1. Wow! That pizza slice is twice the size of your head! I hope you feel better soon. I hate not feeling well…

  2. Its been a while since i stopeed by your love filled blog!

    i moved countries, plus its summer and so much happened that i haven't had enaugh time.

    so good too see you guys are still the same rock stars!
    Oh and I adore Kingsley so much!

  3. Amanda

    did you get a tour of the capitol? when i went with my family a few summers back, i went and it was so gorgeous on the inside.

    your freckles make me jealous

    Freckless Face :)

  4. Great photos Naomi! I hope you're feeling better. I know how you feel. My physical well-being has had its challenges this year too.

    Wishing you get better soon.


  5. Maddy

    the 2nd photo is so precious! you two are beautiful. also that pizza looks AMAZING.

  6. the photo of josh kissing your cheek is so sweet!

  7. amber

    looks like a fun weekend. and i wish my sick face looked as cute as yours. haha


  8. That pizza looks a-mazing!

  9. Whitney

    I love B&W.;
    Oh goodness that pizza!

  10. Alisha

    That's the cutest sick face I've ever seen!

  11. Mmmm, I need to try out that pizza place!! Did you ever make it over to Rogue Burger on Connecticut? I need a DC food day soon…

  12. That pizza looks amazing!
    Looks like a lot of fun! :)

  13. Barbara

    you too are too cute!

  14. lesley

    i love black and white photos!

  15. black and whites are so classy :) that pizza makes me hungry!!!

  16. oh my gosh that is a HUGE piece of pizza!!! want it. now.

  17. Meg

    i LOVE your bangs. if i didn't have hair that frizzed up into a giant puff every time i even THINK about bangs, i would march this picture straight into a salon! and you don't look sick :)

  18. awww you are really pretty and kingsley is frickin adorable! (:

  19. great shots!

  20. Sini

    Sick face? :D but you look so beautiful! I wish I would have that many freckles too :)

  21. Nikki

    Aww these are so cute!


  22. CUTE CUTE CUTE! love the black and whites!


  23. that pizza looks so yummy!! and what a cutie patootie, that kingsley…you must love how he's often looking like he's smiling! love it!

  24. 2busy

    That is quite the slice of pizza! You two are a beautiful couple…

  25. Bre

    Fantastic pictures! Hope you are feeling better, I'm sure the pizza helped! :)

    P.S. Absolutely agree. Kingsley is the cutest ever!


  26. Chelsea

    aw, what a precious photo of you two! I love those!

    (I don't have your email saved and was wondering about the dress I won when I might want to look out for it in the mail. Just wanted to see if you knew anything about when i might receive it! My email is [email protected])

    thanks doll! Feel better!

  27. @chelsea, that is terrible news. especially since that giveaway was over a month ago. i just emailed you. please respond to that… thanks!


  28. Chiara

    love black and white pics!!! Seems like an amazing weekend congrats.

    you lucky pretty even if you say you were sick :)



  29. Shann

    Black and white pictures are the best! Hope you're feeling better!

    what happened?!

  31. Juultje

    love black and white, no flaws, all about the people and environment. Despite looking tired, you still look gorgeous!

  32. We might be visiting DC this weekend — my first time, le boyf's third. I can't wait. For sure we will visit We, The Pizza, if we go. That is one huge slice!

  33. you really are quite cute without makeup.