arlington national cemetery.

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josh’s cousin travis came to visit us over the weekend from chicago. we went over to the arlington national cemetery with him on saturday before dinner. i’m embarrassed we still hadn’t been, but glad we finally went. it’s beautiful over there and was a nice opportunity to remember all those who have served and continue to serve our country so honorably.

  1. amber

    It really is an awesome place to see. It makes you appreciate those that have served our country. Great photos :)

  2. Katz NYC

    I love the peace and harmony of cemeteries. When I was a child our beach located behind a huge cemetery and we would always walk through it to get to the beach. I would love to go back and see how it looks nowadays. It was so well taken care of even some areas are very old.

  3. Did you know that Arlington National Cemetery was originally built on land confiscated from Robert E. Lee's family? Ok it's slightly more complicated than that, involving back taxes etc., but still, a very interesting history.

    I have to go out there myself soon, very beautiful

  4. eden

    i love that place! definitely one of my favorite places when i was in dc earlier this year. i loved the changing of the guards too. so amazing!

  5. what moving place, love the first photo…

  6. cherie

    it looks like a beautiful place. a place, where one can think of everything the country`s gone through. I like places like that.

    beautiful photos :)


  7. Leslie

    I recently learned the story behind how Alrington Cemetery was turned into the national cemetery. It is quite interesting! The first picture is my favorite!

  8. Jessica

    What gorgeous pictures. I've always wanted to visit Arlington Cemetery, but have never had the chance.

  9. Annie

    ooh I'd love to go there.

  10. Bridget

    i went there in december– loved it.

    and that first picture rocks.

  11. I love this cemetery. I'm glad you finally got to go! P.S. You look beautiful in that color :)


  12. i love the blouse you are wearing!

  13. Such a beautiful, reverent place!

  14. The Arlington National Cemetery is one of the most beautiful places! I've only been once, but I remember how amazingly green, white, and clean it was. The pure reverence was astonishing as well. Such a special place! Your hair is getting so long! Pretty!

  15. It almost makes your heart drop to see the numerous headstones. I left that place feeling so privileged to be an American.

  16. MJ

    Awww I had a chance to go to DC at the beginning of the summer, and I love that place so much :) Arlington was one of my favorite places we saw, and I loved the Jackson home there!

  17. Leni

    it's so nice that you posted this (along with beautiful pics of arlington). my grandfather is buried there. i'm so proud of him and all the others who have served and are serving our country!

  18. Lovely pictures.
    I visit Arlington Cemetery often in the Fall. It's a great place for my to meditate and I love to walk around.

  19. Naomi! Somedays we jump a plane…not exactly knowing where we are going. Last time we were in the airport we wanted to go to DC to see all the things I see on your beautiful little posts. But we missed the flight.

    Someday when I make it there could you give us the tour?

  20. Beautiful shots, I just love the colour and style of your top too.

  21. Nikki

    Your photos are so gorgeous. I love the first one!


  22. oh nice, the cemetery really is lovely isnt it. great pics! your top is also super cute :)

  23. Great pictures! Love your shirt :)

    xoxo brittany

  24. Whitney

    I saw the changing of the guard when I was 5 and I still remember how beautiful it was.
    So solemn, but still really amazing.

  25. great photos of the cemetary! i would LoVe to go and see that sometime … travis is kind of a doll!

  26. Julie

    next time you visit, make sure to head over to section 60, its where all the recent vets are buried, its incredibly sobering. Also in December you can volunteer to lay wreaths. I've been meaning to do it since I moved here seven years ago.

  27. Gina

    these pictures are absolutely gorgeous :)

  28. This place always takes my breathe away. I need to come visit again when I'm home. I remember it moving me even at a young age on field trips. Thank you for sharing. ox