the dairy godmother.

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we both felt pretty drained by 5pm saturday evening and couldn’t decide on what to eat for dinner. we almost just crawled into bed for the night without dinner, but we finally decided pancakes at ihop sounded like the best dinner option ever, and eating dinner is important, you know. so we headed out to alexandria for pancakes and afterwards found ourselves on mt. vernon avenue for some frozen custard at the dairy godmother. i don’t usually care for custard, i’d rather have good ice cream or gelato, but the custard here really does live up to all the hype we hear from friends in the area about the place. josh’s raspberry was perfect. i could eat some of that after every meal. and then some. thanks for the date, josh!

  1. Looks delish! And so, btw, does your outfit. THe orange is a lovely contrast to the navy and dots.
    You're always so divine! :)

  2. Nikki

    So cute!
    Those custards look delicious!


  3. Archives

    breakfast for dinner is one of my favs! :)

  4. Rosa Blu

    Mmm, that sounds as a perfect dessert to me! Wish we had a place like that in Amsterdam!

  5. lovely pictures!! i adore custard! looks like a fun evening :)

  6. Sydney

    mmmmm. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to take husband there now! Cute skirt by the way! And I thought I was pushin it with a bright violet version. I love the orange!!

  7. kwistin

    this post was sort of almost-nostalgic for me. see, i was born in alexandria–my family lived in mt. vernon for a long while, but i haven't been back since we moved to utah. because of this, i have little memories there (i believe i was 2 years old when we moved) so i particularly enjoy reading your posts like these so i can, in a sense, create the hope and excitement of future memories there in that place my family remembers so fondly.

    lovely pictures, as always. :]

  8. Kait

    I love that place. Apparently they just filmed an episode of Unique Eats there the other day!

    Did you get a puppy pop for Mister Kingsley? Our Rufus loves the pumpkin ones!

  9. Kait

    Oh! I've never had a bad flavor there but if you like key lime pie, their Florida Lime Pie flavor is to die for!

  10. Very cute pictures :) That frozen custard looks so good. I agree, though, for all the fat and calories in it, I prefer regular ol ice cream or for me frozen yogurt. :)

  11. Lindsey

    so jealous of all of the good food you get to eat… how do you keep your figure so awesome?

  12. Marisa

    my bff used to live in del ray and we'd go to the dairy godmother ALL THE TIME.
    love it!

  13. JenLynn

    The dairy godmother is great. And don't forget about their doggie options too.

  14. Oh, I didn't know that they sold custard like that! That certainly doesn't exist here in Argentina!

    It looks GOOD!

    Hope you're having a nice day!


  15. MJ

    You always have the most fabulous skirts! I love how long they are! I work in an office and am ALWAYS looking for cute, longer skirts :)

  16. Jessica

    You two are so adorable. I love the orange skirt with the polka dots! I don't think I've actually ever had custard but it looks delicious!

  17. Sera Pie

    You two have the best dates!

  18. Micaela

    is it okay to say i am in love with you?! ha

    i love your hair. your outfit. your love for your husband.
    and the title of this post.

    and that you have a dog child.

  19. I love having breakfast for dinner! And your outfit is adorable.

  20. Maddy

    I'm more of a froyo girl myself, custard doesn't quite do it for me either, but i'd probably go to that place just for the cheesy adorable name! and it looks preeeetty good :)

  21. you guys are sooo adorable! a froyo just opened next to my work! i really want to try it today

  22. Chelsea

    custard is so yummy!

    I love that photo of you two and i love your outfit! super cute!

  23. I've never had frozen custard before…but it looks yummy! :)

  24. What the crap, this post just made me drool!?

  25. Ummm I might make a special trip out to the East coast, just because that looks sooooo gooooood!

  26. Breanna

    you two are as cute as ever. me and my friends out here in provo had a whole conversation about how we creepily know everything about your life and don't even know you.

    the beauty of the blog world!

  27. amylou

    cute photos! Love the last one especially!

  28. Helen

    hmm that custard looks amazing! is it frozen custard or what? we don't have anything like that over here, the only custard we have is warm poured over desserts.

  29. eleanor

    Ohh, that custard looks delicious! You two are so cute.


  30. What fun! I absolutely love custard!

  31. Alycia

    Yea for Dairy Godmother! Did you pick up anything for Sir Kingsley? They love dogs there!

  32. I live 5 minutes from there and have never been. I'll have to stop in…maybe tonight!

  33. Karen

    You two are so darn cute!

  34. YUMMMM. i could go for some right now. ;)

  35. You two are always looking sweet and always EATING sweets. Makes me want to adjust my life (and diet) a little bit. Love it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  36. I can never say no to Dairy Godmother custard. Love love love!

  37. Lisa

    I just taught my roommate the word "extrude" the other day in reference to watching the custard get pumped out at Dairy Godmother. My only complaint (as if anyone has a right to complain about manna of the gods) is that they only have the three flavors! What I wouldn't give for, like, 5!!

  38. Awesome choice guys! I'm always trying to persuade my husband to eat pancakes for dinner, but he won't have it. Italians!


  39. whimsy

    sounds like a blast! we have matching shirts…
    nothing is better than a date and ice cream.


  41. You 2 are adorable xx

  42. Renée

    You two are so cute, and the ice cream looks very good!

  43. koko

    Oh I want some now!!!

  44. I visited the Dairy Godmother on my recent trip to D.C. I'm definitely a fan of their custard!

  45. My sister went to Guatemala las year and swre frozen custard would be the next big thing. I have yet to try it but it looks so delicious! BTW – you're bangs are perfect as always! Makes me want to cut mine again.

    xx Vivian @

  46. Caitlin

    Yummy! Adorable photos, too. They really bring out your freckles! Yay!

    P.S. Are you using a filter on your camera, or do you use Photoshop (or something similar)?

  47. @caitlin, thank you! i didn't use a filter, but i played around with the coloring after on the computer.

    and i'm so glad so many of you agree how delicious dairy godmother is! awesome!

  48. it's tough to find good frozen custard, but when you do it's magical! Love your blog, good to see summer freckles are rockin' the East coast as well as the West!

  49. Karin

    you guys have been hitting up some of my favorite spots…baked & wired, now the dairy godmother…maybe one day i'll run into you guys with your sweet kingsley…i'll be sure to say "hi"! : )

  50. you and your blog are adorable.

    much love

  51. You two are as cute as buttons and this is my first visit to this blog! I wonder if you can get any cuter?!

    Stop by and say hi, and consider yourself bookmarked!