1. Amazing flowers and photos..definitely somewhere I need to see!! :)

  2. Yes! I love both the pictures and your faces. Great blog.

  3. Wow…that flower on the water is beautiful!

  4. amber

    out of all the times i have visited d.c., i have yet to go to the botanic gardens. next time i will have to put it on my list. great photos :)

  5. Trish

    Gorgeous pictures Naomi, especially #2, WOW! You look so pretty with your sister, just love it. Happy Monday!! xoxox

  6. When I lived in D.C. that was one of my personal favorites :-)

  7. Lesley

    you two are beautiful! and so are all the flowers.

  8. Kristina

    love love love botantical gardens… whereever they may be… great pictures!
    viele grüsse, kristina

  9. Melinda

    You're pictures are getting better! Nice narrow depth of field and composition on your first two flower pics!

  10. i love that photo of the passion flower… and your blouse looks so comfy!

  11. Bridget

    beautiful pictures- and your sisters are adorable- love the short hair cut!

  12. I just moved to Hawaii from DC and I met your aunt (?) at church. She gave me the name of your blog. I love your pictures and your headbands are adorable! Enjoy DC, I miss it already!!

  13. Amanda

    amazing photos!

  14. I love the jeans you're wearing! I have been searching for a yummy pair of yellow jeans forever!

  15. I love the jeans you're wearing! I have been searching for a yummy pair of yellow jeans forever!

  16. amanda

    these photos are BEAUTIFUL!

  17. Great pictures!

  18. Carolina

    Oh, lovely pictures, Naomi (as always:).

  19. Chelsea

    Oohhhhh! pretty pictues! love it!

    ps, i got my dress today and it's SOOOO cute!
    thank you for your awesome give a ways!

    you rock!

  20. I just saw you in Washingtonian – I was like "omg it's Kingley's parents!" congrats – you look great!

  21. haven't cked your blog in awhile but adorable, as always! Love these flower shots :-) I just did a similar post from some gardens in Ireland.

  22. Annie

    These are such great shots! The Botanic Garden is one of my favorite places to visit in DC.

  23. amylou

    beautiful photos! The purple flower is amazing! Your sisters are too cute!!