missing my sisters already.

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they are such cute and fun girls. we had a great time with my twin sisters on the Hill for a few days. and now they start their 2nd year of college tomorrow. how crazy. good luck little sophomores! we are so proud of you, and we love you!
  1. Paige

    such cute sisters! that is such a special time, the college years. hope they grow as women and have a wonderful experience.

  2. What an adorable picture and how fun that they are starting their 2nd year at college, one of my favorite years when I was there! :) Nice to see such a bond among sisters!

    Liesl :)

  3. You have the most beautiful and stylish [hair-do's, outfits, the works] family! I hope they're having fun in college! I'm missing those days!

    You're 'breakfast post' has beautiful pictures too!

  4. Sum

    such gorgeous sistahs!

  5. nicole

    You three are so adorable!!! Sisters rock!!!!

  6. Twin sisters wow so cute. I miss my sis too.

  7. Bri

    you & your twin sisters are so adorable! sisters are the best & mines a sophomore in high school! ahh so exciting : )

  8. Malee

    such gorgeous girls! i love your smiles.

  9. Jen

    Aww cute family pic!

    I have two younger sisters, but nowhere near college or uni yet!

  10. Eve

    u guys look so much alike.not twins but triplets!

  11. abby

    my sister just started her senior year and i can't believe it!

  12. abby

    my sister just started her senior year and i can't believe it!

  13. my twin sister and i just parted, going to different colleges! first time in our lives that we are going to be apart this long!
    you and your sisters are so pretty!


  14. Cute! Love this pic of you guys! What a great family pic. Good luck and hope your sophomore year is great!

  15. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!! Sisterly love is the BEST!

  16. Its amazing how you all look so much alike and BEAUTIFUL! I miss you all so very much! xoxo

  17. Niki

    Aw! Sisters are the best!

  18. Bear

    Hello! Your sisters are lovely. One little tiny thing though: you gotta get your grammar right. (their, not they're). It really interrupts the flow of a post. That said, your grammar is usually outstanding and I dearly love your blog!

  19. @bear, thanks for catching my grammar mistake! totally missed that. xo

  20. amanda

    haha, i can't believe someone commented on your grammar. you are so adorable-it doesn't even matter.

    for yo is the best. as are sisters. yummmtastic!

    my little sis goes back for her sophomore year on sunday. sheesh. they grow up so fast, huh?

  21. Chelsea

    you guys are ADorable.