naturally curly/wavy or straight? I love it!

  10. @Chelsea, the bump seriously just showed up this past week. Was waiting all summer for it to show. Finally, it's here!

  11. Um doughnuts are my weakness I am soooo obsessed. Lovely blog doll!!

  12. Logan

    Aw, I didn't think you could get any cuter! Congrats to you, Josh and the King ;)

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  14. I love that photo of Kingsley! He looks so happy! And you, my dear, are adorable :)

    p.s. I want your couch lol..craigslist huh? Great find!

  15. Kristen

    sooo cute. What type of camera did you use for those pictures??

  16. Amy Doll

    You found that couch on Craigslist?! I love love loooove it!
    And you are such a cute pregnant mama. What a lucky baby to have such awesome parents and big brother.

  17. that couch in the last photo looks AMAZING. and you are the cutest pregnant woman ever!

  18. Tiffany

    such an adorable baby bump! almost makes me miss being pregnant!

  19. Oh Kingsley! Oh Baby bump! :)

  20. LRC

    I enjoyed this very much :)

  21. Alyssa

    These are such great pictures. Congratulations on the soon-to-be new addition to your family! It's all so exciting. You are seriously the cutest pregnant woman ever!

  22. Mallory

    1. I wore a sweatshirt in a 109* I am sick of summmer so I am dressing for fall and winter. I fail.

  23. Kate

    I agree Kingsley IS getting cuter with each photo!!!

    P.S.-Love the baby bump pics…keep them coming. So excited for you guys!

  24. Oh my gosh – you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!!

  25. Ooooh man, donuts. Mmmmmmm. That is our favorite treat. Yum.

    You are so cute and pretty and darling and very little while pregnant and, gosh, can I just have you shop for me please?!

  26. Becky

    I've been on holiday so missed your 'announcement' post – congratulations! You look great!

  27. don't worry… it's almost that time of year you can wear flannel! ;)

  28. Barbara

    oh beautiful pics!!!!!! you look so pretty with that bump!! ;)

  29. holtkamp

    you look fantastic! i can't believe you found that sweet couch on craigslist! :)

  30. a flannel on a 95 degree day? hmmm, i feel panicky just thinking about that. you look so fit for being pregnant! i aspire to gain less weight in my next pregnancy since i got a bit, well, overstuffed in my first one. i love that couch, it's very Shakespeare. xx

  31. amber

    i.love.dunkin.too. lol cute pictures :)

  32. Whitney

    Baby bump! Baby bump!

  33. @mallory, that was my approach too! but it just made me all hot and upset all day long because i was so uncomfortable. hoping for us both that the weather changes soon!

    @kristen, we took these with the iphone cross process app.


  34. Chelsea

    that couch is amazing. and your bump is too!

  35. i totally get you on the flannel during inappropriate weather ….by this time I get too excited for fall to wait!

  36. Carolina

    you look just lovely. i love these. so happy. xo

  37. amanda

    ah! your bump is super cute.

  38. abby

    oh goodness, i am dyyyying to wear flannel again . . . except, here in nh, we sometimes get to wear it in july . . .

  39. You are so ridiculously cute!

  40. Alexia

    Love your photos! Hope you don't mind, we put you on our Banana Camera Co blog for using the Cross Process app! Thanks a bunch!!

  41. jlc

    i love that bump!! you are glowing my dear.. absolutely GLOWING!! More pics of you and the bump. :)

  42. Ayla

    Lovin' every picture! You're so cute :D

  43. Hooray!!! We just had our baby boy last week! we didn't find out the sex and it was the best suprise EVER!!!!

  44. esther.

    Holy Congrats!

    You make the cutest pregnant lady EVER!

    So happy for you!

  45. That couch is FANTSASTIC, and gives me hope that I'll find the retro couch I've been looking for for ages!

  46. Sana

    Yay for non sketchy finds on craigslist.

  47. Lumina

    oh you look so cute with your baby tummy :) i love to read your blog from time to time and see kingsley pics, for work i was absent a few weeks and what a big surprise found here, congratulations for both, well for the four of you! baby and kingsley included)

  48. brittany

    you are teensy! bet your husband is just crazy about that little bump of baby. it's too precious!

  49. margaret

    naomi….you wear jeans? haha

    ps i stopped blogstalking for a few weeks…and suddenly you're preggo. congrats :)

  50. Wow that IS a great Craigslist find!

  51. Oh my heck. I haven't read your blog in SO long. Frankly, I haven't read ANYBODY's blog in SO long. But while I was catching up today, I discovered that 2 of my favorite bloggers are pregnant (I totally had no clue) and then I was on my way to read your blog and I though "heh, wouldn't that be so funny if she was pregnant too!!" And here you are!! :) Congratulations! :)

    Little Miss Paige

  52. Sum

    ok I am in love with these photos! Can't wait to see the new rockstar!

  53. anjj

    Love these snaps, do you edit them?
    And the doughnuts look irresistible!

  54. Liz

    You have the cutest little baby bump ever! Congratulations! I love this blog and I am excited for you and your husband. You are going to be great parents.

  55. CONGRATS on the baby bump!! You already look like a glowing mom :)

  56. awww the baby bump! Cuuuuute! I'm so happy for you!

  57. Ayley

    no waaayy did you find that on craigslist! it so so beautiful!!!

    and CONGRATULATIONS on the pregnancy! you are super tiny for being half way through! sheesh!

    i'm so happy for you guys! you two are adorable. i love babies so much. what a blessing!

  58. Angie

    Oh my gosh you're pregnant?!!? (Obviously I'm a little behind on your blog, oops.) That is great! Congratulations! You'll be such a great mom.

  59. Kelsey

    tummy bump!

  60. I missed the past couple of posts with the baby news but OMG CONGRATULATIONS all the way from east Africa!

  61. You are just the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen! Congrats!!!

  62. awww baby bump!!!

  63. Mara

    wow that couch looks AMAZING! such a great find. And you have the cutest bump ever naomi!

  64. cupcake

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  65. Chiara

    awww i love the baby bump it made me smile :) Congrats again!
    BTW I can´t believe it didn´t show in any pic up to now, it must have been so hard to conceal it!


  66. Natalie

    Daaang girl. You be da cutest pregger-lady ever. And you're so tiny that I'm sure all you'll have to do is go one size up at antrho; when you're 9 months along! HA!

  67. amylou

    your little family is adorable!
    Love that pretty couch!

  68. I love looking at these photos. So beautiful!

  69. Lesley

    your little family is adorable! and now i want some donuts!

  70. you look adorable and I am now craving donuts! Hope you had a great labor day weekend!

  71. Lynn

    prettiest mom-to-be! way to ROCK the bump lades.

    everything about this post is perfect… shoe shot, sprinkle covered d-nuts, Josh's "overall" happy face, the King's ninja stare, YOU (of course) and sofa-delic score!

    banana-nuts, you make my day.

  72. lovely pics and congratulations to you!

    just stumbled across your blog and i have to say i LOVE it.

    pls drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other =)


  73. Rhianne

    you have the cutest baby tummy ever and I heart your yellow shoes.

  74. Rhianne

    you have the cutest baby tummy ever and I heart your yellow shoes.

  75. Alexia

    Ahhh! I am so happy for you and Josh! I've been reading your blog for about a year now and you have been such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your journey!

    Best of luck!

  76. That couch is awesome. I guess Josh didn't paint over the purple. :) You are just the cutest mama-to-be.

  77. isyana

    so cute baby bumps.. congrats! i've been waiting for the bumps to show for the longest time too, going on 30 weeks now.. go mama!