pretty sounding joanna newsom came on my ipod yesterday.
i’d almost forgotten how much i love her and her beautiful harp.
she was just what i needed for my tuesday.
maybe she can help you with your wednesday… if you need it (i do.)
  1. Amy

    I love Joanna so so so much. She got me through those awkward high school years and through the exciting college ones, too! Her new album is so so pretty. Love!

  2. I've been searching for Arp players!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. beautiful song!! i love joanna!! certainly made my wednesday much more enjoyable!! :)

  4. How did you know I needed this?! She has such an interesting voice, I love it and the harp is amazing! Thank you for introducing such a marvelous artist!

  5. jzzz

    oh my, this song is perfect, she has a lovely voice!

  6. i wanna know how to play the harp.

  7. My friends were just telling me about her yesterday! This is crazy, must be the universe telling me to listen to her :)

  8. Bridget


  9. Nanda

    Wow – this inspires me to take up the harp! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  10. Cortney

    You should check out "Family of the Year". I think my favorite song is "No Good at Nothing".

  11. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing her with us :)

  12. Amy

    I am absolutely enjoying reading your blog and your many adventures! The photos and insights are great, and of course, the music selection today is on the mark. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Liz V.

    this is EXACTLY what i needed for my wednesday. thank youuuu :)

  14. Oh my, thank you SO MUCH! I absolutely adore this, it was the background music for an advertisement in Australia and I spent ages Shazam-ing when the advert was on – to no avail mind you. I am downloading from i-tunes today. Bless you, gorgeous lady :) xx

  15. ohh joanna joanna. she mends the soul.

    nice choice :)

  16. kelzone

    i'm not sure how much i love her voice. but she's very talented on the harp! and that's really unique.

  17. Jacob C.

    so pretty–

  18. I find her voice quite strange and that's exactly what I like about it. The sound of the harp is so pretty.

  19. abby

    she is AMAZING- we saw her play at harvard last year and man, oh, man, my jaw was on the floor.

  20. Betty

    Thanks for sharing! I had never heard of Joanna…looks like I have some music downloading to do. :)
    Happy day to you!

  21. Ayley

    i love joanna! i think it's amazing that she's dating andy samberg!

    i teach at a studio here in utah and i set a piece on my elite dancers (the big girls) to "the book of right-on" and i simply love her!

    and i did my younger sister's solo to "en gallop". she did a lovely job!

    she's so lovely!