1. Oh my gosh! So magical!

  2. m.a.f

    sigh. heaven.

  3. Amanda

    Beautiful photographs, Naomi!
    It looks like a heavenly place.
    I just ordered myself an instax mini!

  4. i need…(no!) WANT an instax :))


  5. I love that top right photo. It's so dreamy. You have a lovely natural eye for photography. xo

  6. i think these photos have convinced me that i really need to get one of these cameras!!

  7. this is so beautiful. wish i could just fly over there right now. (sadly i am sitting in the office working the 9 to 5…)

  8. amber

    great photos. my fav is the one on the top left :)


  9. Naomi- How do you scan your instax so perfectly? Everytime I scan it takes the white space with it, so all I get it the picture and not the instax border.

  10. i've been following your blog for quite a while and just wanted to say that i really love your aesthetic! your photos always inspire me!


  11. Carly

    LOVE the fifth one! ahh, wish I could go there!

  12. Bre

    Gorgeous pictures! I am in love with your camera. So happy you had a wonderful vacation :)

  13. Signe

    cutest pictures ever :)

  14. @Stephanie, if it scans with too much white border, I just crop the image back to it's original size on my computer. Hope that helps!

    And thanks everyone! The instax mini really is so fun!


  15. Barbara

    this are adorable!!!

  16. I'm definitely no camera/photo expert or anything but I like these kind of pictures because they seem so mysterious looking. :)

  17. goodness, they're gorgeouse. favorite: top right.

  18. Liz V.

    i'm obsessed with these!!

    so so so pretty.

  19. Aww'
    I hope one day I'll be able to visit France, it is such a magical and beautiful place.
    These pictures only reminded me of it :)

    Delba x
    From Shutter Eyes

  20. Rhianne

    hurray these are stunning, I cant wait to play with my instax mini some more, I miss it when I don't take photos with it for a while :)

  21. Anna

    These are enchanting.

  22. Those turned out great. I never have much luck with my instax.

  23. magical. stunning. gorgeous!

  24. Jen

    Oh, my.

  25. Alexia

    absolutely gorgeous photos! you always know how to take such great shots!! xo


    I love love love your blog- you inspired my friend and I to create our own. Thanks for sharing all your adventures. You are so cute with unique and beautiful style. Cheers!

  27. Nikki

    I love these pictures so much! They are all equally gorgeous. Looks like an incredible trip!


  28. leigh

    I just got back from their yesterday! I visited that very castle just a week ago! so fun!

  29. these pictures are a joy!! how wonderful. i miss france.


  30. Very charming! And so magical-looking! What are the sizes of these photos?

  31. Annie