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i have always wanted to see and tour versailles. i was so glad we (candice, nicole and their husbands) made the trip out there before the retreat to check it out. regardless of visiting on probably the hottest day of the year (and having not slept in 24 hours because of my red eye flight + jet lag) it was still breathtakingly beautiful and worth it. if you ever get the chance, GO!
*i think candice took that picture of me. but it might have been nicole. i can’t remember. and the photo of the three of us is by candice’s husband, mark, but with nicole’s camera. :)
  1. these just might be my favorite photos from your trip.

    love them!!

    this place is so jaw dropping!

  2. I love Versailles! My sister and I got lost on our way there some time haha.

  3. Wow everything looks so beautiful, as our your pictures! I love your style.

  4. It's so beautiful. I'm going this November, and I can't wait!
    You girls look very cute. Glad you had a good time!

  5. Ash Att

    This place looks beautiful! Love the pictures :)

  6. I loved Versailles! We only got to spend one afternoon there, but it was so fantastic! I couldn't stop thinking of A Tale of Two Cities the whole time.

  7. @jaycelle, thanks! the photos i took were with my canon rebel xs. i think it's a great camera.


  8. what beautiful photos! i have always wanted to see the gardens.

    strumblings =

  9. Lindsey

    Isn't it magical? Your pictures are dreamy.Is was by far, my favorite part of visiting France for the first time two years ago. I actually got to stay for the fireworks show they do at night with music, ad it was unreal. If you go back, it is a MUST.

  10. Barbara

    you guys look beautiful :)

  11. Mallory

    i went to versailles my senior year of high school, and even though it's only been 5 years i already don't remember it very well. i think it was because my day there went by in a BLUR it was so awesome! i definitely need to go back someday.

  12. dani

    omg so jealous.
    i am in love with versailles!

  13. So beautiful… I would like to go there too! Nice pics!

  14. So beautiful… I would like to go there too! Nice pics!

  15. I LOVED versailles when we went! So beautiful! I really want to go again, I hardly remember since I went when I was like 9 I think. I know, spoiled right?

    Your trip has bumped France back up onto my list, because even though I have been there, I don't think I really saw it, y'know what I mean?

  16. Anna

    Great photos, as always! Versailles is one of the greatest places I've ever visited. If you ever get the opportunity, you should visit the Windsor Castle just outside of England. That place is PACKED with history!

  17. Karen

    Your photos are beautiful– it certainly looks like you saw some fabulous things, and took some fantastic photos!

  18. i absolutely love your blog! i read it daily :) would love for you to follow me at

  19. amber

    It is absolutely stunning there! I have been there once before, but I don't think I really appreciated the experience enough. I would love to go back and share it with my hubby. Beautiful photos!!


  20. Alycia

    Eating ice cream at Versailles is one of my favorite memories. I hope you had some too!

  21. Ooh..that place is beautiful! Nice photos!

  22. lesley

    pretty pictures! and i love your skirt! :)

  23. Amber

    O didn't you just LOVE Versailles?!
    I think the gardens were my favorite, I love that locals just hang out there!

  24. boatx2

    One of these wonderful days….

  25. MJ

    Lovely lovely.
    Love the skirt and top!

  26. I'm so jealous. I really want to go there! You always do the coolest things!

  27. anjj

    Oh, it looks beautiful!! I love palaces (it is/was a palace right?) :)

  28. Annie

    Versailles is definitely a place to visit before you die, and its HUGE – the grounds are a smilar size to the whole town of versailles which itself isnt that small.

  29. Nikki

    Gorgeous pics!!!


  30. my husband and i went around the same time you guys did! we spent almost a full day in versailles and decided to go back and walk around the gardens our last morning in paris. SO beautiful!

  31. So beautiful, Naomi!
    It's strange that versailles is so empty of people. Because last summer when I visited it was awfully crowded!

    Looking forward to see more Parisian photos! xo

  32. Jessica

    Versailles looks absolutely amazing. I've always wanted to tour it as well!

  33. ah! i love versailles. isn't it amazing? your pictures are beautiful!

  34. wow … such beautiful photos … you sure look cute for being so jet lagged and tired … cute outfit … cute little "do".

  35. Naurnie

    i am forever impressed by your ability to look so lovely + fresh in every picture you take. especially when traveling! you're such a beautiful girl!

  36. Natalie

    Just picked that skirt up at Anthro.

    Great choice :)

  37. I love all of your pictures from France! They're absolutely gorgeous.

    Also, you have wonderful style. I wish this were more of a fashion blog! With lots of Kingsley, of course. He can wear his dad's bow ties.

  38. i loved it when I went to Versailles!

  39. your outfit is so perfect! I love that skirt.

    Versailles is one of my favorite places ever. it's a little bit magic.

  40. Renée

    I went to Versailles 3 years ago, it's so pretty! LOve your pictures

  41. absolutely loved Versailles – glad you are having/had a great trip!
    great pictures.

  42. Beso

    Theses are your best photos from your trip thus far. I remember my trip to Versailles and you definitely captured it's beauty. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  43. you are so beautiful! you live such an enchanting life. how do you do it?

    much love,
    eri xx

  44. Jaymie

    Lovely photos, looks like a great trip you had :)
    just to let you know i have posted a link of your blog on my sunday feature of blogs i've been loving this week :)

  45. Amanda

    How do you look so beautiful in every single photo? I would love having you as a real-life travel buddy.

    The shots are completely frame-worthy.

  46. Jessica

    Beautiful Photos! Looks like all of you are having a nice time!

  47. Sum

    I want your skirt. Love Versailles! I'm so happy you got to see this grand palace!