what do you wish?

i wish josh and i were swimming in a big pool at this very moment. it’s just so hot, and i wanna practice some pas de deux moves in the water!
i also wish capitol hill (or any place in d.c. for that matter) wasn’t such an expensive place to rent or buy property. $900,000 for a teeny tiny 2 bedroom shoe box with no garage or yard and only 2 closets? who buys these places, people?
i wish poptarts (specifically the brown cinnamon sugar flavor) were a healthy snack that was recommended for your daily diet.
i wish people driving behind me at the stop light wouldn’t honk the second the light turns green. it makes me all flustered. and frankly, i think it’s rude.
i wish angry birds wasn’t so much fun to play. we’re losing valuable sleep at our house thanks to those clever pigs with mustaches.
i wish i liked spending time in the kitchen. still not there, yet.
i wish kingsley wouldn’t have chewed up my most expensive pair of heels. more importantly, i wish i would have remembered to put them away rather than leave them beside his little bed like an open invitation. never again.
and… i wish it was saturday.
  1. I wish I didn't have to study for this monstrous test.
    I wish I was in Paris.
    I wish that all the Mia Maids will come to the activity I have planned for them tonight.
    I wish that Dan will find a job asap.
    I wish for time to rewind sometimes to last summer.
    I wish that I didn't inhale chocolate chocolate Joe-Joes

  2. Aw, I'm definitely with you on the last wish!
    At least we're halfway there :)

  3. Jaime

    Pop tarts made the cut for the "healthy" snack foods allowed in NYC public schools' vending machines. They can't be *all* bad then, right?

  4. carly

    I'm a sucker for the angry birds as well.

  5. Mary

    I wish that my husband didn't notice every time I buy something new, because I know he's thinking more about how much it cost and less about how good it looks on me.

    I wish we could hire a healthy chef, because cooking good dinners every day is not my forte.

    I wish that the things that I'm waiting & hoping for were already happening.

  6. Harmony

    Oh Angry birds. . . .how we have spent SOOOO many hours flinging you at objects. I do love the funny bear laugh though.

  7. Marci, what are chocolate Joe joes?! They sound good! And you are so ready for that monstrous test! I have faith in you!!

    And Jaime, isn't that so sad about poptarts in schools? They really are so terrible for you. I wish I didn't love them.

  8. i'm with you on the poptarts and the stop lights. i hate that too.

    and isn't ballet SO fun in the water? i always try to see how many pirouettes i can do (never more than one, usually not even one). good times.

  9. I wish I was on my honeymoon already because wedding planning is getting hectic!

    I wish I had a new pair of cute shoes.

    I wish it was acceptable to take naps at work.

    I wish it was fall because it is so beautiful here when the leaves change.

  10. p.s. what is this Angry Birds game? I LOVE GAMES. I'm a Catchprase and Pass The Pigs girl myself.

  11. I wish summer was 2 months longer… I'm starting to get sad that we're almost half way through August!

  12. Maybe you could buy a fixer upper so it wouldn't be so crazy expensive! :-/

    I wish it were October so it wouldn't be so dang hot! :-(

  13. Katie

    I share many of your wishes – most importantly, the one about the pop tarts.

  14. I do agree, much too hot in this here east coast.

  15. Naomi. They are from trader joes. Like Oreos but better. I shouldn't allow them in our house.

    Consider yourself warned.

  16. thobeka

    I wish someone would come while I'm asleep and pack up my whole apartment for me… then, when they're done they can fly all my belongings (on my behalf) from the Netherlands back to South Africa :)

    It's possible, right?

  17. Nena

    i wish i didn't have summer finals & i wish i could fly to BC next week like i was supposed to. *sigh*

    story about the light turning green:
    i just returned from a trip to Turkey where we rented a car. over there, the light goes green-yellow-red…but then it also goes red-yellow-green. kind of like ready, set, go! everyone starts honking at each other even BEFORE the light turns green. makes it quite irritating to be at the wheel.

  18. I wish it was 5 so I could go spend some time with my hubberz on our one year wedding anniversary!

  19. Brown sugar cinnamon and angry birds are both wonderful!!

  20. Sara

    I am SO with you on the Poptarts…how can such a skinny pastry be 200 calories?! Sigh, I miss eating them for breakfast every morning.

