arcade fire concert.

on friday night we headed out to maryland
to see spoon and arcade fire perform.
of course it was incredible.
but arcade fire, oh gosh. they know how to put on a show!
we loved it. and we’re really loving their new album.
here’s my favorite song from their new album the suburbs performed live in nyc:

  1. Kelsey

    It WAS amazing. Rarely do I feel like a band really utilizes all that they can… Arcade Fire did that and so much more! great post

  2. amber

    I just love concerts and this one really does look awesome! I have not heard of this group before though. I will for sure have to check them out!


  3. Britney

    Such a great live band. I saw them for the first time 5 years ago at Summerstage in Central Park. I had never even listened to their music before, but after seeing them in concert, I was definitely a fan.

  4. Oh, wow. It looks like an amazing show- I'm jealous!

  5. I kind of want to hate you right now! So JEALOUS!! Spoon and Arcade Fire. The best combo ever!!

    Glad you had a fab time! :)

  6. D&D

    so jealous.
    absolutely love their new album and ADORE them in general!!!

  7. arcade fire=brilliance. their live show is one not many can hold a candle to, in my book! looks like a LOT of fun!! i do enjoy a good spoon concert as well :)

  8. Wasn't it an amazing concert! Plus I love Meriwether Pavilion! I don't think I've ever enjoyed sitting on the grass so much before.

  9. Wasn't it an amazing concert! Plus I love Meriwether Pavilion! I don't think I've ever enjoyed sitting on the grass so much before.

  10. So jealous! Looks like an amazing show. Hopefully they'll be coming to where I am soon.

  11. i just got their new album and love it! 'city with no children' is my favorite.

  12. Mich

    wow you are so lucky!! that would be soo amazing!

  13. Jamie

    i can't wait to see them in houston! i love love loveeeee spoon too!

  14. hanner

    hahaha, veronica and i were just saying that those creepy ladies on the big screen were the freakiest choice ever. but ditto, an amazing show and really well-supplemented by liz's story of the backstage visit ;)

  15. Amanda

    Oh you lucky girl. I am waiting, waiting for them to announce a Vancouver tour.
    Without a doubt, their show in Sydney on the last tour was the best gig I have ever seen. And I've seen A LOT of gigs.
    Can't wait to see Sprawl ll live!!

  16. Kallie

    My brother sold his bass guitar to the bass player of Spoon!

    Both of the bands are extremely legit. :)

  17. Kari

    what an epic show! 2 amazing bands in one night!? Sooo great!

  18. looks like so much fun! i haven't been to a show in over a year!!!!


  19. koko

    How fun!!! = ) My husband and I love concerts!

  20. i would go just for spoon but arcade fire on top of it!!? You are one lucky duck!

  21. I SO wanted to go, but couldn't get out of plans I had. Merriweather Post is having some great concerts.

  22. oh great!!!!!!!!!
    i am a big fan, hopefully we will see them over here soon.

  23. I love love love Arcade Fire. I am so jealous!

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  25. spoon & arcade fire together?! sounds too good to be true!


  27. I have only heard good things about them… must listen!

  28. Love the Arcade Fire! Absolute favorite song is Rebellion (Lies)

    I'm so glad to hear you had a fantastic time!

  29. rachel!

    was this the madison square concert? i watched the stream and it was amaaaazing. i am in love with their new album! <3

  30. Rachel

    I'm crazy about Arcade Fire! I included one of their new songs on my latest mixtape…. I just had to.

  31. lynette

    Ooohh I'm so jealous. Love Arcade Fire. I'm sure they'll make it to Montreal too soon.

  32. sam

    WHAT?! Spoon AAAANND Arcade Fire!!?!?! Lucky, lucky duck.

  33. radical!

  34. Erin

    Just saw them in Philly. AMAZING.

  35. s a m

    My favorite is that song Sprawl II (Mountain beyond Mountains). The beginning reminds me so much of Blondie!
    I feel like its a personal victory that they are #1 on the billboard chart over Eminem haha

  36. ah im so jealous! i watched the show on youtube and it looked like it was incredible! you are so lucky!

  37. looks awesome! and i gotta admit im a little jealous- i so badly want to see them in concert. so glad to know it rocked!!

  38. LOVE LOVE LOVE that song too. I feel obsessed with them right now, but I can't help it. :D

  39. Megan

    Oh my gosh I just stumbled across this post and I am so ridiculously jealous but excited for you that you went :D One day I will go to a concert of theirs…bucket list goal :D