while in france…

i had my favorite big mac sandwich while in france at my beloved mickey d’s.
familiarity in a foreign country is always nice.

you know what’s extra cool about mcdonald’s over in france?
they sell macaroons and other fancy pastries there!
and even though i don’t like macaroons,
i think that’s pretty cool. and fancy.

  1. Legs

    Big Mac sandwiches are my absolute favorite! I'm so glad you tried out the McDonald's in France. My sister just studied abroad in Ireland and went to McDonald's in every country she visited. :D

  2. denise

    I loved the Fanta orange soda in England/France! The taste was different and better than in the States.

  3. Mmmm, I'm in Jordan right now, and I had a Big Mac from Mickey D's a few nights ago! It's so much better than in the states I think, no? One problem though….McDonalds here delivers!!!! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUN!

  4. Nikki

    haha that's so cool. I really love seeing your photos from your trip as your documenting them! I cant wait to visit paris!


  5. @it's all good, THEY DELIVER? you lucky girl. kind of glad they don't do that here. we'd be in so much trouble at our house!

  6. JIN

    that a is very chic looking mcdonalds

  7. I remember being on a school trip and going to a McDonalds in Venice and we were so excited that they served beer. In New Zealand they like to put eggs in the burgers in McDonalds.
    We just got back from the US (I'm from England) and we were astounded at how orange the Fanta was, and took many pictures of the said orangeness.
    My boyfriend is very sad also that we don't have Smart Water in England as he became hooked whilst we were on holiday,didn't think you could become hooked on mineral water but there you are.

  8. Rhianne

    Wow, they have macaroons?? Crazy! I can't wait to have a mcdonalds in Poland when we go lol

    I love big macs, I had my first one for ages on saturday and it was amazing :)

  9. When I was in Greece, years back, with 3 euros in my pocket, I made a beeline to Mickey D's. I kow how you feel! Haha

  10. What a beautiful pastry counter in McD's! I do agree, all the McD's sell different stuff in different countries! I remember in Taiwan they sell fried chicken and corn soup. In Hawaii, they sell spam and pineapple breakfasts. In Japan, the large drink was about the size of a dixie cup.

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  11. katha

    So great that they are different in every country.

    Here they just sell cupcakes but no macarons.

  12. Sam

    this picture makes me want mcdonalds which isn't a good thing! that is so neat that they sell macaroons. while i lived in australia, they only had some slight difference in menus, but they had one breakfast sandwich that was to die for. it's a good thing we don't have it in the states or i'd probably be getting up for way too many mcd breakfasts..

  13. amber

    Wow, I don't usually care for McDonalds, but France actually makes it look appealing!

  14. Krystal

    I am a fellow lover of the Big Mac! And I completely agree about familiarity in a foreign country…since we moved to switzerland we eat wayyy less mcdonalds, but when we do – it's very comforting because it feels like the US :)

  15. savy

    Wow! French McDonald's are definitely extra cool. And fancy.

  16. wow, they know how to live in france!

  17. What a pretty display case in that McDonalds! And its funny..we also had to stop by and get a big mac from there when my bf and I were in Paris ;)

  18. Katie

    Pretty McDonalds – too funny!

    ps. I love your blazer.

  19. i actually have a hard time finding food i like in Paris…so the McDonald's visit sounds good to me!
    have fun!
    xox alison

  20. Erin

    WOW! Why don't we have fancy pastries at American McD's?

  21. Ali

    Macaroons in a McDonald's? That just looks out of place! Pretty cool though.

  22. Meg

    mmm le big mac… and their signage is so much classier than ours! just when i thought mcd's couldn't get any fancier :)

  23. Bridget

    i just had a big mac about a week and a half ago in florence and was a little bit embarassed (thought i should only be eating the lovely italian fare) but then was just satisfied…. saaatisfied.

  24. Bridget

    i just had a big mac about a week and a half ago in florence and was a little bit embarassed (thought i should only be eating the lovely italian fare) but then was just satisfied…. saaatisfied.

  25. Bridget

    i just had a big mac about a week and a half ago in florence and was a little bit embarassed (thought i should only be eating the lovely italian fare) but then was just satisfied…. saaatisfied.