  21. sam

    ahhh! angry birds has become the bain of my existence. it's sucking our (particularly my husband's) lives away!!! :)
    dang you sneaky pigs.

  22. I wish I didn't have to rent my basement to afford to stay in my house.

    I wish I hadn't have opened pandora's box because I decided to renovate my basement.

    I wish my lawn wasn't dying because it is so hot and I can't run my sprinklers because they are putting in a walkout door to my basement.

    I wish my kids were around to help me haul stuff up from the storage room and help clear out the basement.

    (You get where I'm at here, right?)

    But I did just go to IN-N-OUT and eat a double double AND a neopolitan shake because I am frustrated about renovating my basement. :)

  23. Ann

    i wish the same thing for frosted raspberry and apple streudel poptarts. {sigh}

    i wish i was in rome. italy, to be exact.

    i wish school wasn't starting back until it was cooler. if i have to start teaching, i shouldn't feel like i should be on the beach.

  24. Maddy

    I wish it were fall. I'm really over the heat. And I want a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

    I wish all delicious food was healthy. Especially ice cream. and Cherry frosted pop tarts. so good.

    I wish I had a coffee table because we just moved and my boyfriend has our dining room table in the living room and it is just not working for me!

    I wish that you have a wonderful day, lady!

  25. I wish I could travel to Paris!!!

  26. J.

    I love Angry Birds. Unfortunately, I have gone through all the levels and am now waiting for a new update! :(

    and… Brown Sugar Cinnamon pop-tarts are the absolute best. :)

  27. mmm, i love the brown sugar cinnamon pap tarts!!

  28. mmm, i love the brown sugar cinnamon pap tarts!!

  29. Gina

    i also wish it was saturday because then i would be on a plane to california! :)

    sorry to hear about your shoes!

    <3 gina

  30. Gina

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  31. Carrie

    I wish my five year old wasn't better than I am at angry birds. So sad.

  32. I wish the recession didn't exist so I could get a job and immigration was easier so we could live in America instead of England. I love America.

  33. I wish it snows in Florida right now. this summer. because it's just too hot.

  34. i wish my brother would get home from his mission now! (friday's too long haha) I wish I never had to shave my legs again I wish I had a daily shipment from forever 21 and H&M; and i wish for….world peace

  35. Alisha

    I wish that I didn't have to go back to work after I have my sweet baby boy.

    I wish I could eat ice cream all day.

    I wish my ankles weren't swollen.

  36. I am soooooo addicted to angry birds too!! Its taking over my life! haha

    I wish rent/mortgage wasn't so expensive… i pay waaaaaay too much for a teensy little apartment. How does anyone buy a home these days?? Totally with ya on that!

    I've definitely learned my lesson with dogs+heels=bad news bears…. i lost my handmade leather boots i got in germany to my little dog. Still sad about that loss..

    here's to being halfway to saturday!!!

  37. emily

    i wish i could pass level 1-3-6 on angry birds.
    i wish we could hang out more :)

  38. I wish my hair was already long. I'm growing it out and this transitional neither-short-nor-long stage is driving me CUH-razy!!!

  39. i wish for an amazing apartment in portland to land in my lap {for CHEAP rent.}

    i wish that i could teletransport places instead of driving there.

    i wish that i was finishing my degree instead of just starting.

    oh dear.. i wish for many things.

    great list!!

  40. 2 seconds before I read this I thought to myself:

    I wish Cafe Rio delivered.

    Then I began a long list of wishes.

    We are on the same page!

  41. i wish i had my license.
    i wish i had a car.
    i wish i had a job.
    i wish school would start BUT not before my FA comes.
    i wish i had my owl tattoo.
    i wish i had my cartilage piercing.
    i wish i could see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World this weekend.
    i wish i could go to the beach.
    i wish i could go on a shopping spree.
    i wish i had an iPhone.
    i wish he and i lived together peacefully.

    sorry about your shoes && teh way you feel about poptarts i feel about m & m's.


  42. Haha! My husband and I have been crazy obsessed with Angry Birds. We beat the game within a few days. Man I wish I had more self control…

  43. i wish i knew how to deal with difficult people
    and i also wish people weren't such huffy drivers!!!

    also chocolate jojos are the best! especially chocolate mint…yummy

  44. i wish i liked spending time in the kitchen, too. :(

    i wish i were living in nyc right now. with my best friend. it's our dream.

    i wish i had a red velvet cupcake right now.

    i wish this glass of iced coffee would magically refill itself the moment it was empty.

    i wish it were christmastime. ;)

  45. Leni

    have you ever tried the fiber one brown sugar "poptarts"? they're healthy and good for you; therefore, you can have one a day and not worry about it!

