bullies by the creek.

on saturday evening kingsley met up with his fellow bulldog friends out in virginia beside a shallow creek to play in the water. there were 17 bulldogs, total. we didn’t know how kingsley would handle the water, since he usually insists on crossing the street to avoid even the tiniest puddle on walks around the Hill (we don’t kid.) josh plopped him into the water right when we got there and he was suddenly a new dog, in love with the creek! we couldn’t get him out of there by the end of the evening. it proved to be a great way to cool him off in this heat.
there are some pretty adorable bulldogs in our play group, too. see for yourself below…

kingsley running around in the water.

stanley covered in mud.

  1. Kari

    omg. sooo cuttee! i love those wrinkly, stinky faces! my bully, chloe, would have been in heaven. (i seriously think she prefers playing with other bullies!) she didn't used to be crazy about the water either until a bully buddy showed her the ways of enjoying dog beach. darling. :)

  2. becky

    The last photo is my absolute favourite! It looks like they are having so much fun :)

  3. koko

    You actually make me want another dog…a Bulldog Hmmmm that would make 3 in the Quiz household?! He is too cute for words.

  4. Barbara

    oh that's so cute!!

  5. Mauri

    cutest dogs! That's funny he usually avoids small puddles :)

  6. Sarah

    Bullies in the water-LOVE!

  7. Sarah

    Bullies in the water-LOVE!

  8. So cute! I wish I could put together a play group of dogs that looked like mine…although it's kind of hard to do with mixed breeds.

  9. Aw, that's cute. I want a bulldog now. :D

  10. The little guy in the last photo is too fricken cute!

  11. Annah

    That's so nice! They need their little play dates too :)

  12. This is the cuttest thing I have ever seen! I need to start a maltese play group :)

  13. This is the cuttest thing I have ever seen! I need to start a maltese play group :)

  14. oh my gosh, the photo of kingsley running in the water is the FUNNIEST thing i've ever seen! hahaha! these bullies are a crack-up.

  15. Bekah:

    Hmmm… I don't get it. A play group for dogs? I totally get it for kids…

  16. Leni

    too cute. they look like they're having so much fun! you can literally see the smiles on their puppy dog faces!

  17. aw!
    a large quantity of bulldog cuteness!

  18. amber

    what a fun doggie date!! how did you find this play group??


  19. I used to love to go to the beach with my dog, german shepherd lady. It just felt so good to see her enjoy herself.

    Now that I have cats those days at the beach are gone…

  20. Hilarious!

  21. Oh hi Cassie! I didn't see you posted right ahead of me. Hope all is well in Mexico!

  22. not a cute breed, for sureee.

  23. lesley

    adorable puppies.

    we have a lab and she looooves water. her favorite part of the day is when i water the flowers and she attacks the water.

  24. Jenn

    so fun and so cute! love it!

  25. Hayley

    This looks like so much fun! I'm a dog-lover myself, I just can't wait until I have a yard to get a puppy! Kingsley is adorable!

  26. Kristyn

    CUTE CUTE CUUUUUTE! Seriously…

  27. Tracey

    So cute!! I WANT A BULLDOG!!!! :D

  28. Renée

    The picture where kingsley is running around in the water is so funny and cute at the same time! It's so sweet of you to go to those events where kingsley can play with other dogs!

  29. Hey! I hope you and Josh are doing well. These bull dog photos are so hilarious. I love these and also the bulldog birthday party ones too. Thanks for sharing.

  30. @amber, i was actually looking up bulldog vet recommendations for our area online and came across the group. it's great because with such a specific breed, it helps to meet people who are knowledgeable about the breed and can recommend vets, or tips with training and health issues, etc.

    @bekah, why not? they have so much fun when they're around their own breed!


  31. wish i could get my dog near the water… he freaks when we get within a few feet. he's getting there though. paws in the atlantic last month!

  32. Nikki

    I would be in heaven. They are all adorable!


  33. Nikki

    I would be in heaven. They are all adorable!


  34. Nikki

    I would be in heaven. They are all adorable!


  35. this is such a cool outing!

  36. Bre

    This is beyond cute! I love that such a group exists for Kingsley to hang out with his pals. I'm glad he's a fan of the water now!

  37. ohmygoodness. These pictures made my day, thank you!

  38. MJ

    Kingsley running through the water = SO ADORABLE. I am so glad you caught that moment with a camera. Amazing.

  39. Kristen

    This is too cute! At the doggy beach I go to, there are always bulldogs in the water!

  40. oh my gosh so cute. If I didn't have pugs, I'd have a Kingsley :)

  41. Kait

    I LOVE that dog park! We were just there on Saturday. We used to live at one of the high-rises across the street and miss being so close to it (Rufus got his 2 daily walks IN the dog park)! You should check out the dining around there too the next time you go – there are some great restaurants and almost all of them have outdoor seating and are doggie friendly!

  42. amylou

    you have such a cute dog :)

  43. Just stumbled across this blog – I thought something like this doggy gathering existed only in my dreams!!! AMAZING. I may have to move Stateside purely for this! xx

  44. tRiSh

    this is so cool to have found a group of people with bulldogs, it must be soooo much fun and so funny watching them play and run around =)