1. amber

    hahaha love it! chick-fil-a is pretty awesome :)

  2. Cheray

    hahaha cute!

  3. abby

    being a vegetarian, i know not of chik-fil-a, but my friends say it's legendary!

  4. Super cute excited faces! Clearly Australia is missing out by not having such a place.

  5. Chloé

    Chick-fil-a: MY FAVORITE!

  6. oh i love chick-fil-a! sadly we don't have it in NY.

  7. Heather

    You guys are so cute (and in my Washingtonian!). How do you stay so skinny??? You're always eating! LOL :)

  8. Sarah

    Um, Ms Taza, YOU AND HUSBAND ARE IN FREAKIN WASHINGTONIAN MAGAZINE! I guess you already know that though! Way to go being named DC's Style Setters! That is so cool! And that picture is HOT!

  9. just saw the above comment from Sarah about being in Washington magazine – incredible!! congrats.

    i was wondering if you have the time -Im looking for the website you posted a while ago that had rooms/houses/apartments to rent out in diff countries. You go online and people have posted their places..

    Do you think I could get that from you? :)

    [email protected] or just comment on blog if you get a chance

  10. shopgirl

    what a hoot!


  11. love me some chick fil a! those cows crack me up :)

  12. so cute even when yall are at chick-fil-a! Rockstars :)

  13. ohhhh, CFA has my heart ;)
    favorite favorite favorite
    And how great is the customer service! Here they come to your table, refill your drinks, clean your area right up. Very kind!

  14. Nicole*

    too cute!

  15. You get to have Chick-fil-A in D.C.? That's wonderful!

    I thought they were just in the South because every time I go on vacation there are none to be found.

    By the way, don't get to craving Chick-fil-A after church on Sunday because they are closed!

  16. @kelsie lynn, not sure which website you are talking about? i don't think it was me that posted one, i'm not familiar with any. sorry!

    and yes, chick-fil-a is great. and clean. and friendly. and we love free refills. and that they're closed on sunday. :) also, they have the best real chicken nuggets on this planet. we love. (we went to the one in maryland, there isn't one in the district., sadly.)

  17. Haha that's great :) Is that restaurant a chain?

  18. hahaha – I think their commercials are really funny – ps love the waffle fries there. When I was in college we had one on campus and line for the 'chicken bisquit' between chappel and class wrapped around the student center every day!

  19. Annah

    Chick-fil-a :) Their nuggets are so friggin' delicious. It should be illegal. And the people who work there are SO NICE. I love that.

  20. Maddy

    I love Chik-fil-A! and going to their restaurant is always the best experience… you don't even feel like you're at a fast food restaurant! Josh looks very excited to be there :)

  21. Briel79

    They just opened a Chick-fil-A near my work in LA and I'm so happy! Finally I can get some Chick-fil-A whenever I want it!

  22. 7upkels

    you two are the cutest couple on the planet!! and i love his green turtle shirt! love.

  23. haha i love this! too funny

  24. Kate

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  25. Kate

    Love me some Chick-fil-A!!! *smile*

  26. too comical!
    I LOVE that place

  27. amanda

    LOVE the cows. mowwww. i have those jeans, i think. delias? fantastic!

  28. amanda

    LOVE the cows. mowwww. i have those jeans, i think. delias? fantastic!

  29. I'm not one to be amazed by coincidences… but just tonight I was teaching and I used an "Eat Mor Chikin" leaflet with one of my groups… ;) And then suddenly, I open your blog page and I see that you met them (the cows) "IN PERSON"… ;D

    That's nice!

  30. This just makes me smile. Love me some Chick-fil-a!

  31. They had those at the Chick-fil-a in the mall by where I live, but they also had a giant inflatable one with a person inside, and it was quite possible the scariest thing I'd ever seen in my life.

  32. Nikki

    Those pancakes look so delish!!!