  46. Natalie

    I wish Oregon and Arizona weren't so far apart from one another.

  47. I wish I could rodo yesterday. 75% of it was not the lovliest

  48. i wish to create beauty for a living…and for the wish in my heart to come true.

  49. i love these lists. so i'll have to share a few of mine…

    i wish i could understand the reason why i often get so sick

    i wish going to the beach didn't consist of lathering loads of sunscreen on and patchy brown and white skin still occurs.

    i wish dairy wasn't the enemy of my body

    and i wish the stars would shine bright in the cities. . . so i could always go to them if i need to make another wish or two


    thanks for the list idea

  50. Annah

    I wish I had your wardrobe, because frankly, it's fabulous.

  51. Bridget

    brown sugar pop tarts=best kind by far.

  52. I just wish I could see you right now!

  53. Ingrid

    i wish, if my boyfriend can't live in the US instead of germany, that he would at least have internet while he's on a month-long vacation to visit family. i miss him.

  54. Carolyn

    -I wish tina fey and i were best friends.
    -I wish my body would dance as awesome it does in my brain.
    -I wish kelly ripa would eat a sandwich.
    -I wish I didn't have a worthless memory.
    -I wish i could eat chocolate cake for breakfast every day.

  55. Carolyn

    …also I wish angry birds would release another world. cause i have three stars in every level

    (and i wish i didn't just admit to such a pathetic "accomplishment")


  56. i wish my man would come home already. 5 weeks apart is too much.

    and i wish followers wouldnt stop dropping my blog

    and i really really wish i had some in and out right in front of me :)

  57. I wish that my indie coffee shop that I'm opening will be super successful.

    I wish I had hair like Elsie Flannigan.

    I wish to be brave.

    I wish my friends weren't so far away.

    I wish I had a wardrobe full of clothes that I loved.

    I wish I could make out with Taylor Hanson.

    I wish for health and happiness for all those that I love.

  58. I wish my family from the east coast would move here to the west coast or that Rhode Island and California were only minutes apart

    I wish that my house had the ability to stay sparkling clean for long than 3 seconds after I have finished cleaning

    I wish I could be on summer vacation forever

  59. I wish that LA would remember it is summer and warm up a little so that I could wish that I was in a pool cooling off from the hot summer sun.

    I also wish that I didn't have to beep my horn at people in LA that are more concerned with their phones at red lights and less concerned that the light turned green 15 seconds ago. I promise I give a good reaction time, plus a few for good measure before I beep! I also feel terribly rude, a little embarrassed and usually mouth sorry in their mirror.

    I also wish for you to find an apartment in D.C. with more than two closets!

    And I wish that I had a self cleaning apartment so I could enjoy more of my day off tomorrow.


  60. I wish my boyfriend didn't have to go back to New York in two weeks and leave me all alone in Sweden.

    I wish I had the courage to actually quit my job and follow him there.

    I wish I were eating a big, garlicky bowl of gazpacho.

    I wish I weren't at work.

  61. me

    I wish my dog (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Grey/115859051789985?ref=ts) will sleep all night and not make me go out with her at 3AM
    I wish I could re-invent every single moment
    I wish my closet will stay tidy more than 20min
    I wish summer will end and autumn arrive
    I wish that this winter going to be rainy and a little snow in Tel Aviv wouldn't be that bad
    I wish that the weekend will come, and please stay more than 2 days

  62. carla

    I wish my four year old were still sleeping :)


  63. Julie

    I wish this economy didn't suck so bad so my husband could find a job and we wouldn't have to continue living with the in-laws! :)

    By the way, I named my daughter Naomi (born last March). Such a pretty name!

  64. hahaha – my finance and i are addicted to angry birds too. it was pretty sad when we finally beat the game. sooo fun!

  65. annie

    I wish there were just a couple of more hours in the day… even if I only wound up using them as time to snuggle.

    I wish we could find a French bulldog to adopt… for cheap.

    I wish I liked to cook… or that people didn't make me feel like being a good wife requires me to like it.

    I wish I had enjoyed my summer more because now it's almost gone!

