rockstar giveaway!

today we have a giveaway for you by sponsor Pear and Peacock! they are giving away one of their beautiful mermaid necklaces, handmade from recycled fine silver. the pendant is slightly over two inches wide and the necklace hangs at 16 inches long.

to enter, please visit the Pear and Peacock shop and leave a comment below before monday, july 26th!
good luck!
and, if you don’t win, Pear and Peacock is offering 20% off a number of different items in their shop right now through the 25th! oh la la, summer sale!
p.s. last week’s giveaway winner will be announced later today. i’m oh-so-very-jet-lagged-and-sick from flying in from france… so that will have to wait just a tad bit longer. thanks everyone!
  1. KMB

    Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous.

  2. Kat

    Silver makes one look rich

  3. Kelly

    Such cute stuff! Also loved the Lily Bell Necklace! I will be saving the link…

  4. Tanya M

    Wow, that is some hot jewelry, esp the party earrings or some of the bangles. I wish I could stock up so bad!

  5. You could be a very stylish eco warrior with this

  6. Melanie

    I LOVE this necklace. It suits my style perfectly!

  7. beth

    love it!

  8. McKenna

    I love the scallops :) This would looks so cute with a t-shirt and some flats!! <3

  9. Dana

    What a perfect and simple necklace- thanks for the recommendation on the site- they have precious jewelry!

  10. what an interesting necklace! all of the things in their shop are adorable!

  11. what an interesting necklace! all of the things in their shop are adorable!

  12. Amber

    This piece is actually my favorite. The lotus flower necklace is also very nice.

    -Amber R.

  13. Jayme

    This is so pretty, I love this! I have been looking for a simple necklace that I could wear with everything and this would be perfect:)

  14. This is absolutely beautiful. I'm loving their jewelry!

    P.S. Hope you start feeling better soon! I've enjoyed seeing the photographs from your trip.

  15. what a beautiful piece of jewelry!!!!

  16. I think it is beautiful because it reminds me of upside down rainbows. What a uniquely beautiful piece of jewelry. I can see it glistening on my neck already! <3

  17. Diandra

    what a lovely necklace! i'd love to win it!

  18. they have such a pretty collection! thank you for sharing!

  19. Amy

    What a lovely necklace. I really like this one and the Gothic Window necklace – the patterns are so interesting and delicate.

  20. Gorgeous necklace! All their stuff is wonderful.

  21. Adhappy

    Love it love it LOVE IT! Please pick me, I'll put it very good use.

  22. JKreids

    So pretty and simple!

  23. Tina

    This is so cute and unique! I love that it's recycled too…ps this is my first time commenting, been reading your blog over a year now, so cute!

  24. What a pretty necklace! I love it!

  25. What a pretty necklace! I love it!

  26. Kale

    I love it!!! I work in a professional job and this would go great with all my business attires. Pick me!!

  27. Rachel

    What a great piece!

  28. Amber

    love it! it will go with me to the mermaid parade in NYC i Hope….

  29. Amber

    love it! it will go with me to the mermaid parade in NYC i Hope….

  30. Sofie

    Just beautiful, simple and unique.

  31. Chloe

    This necklace is so perfect, I relish the thought of that fine piece of jewellery hanging from my neck!

  32. Sarah

    That's so cute! Perfect addition to any back to school outfit :)

  33. Grace

    Wow beautiful jewelry and I love that is is recycled!

  34. Carrie

    Not only is it pretty, the name makes it that much more awesome.

  35. liza

    Wouldn't it be great to win! July 26th is my birthday. Love the pictures from paris.

  36. Zoe

    Love this! Just like everything you find!! :) Maybe today is lucky day!!

  37. Zoe

    Love this! Just like everything you find!! :) Maybe today is lucky day!!

  38. what a beautiful necklace! awesome giveaway! :)

  39. Since I was convinced as I child, i was, in fact, the Little Mermaid, I would cherish this necklace and also because it is so very cool! ;)


  40. Vanessa

    I <3 the mermaid necklace, such a beautiful piece and I love that its made from recycled materials. Wishful thinking!!!

