over at our house…

i spent most of last week being sick, and josh spent most of last week in chicago. it was lovely. being sick and all alone. (i kid, i kid. it was miserable.)

by the weekend, i was feeling much better and josh was finally home. we spent time with friends, tried out the new we, the pizza (it’s good!) and got a lot done around the house.

we bought a new car about a month ago and on saturday, we finally had the nerve to introduce it to our little monster, kingsley. truth be told, he was due for a shot at the vet, so we really had no choice. let’s just say, it didn’t go so well. we had to circle home within three blocks and grab his crate. since we aren’t crammed in the beetle anymore and finally have a decent sized trunk, no more of this.

and fortunately for us, kingsley loves his crate. so it’s a win win. (thank goodness, because we’re taking a couple road trips this fall and i don’t know what we’d do if he didn’t like his crate in the car…)
enjoy your monday!
  1. glad you are feeling better. welcome back home. :)

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  3. Aw, sad you had to say goodbye to your beetle. Kingsley look so cute back there.

  4. he is just so dang adorable :) I am happy you are feeling better!

  5. Kait

    Glad you're feeling better!!! Kingsley looks so stinkin cute in his crate! I love that the sides are all chewed up – our pup does that too.

    What kind of car did you wind up getting?

  6. Kingsly is so adorable! i just want to give him hugs!

  7. awww so cute. :)

  8. Caty

    You haven't mentioned Kingsley in a while, I was starting to wonder how he was doing! :)

  9. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Being sick all alone is the worst!

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  10. Nikki

    Kingsley is getting so big!

    Glad you are feeling better!


  11. lesley

    we have a lab that is growing quickly… we need a big trunk like that! her crate is too big for our cars.

    glad you're feeling better!

  12. amber

    glad you are feeling better. i was miserably sick recently too and it is just no fun. hope you have a great week :)

  13. Karina

    your car looks soooooo big compare with your old one.
    i want pics!!

  14. that car looks huge. unless you're planning on popping out three kids within the next month, i have to say i'm pretty disappointed. especially since you guys have access to such a great metro, you don't even really need a car for mobility. get a bike.

  15. It's good he likes his crate! I like that he has a bear to comfort him. :)

  16. i can't believe how big kingsley is!

    strumblings = samandlivi.blogspot.com

  17. Oooh. If your white dog is anything like our white dog, he sheds like a maniac. Every time we put him in car (with black interior) I tack on another 5 minutes with the vacuum at the car wash… totally worth it though to see faces that that one when you look in the rear-view mirror!

  18. Hayley

    He is just so cute! Glad you're feeling better! Hope this week goes a lot better!

  19. @juliamarisa, thanks for your concern. I actually teach dance outside the DC area where it's not accessible via metro, so I need a car to commute, unlike Josh who can and does take the metro to work.

    And you should be pleased to know the car is actually a Jetta sportswagon TDI, which means it takes diesel, which is more green than gas.


  20. Annah


  21. I was going to ask what kind of car, but I read your comment back to juliamarisa. I'm impressed with the way you kindly commented back.
    Maybe you could show us some pictures of the new car?

  22. jones

    wow. that's some inappropriate transportation judgement. moving on. your pup looks adorable as always and glad you're feeling better!

  23. Yeah, I would have just said "suck it, you don't know me or my situation." Nicely handled! And you two are sharing a car, it's not like you have two SUVs or something.

  24. I'll tell you what I'm disappointed about, about you not getting an enormous suburban or something. and then putting the people stick-figure stickers on the back. Where's the Spanish Fork pride? haha.

    You are truly a hero at killing with kindness. I probably would have told her I'd sick kingsley on her (to slobber her to death of course) if she didn't shut her nosy/snobby/who asked you, mouth. Thanks for showing me how classy does it. :) xo

  25. bliss

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  26. awwwwwww what a cute doggy! :D
    Glad you're feeling better. :D

  27. congrats on the car.

    i won't car if you bought a mini van. hummer. or school bus. it's your decision and for your use. not the blogging world's expectations. lame.

    you're classy i tell ya!

    glad to hear you're feeling better!

  28. ok, ok. i'm way more pissed off at the system than at the people who choose to or are forced to play into the system. and i guess it would have been better of me to ask why you chose to get another car when you have access to such a great metro than to immediately jump to accusations. BUT the system cannot be beat as long as people continue to play into it. choosing "greener" cars is great, but its not enough. we have to get the cars off the road altogether. and you guys seem to be doing a pretty ok job at that too, its just the way you've talked about cars and the metro in the past led me to assume that you favored the former. so i'm sorry for addressing the issue in a way that was offensive, but i can never apologize for expressing my opinions and being honest, albeit a bit brutally sometimes.

  29. Candice

    First time commenter here! I, like everyone else, am glad you're feeling better. And I LOVE your choice of cars. I love wagons, and VWs, and diesel cars. (A love I've acquired since I've lived here for a few months now). I hope you like it and I hope Kingsley does too!

  30. Candice

    By here, I meant Europe. Sorry! Tons of VWs, and tons of diesel cars. :)

  31. Kristen

    Kingsley is getting so big!
    I have a 9 month year old lab (45lbs). When we travel with her we use a dog hammock. It slips over the headrest and holds her in the back seat. She loves it! We got it at Petsmart.

    Feel better!

  32. 2busy

    You've been sick…car that looks like it could be a minivan…Things that make you go hmmmmm

  33. Jessica

    Kingsley is the cutest! I am glad that you are feeling better!