  26. It sounds silly but I remember having this rush of home fill me when I was studying abroad in Florence and saw a McDonalds close to my apartment. Kind of sad that McDonalds gave me that comfort but hey… I'll take what I can get in a foreign country! :)

  27. We were in a McDonalds in Paris off the Champs-Elysees and my dad used the kind of French Americans use: YELLING ENGLISH. It was so embarrassing.

  28. molly

    I never, ever go to McDonalds in the states, but feel it absolutely necessary to go to one in every other country I visit. And also drink a coke, which tastes so different all over the world.

  29. mrs.mfc

    I "accidentally" grabbed mcdonalds when I was in CDG airport, only because I was in a real hurry but knew I needed to eat before heading to Italy. After I found my seat on the plane I got so mad at myself that the first thing I bought to eat France was mcdonalds. Hahaha!!

  30. Eeny

    It is called a McCafé, right?
    That's what we have here in Germany, too. Like a little coffee place inside the McD. They sell all kinds of cake and muffins/cupcakes and coffee drinks of course…but I think now macarons.

    And I totaly second the notion of Denise…Fanta orange here in Germany/Europe tastes soooo much better than the US one.

  31. anjj

    I always like to go to Mac in other countries as well! In Asia they have meals with rice, pretty funny how it's so different in other countries :)

  32. Emily

    That's the nicest McDonald's I've ever seen! Your trip looks awesome1

  33. that is such a nice and fancy mcDonald's! how funny! the mcdonald's in hawaii serves like spam and other local kine dishes. it would probably be neat to visit a different mcdonald's in every country or a few different states!

  34. Tae

    Europe does not support cruel factory farming (to the best of my knowledge) which makes McDonald's a lot more humane over there… so it's a huge step up from the US! looks like a nice place :)

  35. Did you ask for your meal in French? Do you speak french?
    When I was in Paris last time, I tried my best. The women eventually just told me, it's ok, I speak English. I was like :(
    Ok. lol

    Love the France photos naomi!

  36. that is a fancy mcdonalds. leave it to france to turn an american chain restaurant into something semi-classy.

    great pics! :)

  37. When I visited Ireland, I noticed they have a legit cafe and a slightly different menu. McDonald's is somewhat fancy in Ireland and one of the few almost all night eating establishments (or maybe it was all night) so we had late nights there just like in the States. The first time I ordered there, they forgot my bottom bun.

  38. Cortney

    @Tae- That's such a good point. I can't even look at fast food restaurants without having visions of cows, pigs, and chickens being beaten within an inch of their lives, screaming in pain and fear, living in their own waste until they are inhumanely slaughtered. I Clock Work Orange'd myself with too many videos :( Here in Colorado there are tons of wide open farms where the animals actually get to roam around and eat grass and be outside. It's refreshing.

  39. I always love going to a McDonald's for a meal while in another country. Just like you I love the familiarity and I love to see how they differ from the McD's from home. There's always something a little different. In the Philippines they sell fried chicken and rice as one of the meals.

  40. Cortney

    OH, and the McDonald's in Japan were so much nicer/cleaner than here in America. When I lived there I went once for the fries, and they were waaay better than I remembered American McD's fries.

    Has anyone else heard about the Slow Food Movement people in France who protest the building of McDonald's? It was a big deal when one local farmer was arrested for vandalizing one.

  41. I loved eating at the McDonald's in France, I did not like the fact that all their salad dressing is yogurt based, as in NO RANCH!:)

  42. Wow. Mcdonalds never looked so classy to me 'til these pictures came up. Now I'm tempted.

  43. Hannah

    i lived in england for a semester and went to eight countries in europe. I went to mcdonald's in every single one of those countries. multiple times. there is just something to be said about good ol' fashioned fattening american food.

    LOVE your blog!

  44. Chelsea

    those macaroons sure make mc donalds look a whole lot classier.

    ***my question is this, how does a girl like you eat so many cheese burgers and stay so teeny tiny! I wish I could do that!

    looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  45. Just curious…was that McDonald's by Versailles? When we were in France last summer, we only ate at one McDonald's and it was by Versailles…and the one in your photos looks very familiar. After a long long day of walking the grounds, it was pretty comforting to get a good ol' McD's burger and fries.

