instax mini’s of paris

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i kept forgetting i had my instax with me in paris.
so i didn’t pull it out as often as i’d have liked. oh well.
next time…
what is everyone up to this weekend?
can you believe it’s already august? yikes!
have a great weekend!
  1. I really want to get one of these cameras! They are great!

  2. oh, I love the fact that its august already ;) one step closer to autumn :) the season ever ever ever :):)

    have yourself the best of weekends and lots of cupcakes with glitter on top :)

  3. oh, these are so magical! I love them.

  4. this instant is saweet. love your photos. paris is lovely.

  5. Brit

    beautiful pictures! You make me want to explore the inner workings of my camera and learn how to take a decent picture.
    This weekend I'm going to stay in bed and snuggle my babies all weekend! Have a good one!

  6. amber

    august totally snuck up on me! i love the photos :)


  7. karlee

    "oh well. next time…" Like it's no big deal because you go to Paris all the time!?
    Oh my.. if only I could go once! You lucky duck.. at least you have lovely photos of this time!

  8. i think this is the way paris is supposed to be captured <3

  9. i agree with the above comment! so romantic. i love your blog, your style and your sweet honesty.

  10. Why must summer last only for three months? ):

    The pictures are gorgeous though! I think I need an Instax in my life…


  11. @karlee, no no! i didn't mean it like that. josh and i just hope to go back together soon. we don't travel over there often, it was my first time in paris. but a girl can dream! right? ;)

    and thank you for the nice comments everyone. the instax really is a fun camera.

  12. mina

    I carried that thing around everywhere in New York and at the end of each day I realized I hadn't taken one photo with it… and finally, when we did use it, the sun was setting and they turned out pretty dark. :( But, like you say… next time…

  13. m.a.f

    if we're dreaming can i bring my tall, dark, and handsome boyfriend and it would be like a double-date trip to paris with you and josh?!

    that'd be fun. sigh.

  14. Swear I just saw you at Nordstrom Rack in Towson, or was I just dreaming?

  15. love these little polaroids– you are a great photographer!

  16. Cool photos. Paris is truly beautiful.

    We're planning our summer vacation this weekend (yep, still haven't taken it or even booked it…) and I'm planning on getting our garden together now that it isn't so hot in here anymore. Garden has been neglected for the longest time…

  17. jenn

    wonderful pictures. i want to go so bad. this weekend is about re-laxing. i hope you have a good one!

  18. Very awesome pictures. I'm in Arizona and can't wait till summer is over. I'm ready for weather that's not over 100 degrees. If the weather was nice I would go to first friday with my husband but since that is not the case I want to go check out this new place down the street from us,
    I'd love to go clothes shopping too but not sure where to go. Where are some store you like to shop at?

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  19. lovely pics! i went to paris last summer and took a series of polaroids at the Eiffel Tower at different times of the day. They're some of the best polaroids i've taken.

  20. Barbara

    the mini takes such pretty pictures!!! I'm really looking forward having one of those!!
    pretty images of paris :)

  21. these pics are my fav!

  22. becky

    These are beautiful :)

  23. Oh I want to go to Paris!

  24. Love love love these pictures! Yes i know! Its august!!! I start school on the 18th :(

  25. Suzanne

    Thanks for sharing these! I'm going to be there at the end of August/beginning of September and pictures like these increase my anticipation.

  26. @magdalena, no sorry, that wasn't me at nordstrom rack. though i do wish we had one of those around here.

    @meg! yes! bring the "boy!"

    and @christina, i'm so sorry it's so hot in arizona right now. i can't imagine. it's hot here too and i die every day.

  27. love these little shots! next on my wishlist: instax mini! :) love your blog – you have loads of taste!

  28. Jaymie

    instax cameras are awesome, i have my mini fuji instax and i take it out with me just incase and usually end up not using it and it isnt exactly light but i want it there in case!

  29. im so in love with these <3

  30. Sara

    Hi Naomi! It’s been a while… I was so glad to find out that you’re expecting a baby. It is going to be a gorgeous baby! For sure! I'm heading off to Paris this Wednesday and I just remembered that you have been there this year and that you might have some wonderful suggestions for me. I’ve been there last year and I’m looking for some new places to discover and to eat …off course! Best wishes for you lovely family.