1. hilarious!! i love videos like this. boy are dogs hilarious.

    thanks the silly video!

  2. amg

    made my day! thanks for sharing!


  3. MJ

    So funny! Thanks for sharing :)


  4. that doesn't even seem real. hilarious!

  5. too much! Bulldogs are so freakin cute!!!!!

  6. kind of looks like an uncle of mine :) too funny!

  7. HAHAH!

  8. Oh yes!!! I sent this one to my daughter and my husband. I thought it was the funniest thing ever!!

  9. Carrie

    so cute! thanks for sharing

  10. Amanda*

    Ahhh! I want a bulldog! They are so talented ;)

  11. LOL! A total epic moment.

  12. Colleen

    Hahaha love it!

  13. Betty

    My husband just showed this to me! I love it!

  14. so. totally. hysterical!!

  15. amber

    hahaha i love funny animal videos!

  16. Roxy

    Haha, that dog is just like a human — so annoyed that anyone is trying to ruin the show!

  17. heehee! So cute!!!

  18. having been at work for almost 12 hours, it has definitely made my day! thanks for sharing this awesome video :)

  19. Hannah

    ha that is hilarious, so funny when the dog turned around and looked at the camera



  20. haha! My choc lab, Mousse, does the SAME thing. He sits like a person in the car too!

    Ive already passed this video on…thanks for the laugh :D

  21. Bahahahah!

    My dog looooooves watching tv (she watches for animals!) but she never sits like that, hahah!

  22. sam

    saw this for the first time earlier this week, actually. I can't get over the position of his arms…that one on the arm rest!? amazing.

  23. Animals acting like humans is seriously the funniest thing ever.

  24. Dylan

    Hahaha that was fantastic. I have a bulldog and this is definitely something the bullies would do. What a personality they have!

  25. shut the front door! this is so hilarious~love it!

  26. thanks for being so hip & mormon, it gives me hope :)
    plus! we're getting a bully in october! your stories about kingsley have been helpful!
    where do you get your skirts?

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  28. Chelsea

    this is beyond funny~

  29. Haha, what a cute dog!