  46. Lainey

    Wow, that's a very high-end mickey d's. Even the big mac you're holding looks to be made to perfection.

  47. Janssen

    I love seeing international versions of American chains.

  48. i will be in paris in september and although i dont eat mickey d's i will have to stop in just to see how pretty it is. thanks for the tip. any other tips?

  49. you look so cute and happy! :)

    i dont eat fast food but the pastries look good. :)


  50. boatx2

    Whooooooaaaaaa! A PASTRY display! Even the milkshakes are advertised sans their conventional paper cup.

    France is serious about this.

    Looks wonderful! France and your freckled "this double quarter pounder with cheese is delicious" face.

    Have a wonderful time!


  51. Haha I love that! And that is one fancy looking McDonalds, hah.

    I've always thought the big Macs here in Canada were better than the ones in the States. ;)

  52. Barbara

    haha how cute is that?!?!

  53. Nicole

    i love your blazer!! and mcdonalds france looks so chic! haha

  54. kt mac

    hehe how could a post on Maccas be so intriguing? :)

    I'm from Australia and we have this same layout with the 'McCafe' and all the pastries, cakes and sweets –
    McDonald's actually makes the best chai lattes around here!
    Although we don't have macroons… that is so fantastic!!

    When I was in the States earlier this year I went to Maccas once – at the airport. And although I had always been told that the meal portions are huge I was still surprised at how big a small meal over there was! It was like ordering our medium meal… My eyes just about fell out of their sockets when I saw the large hehe :)

  55. Wow! What a chic McDonald's! If there was more like that here in the US I'd go all the time just to hang out… amazing.


  56. Lindsey

    Oh my! That looks like a patisserie rather than a McDonalds!

    When we were in Venice, an American saw us coming out of a McDonalds and was sort of incredulous that we were eating there! She couldn't believe we came to Italy to eat THERE!

  57. It is true, the McDonald's overseas is actually better than here – I think. I heard it's because they use a different oil to cook in? I made my friend eat at a McDonald's in Spain with me – the chicken nuggets were the best I've ever had!

  58. Rosie

    Your blazer is so darling! I think I might need it… along with a macaroon!

  59. what do you mean you don't like macarons????!!!!

    somewhere a kitten just died.

  60. my first though was "for shame! to go to Mcdo in France!no!" but the pastry case changed my mind :)

  61. ha ha maccas in other countries is always an adventure!! Asia has some interesting additions to the 'traditional' menu! But that case of treats looks AMAZING :D

  62. Becs

    I drank beer in a Paris McD's and coffee with soft serve ice cream in a Czech one 11 years ago this summer. Thanks for the happy re-memories!

  63. katy

    Next time, check out "Breakfast in America" near the Luxembourg Gardens – way better burgers and pancakes to die for.

  64. Was that the Mcdonalds in the Louve? I was there a few weeks ago and that pastry counter looks familiar.

  65. Natalia

    They sell those here in Montreal, Canada too :o)

  66. Moriah

    thank you for eating mcdonalds and showing it off. you might be my new favorite person. i <3 mickey d's…

  67. Amanda

    Why does America never have anything cool like this in their fast-food restaurants? Glad to see you enjoying that tasty looking Big Mac :)

  68. Our Mcdonald's in my home country (Philippines) serves spaghetti,fried chicken and rice amongst other things.

  69. thats in mcdonalds?! all those beautiful pastries? i am surprised!
    maccy d's in canada had an amazing southwest salad but that was as good as it got!
    PD x<3

  70. when my best friend and i back packed europe, we shamelessly went nearly every day for 2 months. it was the only place we count on for serving food we knew we liked and could afford.

    that is a fancy pants mcdonald's indeed!

  71. I have totally been to that McDonalds. I didn't buy anything there except for a cafe in the vending machine. But I used its teeny weeny bathroom to get dressed and put on makeup before a meeting.

  72. That's funny, we have the same macarons and cakes in the Portuguese McDonalds. Maybe it´s more like an european thing…

  73. That's funny, we have the same macarons and cakes in the Portuguese McDonalds. Maybe it´s more like an european thing…