the metro. {and a giveaway winner}.

perhaps the only good thing in my eyes about not having a car the past few weeks was that i rekindled my love for my ipod and headphones on the d.c. metro. and boy oh boy, that certainly brought back a lot of memories of my old life on those new york city subways. such a love/hate relationship. at least i’ve never seen a rat in a d.c. metro station. that is a major plus, d.c.
have a great weekend everyone! happy 4th of july!
and here is our giveaway winner:
congrats! please email me your shipping info!
  1. I've never seen the d.c. metro empty like that? Cool!

  2. Who makes your awesome headphones? Happy 4th!

  3. Chelsea

    that skirt is super cutE!

  4. Laura

    Aww I love your headphones and your blog :)

    Laura xx

  5. Mandy

    You are seriously so adorable.

    Where oh where did you get that skirt? I must have it.

  6. can't wait to see your new ride.
    have a great 4th, my favorite holiday for sure!!

  7. @jamie lane, i've never seen it so empty either. we were on the red line at about 10:30 pm at night on a wednesday when it was empty like this. kind of fun, and weird.

    @carrietly, my headphones are made by panasonic.


  8. sorry, didn't see your comment when i wrote the other, @mandy, the skirt is from UO. xo

  9. i can't believe you're all alone on the metro!! wow i have some memories from the daily commute on the nyc subway as well

  10. really? that's such an amazing subways. just keep your car home and back your wonderful memories all around the subways is a nice thing to try. have a great weekend too, Taza :)

  11. Amanda

    I really LOVE the outfit.

  12. i'm loving that skirt! and i can tell you are too :)

  13. i definitely understand that love hate relationship. love that i don't have to drive or sit in traffic and i can read or cathc up on hw or just sit and think. hate when muni is late or broken or crowded with smelly people.

  14. Emily

    Gorgeous pic of you! Glad there aren't any rats.

  15. Lovely photo! Yes, I certainly hate the NYC subways, they just seem to get dirtier and dirtier each day. City is saving. And the smell every now and then, yuck! I don't care about the rats, since I had a pet rat as a teenager.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July dear!

  16. 2busy

    Never ridden a subway…should I count myself blessed?

  17. Suse

    Get a MINI Cooper, now! (Dogs love MINIs.)

  18. What time of day was it when you could have a whole metro car to yourself?

  19. Emma

    I definitely don't miss having to take the London Tube every day. The best thing about not commuting any more is that now I can enjoy the experience of taking public transport – like you, putting my headphones on, people watching and just enjoying the ride.

    Happy 4th July to you too! I'll be celebrating here in the UK with my lovely Yank boyfriend. x

  20. suzy

    i can never get over how much you look EXACTLY like a friend of mine. it's the craziest resemblance i've ever seen.

  21. Jacob

    happy 4th to you also! and rats? icky. GO DC!

  22. A lot less crowded than the subway in NYC too!

  23. oh, i became very familiar with the metro back a couple weeks ago. it was the only way my friend and i could get around.

    happy fourth!

  24. Adorable photo!

    When I lived in Phoenix and I was stuck in traffic for an hour each way, I always wished for a commuter bus or train to do all the work and stress for me.

    Reading a book or listening to music sounds way better than driving anyhow!

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  25. Gina

    You ALWAYS have the cutest outfits!
    how do you do it everyday?? ;)

    have a great weekend

  26. Connie

    It could be cause I lived in DC for a few years and that my parents live there but it's my all time favorite city! Ever notice there aren't floods of billboards in downtown dc? It feels more of a historical place that way, i love it. I miss riding the metro!

  27. i have a thing for metros in all cities. its like a mini love affair.

    happy 4th of July weekend Naomi!
    i'm being unpatriotic and not really celebrating because we're headed to the South of France that day.

    love your skirt! my sis has the same one

  28. Drea

    You are absolutely adorable.

  29. Ferni

    hah metros are a lot fun. I love people watching. I love your blog by the way. You've inspired me to start my own @! : ) Hope you have a good weekend.

