dog lover.

once upon a time, before josh and i were married, we had a conversation about future pets. “i like animals, but i’m not a pet person. i don’t ever want a dog or anything like that. ok?”
that is what josh said to me back in the day. and since i had yet to discover my hidden love for anything on fours that barked, i replied, “ok…”

things have certainly changed at our house. since adding mister kingsley, our little bulldog to the family last december, neither one of us can pass up a dog on the street without stopping to pet him. and we have to watch our conversations with friends to make sure we don’t just gab on and on about our dog while we’re with them. although sometimes we can’t help it.
while browsing design sponge this morning, i saw these adorable photos. how cute are these pets? and i feel like each one owns their space so well. almost like they called the shots on the home decor. i am such a dog lover.
  1. b.

    dogs are an essential for any home :) at my parent's their spaniel totally rules the roost!


  2. the first photo is so gorgeous. I love it. I'm a firm believer that a house is not a home until there is a pet in it.

  3. Lindsey

    We didn't love dogs before we got one either. I never pet them or took the time to look them in the face the way that I do now. Once you get one, everything changes.

  4. nessa k

    When my boyfriend and I first moved in together, the first thing we did was get a dog. Then he needed a friend. Then we saw a puppy that needed rescuing..

    SO! Now we're at 2 boston terriers and a mini doxie.

    I adore them all. =)

  5. Nikki

    I am dying for a dog (boxer or bulldog)

    I follow them around new york city longingly.


  6. Rhianne

    Oh wow, I love these. I'm a dog lover too but boyfriend is definitely a cat lover – it should be fun when we finally decide to get some :)

  7. amber

    I am for sure a dog lover. And I know what you mean, my hubby and I could go on and on about our dog jack. We can't help but be proud parents :) If you saw him, you would totally understand!


  8. @amber, hahaha. i TOTALLY understand. :)

  9. amber

    okay, i couldn't help it. check out this link to see my dog jack :)


  10. Chloé

    That sounds like my husband! We just got married and he isn't very keen on getting pets. I LOVE big dogs, but have never had one in the house. I'll cross my fingers and hopefully we'll be happy dog owners one day!

    P.S. I think you and Josh and Mr. Kingsley are oh so adorable.

  11. honestly my roommates and i wonder what we would talk about/ do if we didn't have our dogs. i mean most of our conversation revolve around them, their walks, the dog park, what they ate, threw up and pooped.
    i must have been so bored before i had to take numerous trips to the dog park every day.

  12. @amber, i LOVE it. poor otis inside thinking "why is jack having all the fun?"

    @nicole marie, now when i think about it, i think my life was totally boring too before kingsley. and how boring is a park is without a dog now!

  13. I totally understand the way you feel, and I agree completely what Magatha-May said… a house is not a home without a pet!

    We have three cats, and unfortunately we don't have enough room to have a dog too. Maybe some day…

    Lovely post, Naomi!

  14. I believe that animals pick people, so it's not too hard to believe that they pick out decor also :)

  15. I like the look on the last ones face!

  16. Amanda

    *woof woof*
    i'm an animal lover.

  17. these photos are priceless!

  18. carissa

    i wouldnt mind having one of those couches to sit on. im sort of jealous of the dogs.

    kingsley should probably get some portraits done in his space.

  19. Kristel

    hah, that's funny because I've never been a dog person. My husband kept requesting that we get a dog and I kept saying NO WAY. I did not want to deal with a four-legged creature at all. But he kept insisting and so I broke down, did some research, and finally decided we should get a mini schnauzer. We've had him for about two months now and I am in LOVE. He really is the best. I, too, have to resist the urge to talk about him 24/7.

    Definitely did not see that coming.

  20. Ashley

    I love the pictures!! My hubs and are the same way now that we have the Charles (our yellow lab)'s funny how things change :)

  21. Bre

    These pictures are great! I love the first one especially. Pets really do make a house, a home. I think the photos of Kingsley in HIS fireplace can attest to this!

  22. Those dogs don't hold a candle to Kingsley ;)

    I love that little guy. I get so excited when you post photos of him! I've got an English bulldog on my wishlist.

  23. Meg

    those two in the first picture look like an old married couple! so cute :)

    i can't wait until we can get a dog… only a few months!

  24. Love these! I have always been a dog person, and love how a dog makes a space their own. My husband got me Bailey halfway through his overseas tour. I seriously don't know what I did before she came into our lives. I have to admit it was a most sad existence. She truly makes our home special.

  25. YUP … to go from a "not a pet person" to a total "gotta stop and oodle over every passing dog person," you just to need to get one and have it for a little while … they really do change people. :)

    Puppies (which I call most dogs) are a gift to man!

  26. Whitney

    awwww. cute, cute, cute!

  27. i'm so glad you are all dog people too! they really do make life so much better.

    excited for you to get your dog, meg! can't wait to hear about it.

  28. oh my…i LOVE all of these houses *and* dogs!

  29. Bridget

    these are adorable. i am in love. with the pictures AND with dogs.

    naomi, i have a style question for you since you are for real good at this stuff. are there any vintage type online shops that i havent thought of (prob since i dont know many) where i can find a white dress? prof. family photo session coming up……

  30. I think my Charlie matches my house! I love it.

  31. Chiara

    I´m such a dog person and I truly think it is a deal breaker now when I meet a guy, if he´s into cats…. it can´t work out!!! Is that a little harsh?