  66. Jessica

    I wish today were Saturday, also, so that I would get to spend time with my boy.

    I wish for college to go by quickly so I can get a wonderful job that allows me to travel.

    I wish my nails wouldn't chip one day after I get them painted.

    I wish people were all good and kindhearted and no one ever hurt.

    I wish I could rescue all the stray animals in the world and give them a good home.

  67. i wish i were somewhere else. and when i get there, i usually wish i were somewhere else.

    i wish i had more guts to be bold.

    i wish butter was healthy.

    i wish i dedicated more time to learning how to use my new camera.

  68. Haley

    Angry Birds is the best thing that has ever EVER happened to boredom.

    Also, poptarts are, too.

    ALSO: sorry about your heels.

    gosh, i love your blog.

  69. Mandy

    Obsessed with Angry Birds too. I hate the mustache ones, but I kind of think the helmet ones are harder.

    Unfortunately, it is our favorite game to play during Sunday School. Don't judge.

  70. audrey

    I wish I wasn't having a fight with my boyfriend over the most ridiculous thing right now. And I wish I knew whether we should stay together or just call it quits. :(

  71. Janssen

    I wish we were done moving into our new apartment. I hate living among boxes and out of suitcases.

  72. I wish that i weren't so tired…

    I wish I looked as cute as you do with bangs

    I wish all jeffrey campbell shoes were vegan

    In fact, I wish all shoes were made from all man made materials

    I wish I could have a shopping spree

    and…i wish for world peace :)

    I actually talked about wishes today on my blog! Great minds think alike!

  73. Kelly

    For some reason this post reminded me of your past DIY project w/ the tub coffee table. Maybe you moving to a new place in DC…Did that ever turn out? Seemed SO cool!

  74. 2busy

    Angry birds! So darn addictive! I'm glad I don't live anywhere where it would cost $900,000 for a small apartment. Makes me VERY grateful for my home.

  75. Renée

    I wish I didn't have to study.
    I wish the sun was shining all day long.

  76. Libby

    I wish that I liked to read books as much as I like to catapult birds into mustached piggies!! Aaarg.

    P.S. If you love Angry Birds you might also be into World of Goo-it's hilarious!

  77. Ariel

    ugh those brown sugar cinnamon poptarts are the best! my boss eats a different flavor poptart every morning and he is so skinny he'd blow over with a small breeze.

    so i wish i wasn't so beyond jealous of his metabolism.

    haha :D

  78. CAPow!

    I wish I could work from home
    I wish M and I could buy a house ASAP instead of having to wait.
    I wish I could cuddle with my cat Miyagi all day long
    I wish we had a nice backyard to spend summer evenings.
    I wish I could eat ice cream without getting a tummy ache.
    I wish we could get a puppy TODAY instead of waiting til we're in our own house.

  79. Euna

    haha i LOVE angry birds!

  80. I wish the boy I loved, loved me back
    I wish we lived together in a cave behind a waterfall so we could fall asleep every night to the sound of water hitting rocks
    I wish I could find the perfect crochet dress for the end of summer
    I wish I had more time to read
    I wish all my stuff magically appeared in my new apartment
    I wish the economy would get better this year so I don't have to be scared to graduate
    I wish I could hang out with you! we could have a freckle party!

  81. I wish my hair was as soft, shiny, and healthy as it was when I was a kid.

    I wish money was NEVER an issue.

    I wish my 3-almost-4 year old was always on his best behavior. All day. Every day.

    I wish I had my pre-baby body back 100%.

    I wish my husband would learn to pick up his socks and walk the 6 steps to put them in the hamper, instead of just leaving them where ever he happens to take them off. Maybe he will figure this out in the next 5 years of marriage (one can only hope!)

  82. Nicole*

    haha so true about angry birds

  83. caroline

    Capitol Hill is a deal compared to the rest of DC. It's quaint and charming (not a lot of big condos and sterile office buildings), it's not too dangerous, there's plenty of street parking, it's dog-friendly, there's plenty to see and do, and it's accessible to several metro lines, buses, and major highways. Best of all, you can get a rowhouse for what a tiny apartment would cost in other parts of the city or suburbs. That tiny 2-bedroom will NEVER sell for $900k, I can assure you.

  84. Real Estate is insane. That's all I have to say about that. But that cupcake looks delectable! Yum!