  30. Ferni

    hah metros are a lot fun. I love people watching. I love your blog by the way. You've inspired me to start my own @! : ) Hope you have a good weekend.

  31. hey, metro is a goooood thing; have you ever try to communicate by trams (or trolleys)? here we have just them and they are almost alwyas late :)but if you get into an older one you feel like in the other century. lots of love!

  32. abby

    killer headphones! i love the metro . . . well, except for on sweltering days when you end up cozying up against sweaty strangers. that's just no fun . . .

  33. oh i love rats.
    when i had leave nyc i got a little tatoo of a rat as a souvenir!
    happy 4th of july!

  34. I can sympathize with the love/hate relationship. But who knows, your style maybe inspiring someone who take the metro. You might just be the fresh air they need.

    I'm happy for winning! Sent you the shipping info. Look forward to receiving mail in the next couple of weeks =D

  35. rats ew!

    what are you wearing in your hair? From what i can see it's a turned upside down teacup. love fashion!

  36. hahah, @christa elyce, it does look like that, huh! no, just headphones. was listening to music. :)

  37. Miss Naomi, I was just reading older posts and saw that you'll be in Paris next month. I will too! From the 12-16. Will you be there for Bastille day? Supposedly that's a fantastic time to go. So excited for you! And me :) You'll love it, Paris is addicting.

  38. i certainly have that same love/hate relationship with the london underground! :)

    very cool headphones btw,

    congrats to the giveaway winner!

    PD x

  39. Jackie

    I just love those headphones! So cute!

  40. I love the DC Metro. Good Memories there of a high school crush and the butterflies of sitting next to him on those seats!

  41. CHAR

    Oh my goodness. I LOVE your blog. And you, Pretty Girl! Your blog is so REAL. I love the photography. Did you take it?! Ahhhhh! So excited to be following you. 8)

  42. your skirt is so cute.

    ummm… if I had a teeny tiny little gift that I wanted to send on to you, Josh and Kingsley would you be able to email me an address or PO box that I could send it to? (It's nothing really, I just saw something and instantly thought of you three)


  43. amanda

    how in the world aren't there any people on the metro in that picture? it's as if you're the only one. crazyyyy.

    hope your 4th was firework-filled!

  44. Hannah

    you look adorable!


  45. Emma

    I went to DC a few summers ago and the metro is amazing! Wayyy cleaner than anyone I've ever been in!
    I love your style by the way!

  46. Hooray! I voted for you. Cool subway – empty. :D

  47. Wow, that looks like a shproncy (spelling? who knows, u get the picture..) metro!
    are those leather covered seats?
    you should see our Montreal metros…they are narrower and not nearly as many seats. I'm so glad we don't have rats though! goddddd that would be pretty nasty. (they may exist, im just glad i havent seen any)
    your look here is so adorable. Im on the same page as u… love/hate. i hate all the crazies and stuffiness and the times when it just decides to stop for 20 mins and makes u late for work. but i love my hour and a half commute for the sole reason that i can read, listen to my music and not have to interact with anyone before I'm fully awake… and even then, im such a grouch till atleast 10 am!
    ok the end.


  48. Kelsey

    crazzy it's empty!

  49. the dc metro is great!! i think it might be one of my favorite things about the city. even though i almost lost my bag to the doors the last time i was there. i hope you guys will consider using the metro more in the future, even if you do get a new car. to live in a city with such clean and efficient public transportation is an amazing opportunity to get a car or two off the road and put less carbon into the atmosphere. even the smallest efforts help to make our planet more hospitable and our air more breathable.

  50. Angie

    The first time we went to DC I was AMAZED by how nice their metro was. Especially compared to grimy NYC subways. DC metro is like being at Epcot or Disneyland or something. I still don't get how they can keep it so clean!! How do they keep people from throwing trash, spitting, and relieving themselves all over the platform and tracks (a la New York)? It's like people in DC actually have respect for others or something! ;)

  51. Annie

    ah the metro… last time I went on the dc one was in 2003 when I was 7 so cant really comment. But I am one for the Paris métro – big, spacious, clean, good temperature and not half as dirty as the Tube.