  41. They have so many cool necklaces. Thanks!

  42. Beautiful. Now another shop for me to obsess over!

  43. Naomi

    so simple and elegant. great giveaway and shop!

  44. Maggy

    I like the art deco fishscale motif on the necklace.

  45. Brooke

    Not a chance I'm sure, but I'm loving this line, esp. the mermaid piece that's up for grabbers! xo

  46. They have some really lovely things in their shop – the little gift sets are fantastic ideas! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  47. How perfect!!! Here's to wishful thinking….

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  51. jysika

    c'est tres belle

  52. m

    Very pretty…I've got a new black dress with a neckline that would be perfect with this!

  53. Megan

    this are amazing!!! definitely such an add to any collection!

  54. Rachel

    Great necklace. I've got my fingers crossed.

  55. kk

    love it! ariel was always my fave ;)

  56. This necklace may be love at first sight for me, its gorgeous! I would feel so lucky to be chosen!

  57. Oh wow,that is lovely in its simplicity!

  58. G.

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Dilyn

    i usually wear one necklace for a long period of time and then switch…i would definitely switch for this one! :)

    <3 dilyn.
    [email protected]

  60. Shannon

    The name for this necklace is absolutely perfect- I can definitely see the inspiration. So sweet!

  61. Oh this is pretty! I have earrings that look kinda like fish scales that would so go with this! :)

  62. joolee

    gorgeous!! i'm crossing my everythings…

  63. Oo la la! Sivuplat pick me!! I want to be cool in cool with this pretty mermaid necklace!!!

  64. ErChap

    Gorgeous! Ariel is my favorite princess and I do claim to be a mermaid… It fits.

  65. carol c

    that is awesome for summer to fall!

  66. Helen

    It's simple and elegant. Love it!

  67. Alicia

    Oooo, I love it! It's beautiful and just elegant. Would love to wear that around! =)

  68. very beatiful!

  69. I always dreamed I'd be a mermaid when I was a little girl! This is a gorgeous necklace….perhaps time to revisit that dream!

  70. Ohhh pick me, pick me! I really love the wreath necklace on the etsy site as well. So gorgeous!

  71. Nina

    That is one gorgeous necklace! I love it!

  72. ck

    OOO so cute:)

  73. Oh, this is so pretty, I would wear this necklace every day until the chain broke, then figure out how to fix it and wear it some more!

  74. really pretty! for someone who doesn't like hearts + things that are too girly, i love how the scalloped shape of this necklace is feminine but still strong + unique. thanks for pointing out this store!

    xo, jessica

  75. Kate

    Oh man, what a fantastic necklace! I'd love to wear that with a simple dress and flats.

    You always have the best giveaways!


  76. jamie

    I am going to buy so much stuff from this store.

  77. Mamasan

    Oh these are so so pretty!

  78. alison

    holy guacamole looove silver jewelry…. I might just have to buy the clouds necklace whether I win or not!

  79. Meg

    so pretty! Love that they are made from recycled silver :)

  80. Beautiful!!! I have my fingers and toes crossed!

  81. lar

    gorgeous! here's hoping…

  82. Such a cute necklace and store I might add. I just checked out their store and I am definitely crushing on ALL their necklaces.

  83. Randi

    me? please!

  84. would be beautiful with my new dress, here's hoping!!! :-D

  85. leahrae

    My champagne birthday was yesterday, hope I win!

    This is lovely!

  86. Emma

    love this and so many others from her etsy :)

  87. Ericka

    So fetching!!!!

  88. So pretty! Whoever gets this is one lucky lady!

  89. Chelsie

    glam. (which, I learned from the little girl on the A train, is the hot new "it" word)
    love it. want it. <3

  90. kelly

    Fingers crossed! Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  91. Lindsay

    ahhh i have to enter this one – that necklace is gorgeous!

  92. lovely little shop!

  93. boy do i love simple little things…

  94. lovely.

  95. "B"

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! If I don't win, I'll just have to buy it myself!