run on sentence. but have a happy weekend!

i lack energy these days and my back is really sore and last night i had the worst dreams ever. and then kingsley has been kind of naughty the past few days always wanting to play tug of war with whatever skirt i am wearing and he usually always wins because he has a really strong bite and i fear for my skirts life now whenever i wear one. but it is friday and i don’t have any work today and we have company coming into town tonight and the house smells wonderful and kingsley is currently sleeping so i can sneak out to go grocery shopping without having him bother my skirt. bless you, snoring puppy in the living room.
so, i hope you have a happy weekend! and that it is filled with people you love and sweet treats!
*photos via the phone from one of our little walks the other night. i hope this cooler weather is here to stay.
  1. Chaucee

    Not the skirts!

  2. lo

    ohh i want a puppy! you look lovely x

  3. bad puppy, awhh he is a cutie though! You can have the UK weather if you want I'm fed up with it lol! xx

  4. Alison

    Your phone took those? I love it! How did you add the effect?

  5. Mich

    Aww i hope you feel better soon! How do you style your hair?? YOur bangs always look perfect!

  6. I hate having bad dreams! That put me in a weird mood! Have a good weekend too!

  7. ohhh naughty puppy:)

  8. love this app., it's one of my favorites! Cute bangs too.;)

  9. Renée

    Beautiful pictures!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Signe

    hihi, kingsley is so cute :)

  11. ooo how'd you get the finish on your photos!? Its gorgeous!

  12. Have a great weekend! I love your updates- always honest, yet upbeat!

  13. AmyK

    Kingsley is lucky he's cute, or he'd be in trouble! Happy Friday, love.

  14. amylou

    Maybe you should do run-on sentences more often! That one was cute!

  15. abby

    no better feeling than the friday before a great weekend- especially with safe skirts and sleeping puppies!

  16. @sara szatmary, @alison, i used the Hipstamatic App for the iPhone to take these pics. it's a fun little app.

    @mich, YOU are super kind. my bangs actually never look perfect and i'm trying to grow them out which makes them look extra scary. i don't ever use any products besides some hairspray to hold them in place.


  17. Brit

    You sound like me sneaking in laundry when my baby sleeps. Puppies can be babies too though. These pictures are lovely. You're beautiful, don't ever wear makeup. ever.

  18. Nikki

    Have a nice weekend!!


  19. Katja

    Hello Naomi,
    this is Katja from munich, germany. I just saw a photo of you in a german magazine and I wanted to send you the photo I've made from it. I can't find a eMailaddress where to send it. You can find mine in my google-account if you want me to send the photos. Greetings from Katja!

  20. Leslie

    Knightley went through a phase where he did that to my skirts, dresses and long coats. It took awhile to get him out of that phase, but once he did, my wardrobe was very pleased. For awhile I thought that I was doomed never to wear a skirt or dress with an intact hem again.

    We miss you guys alot! I can tell that Knightley really misses the chance to see his buddy Kingsley.

  21. Whitney

    Oh the hair. Your hair always looks marvelous.
    And a happy weekend to you too!
    Sorry about the lack of energy…that's one of my least favorite feelings!

  22. ~L~

    My little dachshund use to always tug on my pant leg when I was trying to put it them on. Now that she's older she's stopped but I kind of miss our old games of tug-o-war.

  23. get better, get better, get better!
    go away sore back and take all the rubbish dreams with you!
    have a great weekend!

  24. Yes – hope you feel better!

    Also, Kingsley is as cute as ever!! I think he and my engligh bully puppies would get along great :)

  25. the coloring of these photos give off a bit of a 70s vibe (especially the last one) and i LOVE IT. have a wonderful weekend… i pray for your skirts. ;)

  26. Kelly ann, I was thinking the same thing! From your hair to the coloring of the photo…total
    70's! love it!

  27. K

    your symptoms sound like pregnancy!

  28. b.a.

    i was gonna say, like K…!
    are you pregnant????!

  29. Katz NYC

    What a lovely photos. I agree with everyone, your hair looks amazing. You've inspired me to cut bangs, just need the courage to do it. So afraid to do anything new to my hair… Lovely weekend to you!

  30. becky

    All three of you are absolute beauties. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  31. yes please tell us what app you used on your photos!!

  32. Hey! Are you going to be going to the IFB Conference in NYC in Sept.? It would be cool for a bunch of us bloggers to meet up! Let me know! I posted more details about it on my blog! Hope to see you there and let me know if you are going. :)


  33. I was wondering if yall were going to get an All You Can Jet pass from JetBlue!! We did and we'll be blogging the entire thing. First time DC visitors!

  34. aaw, happy weekend to you, too :)
    with cupcakes, walks in not too hot weather and everything beautiful you like :)


  35. your posts always make me smile…this one did today especially because my weekend was filled with all you wrote because yesterday was my birthday… sweet treats, ones i love & iphone picts. have a great weekend to you all as well ♥

  36. Happy weekend, love your photos!

  37. Great pics! And i can relate to the tugawar thing, I grew up with a Great Dane and he used to think my long blonde braided hair was his tugawar rope… that never ended well for me! But you have to love the doggies anyways.

  38. That dog is the cutest thing ever!

  39. @greg and vanessa, i answered the photo app q a few comments up!

    and @leslie, kingsley missed knightley so bad! and we miss you!!!!! when are you back in d.c. for a visit? i need to email you…


  40. oh naomi! i've had a week like yours. the mundane things of everyday some how found there way to be horrid things. how does this happen. i drive in the worst traffic in houston that leads to a shutdown highway and when i get to my photoshoot i come to find that the locatino has also been shut down. i'm low on gas…3 miles till empty…and my debit card won't work because someone on the other side of the world is on a shopping spree with my credit (thanks CHASE). these are how my days have been going.

    the week caught up with me when my body just said "go to sleep…you can't stay awake anylonger" and that resulted in at 9 pm bedtime. that of which i've not done in years.

    i love your pictures. it lifts me.

  41. jesska

    Yours is one of the blogs I read all the time but am usually too lazy to comment so I thought I would jump in and just say these photos are super cute, and so are you, Josh & Kingsley! Thanks for making the internet a lovely, friendly place xx

    ps. Swap you the cold weather for some warm? I'm in Australia and sick of the winter!

  42. Erin

    Hey Naomi! This is Erin, the owner and writer of and I've followed your blog for awhile (pre-kingsley acually!) and I just wanted to let you know that there is a photo of Kingsley in the new Modern Dog Magazine! I was flipping through the pages at the vet, saw it (I think it's him and your sis), and did a double take! I thought I'd let you know if you didn't know already! We LOVE Kingsley! We'll probably be doing another post about him 'a check in' soon on our blog! He's so handsome and your blog is awesome!

    <3, Erin & Bubbs

  43. Gina

    haha i hope you are doing better & good luck with your skirts. you look soooooo pretty in these pictures :)

  44. @erin, thanks for the heads up! we will need to look into that magazine and see if kingsley is really in it!


  45. T

    I just love the edit to these pictures and was wondering how you did it. let me know.

  46. omgosh LOVE this set of photos.

  47. omgosh, love this set of photos!

  48. Skirts to tend to be fun toys for pups…