    LOVE those pictures, especially the big brown furrball !!


  32. Annah

    I love my dogs more than anything! They are the bestest.

  33. i am definitely a dog lover. anyone who has been around me for more than a few minutes, they know that if a dog is around, all conversation and inhibitions go out the window and i will stop someone or stop myself mid-sentence just to squeal, "awwwww dogggyyyy!!!!!!" and then go along as if nothing even happened.

  34. Bridget

    naomi- thank you so much!

  35. Love it!! So cute. Also, I'm mildly obsessing over the empty frame collage in the last photo.

  36. Flora

    My husband said the same thing years ago, and now he's obsessed with our two Bedlingtons.

    We're even bringing them with us to Singapore!

  37. What funny pictures! Maybe I'll have a little photo shoot with my pup in my living room too. I also think it would be cute to call your pup Master Kingsley – he the perfect name for it.

  38. Fantastic find!

  39. Cortney

    My partner and I are definitely animal lovers- we're both vegans as well- but we really don't want to have a pet at this point. We are very nomadic, and plan on lot of world traveling, living in other countries, seeing where the wind takes us for the next three years. So, to get our pet fix we volunteer at our local no-kill shelter. We walk dogs and snuggle them. They only have 30 spots, and they get over ONE HUNDRED e-mails a DAY asking if they can take more animals. It really drives home how many animals are out there needing homes.

  40. Allison

    love them!! my husband and i just got a miniature schnauzer and are completely in love! i love reading your blog! thank you for so many inspiring posts!

  41. Aww, these are so stinking cute! There is a blog that does "pets on furniture" posts weekly – can't remember which one at the moment! These are great pics!

    I am definitely one of those crazy people who talks about her dog nonstop – I can't help it!!

  42. I'm the same way – my husband is Dr Doolittle but I didn't grow up with animals so I was always hesitant but one day it hit me and I really wanted one and now I couldn't imagine life without our two little monsters

  43. This totally perked up my day!!! Thank you for these adorable little pooch pics!

  44. Vanessa

    Dogs are fantastic! I talk about them far too much – and we foster, so there's always a new pup to talk about, haha. I am definitely ready to find a forever pup while continuing to foster. It's just a matter of time.

  45. boston terriers are the best! my stella the cutest.

  46. adorable!

  47. We always roll our eyes when our friends talk about their kids, but can't understand why they scoff when we talk about our two boys ;)

    We're dog people. Actually we are any sort of creature people..

    and even as I write this – I've just realised they have taken off with a whole ball of wool and some thread…. yes. We love our dogs….. *breathing calmly*

  48. i'm a total dog lover, too… i can't get enough. ;)

  49. I have owned a Boston Terrier and a Bulldog. That Boston Terrier had more personality than should be allowed in a dog. He was so bad and so funny.

  50. these are so adorable – I need cocker spaniel so bad, just a little honey-coloured one! x

  51. My husband and I have two terrier muts that are our "kids" and we'd have a whole lot more if we could afford it. My husband always talks about opening up a dog rescue if we win the lottery.

  52. I think I love dogs more every day…especially when I see adorable photos like these.

  53. It's so funny how people are different, because my fiance and I are always saying to each other, "I'm so thankful you're a cat person. I'm so thankful we'll never have a dog." Or "I can't wait to not have a dog." We both are total cat lovers and really dislike dogs! I love the pictures of Kingsley though, truly ;) My family even has a dog and I don't let him near me, poor creature. My cat is just loved times ten!

  54. emalie

    aw yay! i'm so glad you guys got kingsley. dogs make life better.

  55. Alexia

    My fiance and I are dying to get a Boston Terrier! They are just the best! xo

    thanks for sharing this stunning finds-
    and soooo good josh changed his mind about pets.
    i really can't wait for our puppy girl that we plan to get by spring.

  57. @in company with sparkles, your comment makes me laugh so hard. my husband and i say that to each other all the time, except we say "i'm so glad you're NOT a cat person, either!" haha. but i am sure your cat is super cute. and super loved! glad you don't mind me babbling on and on about my dog on this blog, too!


  58. hahaha, the last one has made me laugh (and i am at work! ups)
    we also have a wonderful dog and we love it but you know, i have to say that sometimes it's a bit difficult to lead with everything!
    luckyly our little poochie is veeery well behaved and helps us in all the houseworks! mmhhhmm…

    by the way, what a great trip!!

  59. Nicole*

    the two in the first picture are my favorite! haha that one on the left looks mad. but he's still so cute :)

  60. Dog's are just so cute. All of them!

  61. Brussels Griffons!! OMG!! I have one too!


  62. marissa

    oh my boyfriend and i are exactly the same way! we unexpectedly adopted a kitten last summer (as in, a mama birthed some right on our front porch!), and in the last year we've talked about/photographed her non-stop, and even thrown a birthday party for her. but… i'm not ashamed!


  63. Oh wow, how funny- that first photo is of MY dogs – Waldorf & Eloise…and they are like an old married couple. Glad to see they're getting some love :)