nyc ladies brunch.

hands down, the highlight of my weekend in new york city last week was getting to meet up for brunch at sarabeth’s with all my best nyc girlfriends who i miss terribly every single day. i feel so fortunate to have such wonderful women in my life. and, side-note, i have never had my tummy touched so much in the span of a couple of hours, either.... Read more

rockstar giveaway!

today we have a sponsored giveaway for you by {a} vintage poster! and… there will be 2 winners! {a} vintage poster “designs posters as an inexpensive way to spice up a room with clean graphics and bold colors.” the posters are 11″ W x 14″ H (or you can choose a mini poster, 8″ W x 10″ H), printed on an off-white, textured, heavy cardstock.... Read more


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the 25 week baby bump picture. we’re back from our little weekend trip up to new york city. that place really feels like home… still. and we’ve already been living in d.c. for a year and a half now. how crazy it always feels to drive away from nyc… through the holland tunnel and back towards the district.... Read more

diana film from mexico trip.

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finally got around to getting my diana film developed (and cross processed) from our trip to mexico back in april. as much as i love autumn, seeing the film kind of makes me want a warm beach again. it’s starting to make me feel confused. i guess i love summer too? maybe i just love mexico.... Read more