pitango, pitango!

our friends carissa and andrew told us about pitango, a little gelato shop here in the district a few weeks ago. we’re so glad they did. i don’t think i can count how many times we’ve “accidentally found ourselves around E and 7th NW” since, but it’s our new favorite place and some of the best gelato we’ve had. our favorite flavors are the pistachio and chocolate noir. the gelato shop imports their nuts all the way from europe and all their milk and cream products are produced on their local farm in pennsylvania. we want to go visit the farm near amish country later this summer. we’ve been wanting an excuse to visit amish country again anyway.
  1. I feel so SO deprived.
    I've never had gelato!

    I'm such a sad little girl!
    it looks YUMMY


  2. Ella

    Sounds delicious!

    I have always wanted to try gelato.
    hmm.. I'll keep this in mind.

    btw.. love the blog. ALL the food looks so good. I think I gained 30 lbs just looking at the pictures!

  3. Cas

    How that first taste can bring about such images of Italy.
    Of long skirts with heels and belts and cardigans.
    Clinging to the waist of a man while riding on a vespa.
    Cobblestone and the woman gesticulating proudly as you admire her fruit stand.
    How lovely a small container of dessert can be!


  4. Amanda

    the picture of you in this post just pushing over the edge to comment: YOU HAVE the MOST BANGIN' BANGS EVER!!!
    Love ya bangs!
    Perfect on yo' face!
    Love. YA. BANGS.
    Mmmm…Geltats. :P

  5. Nikki

    That looks so delicious and refreshing.

    I love your hair btw!

    Have a great weekend


  6. That looks so good, even if it's 8am and I haven't had breakfast yet.

  7. gelato is healthy, right? i'm putting it on my list of "things i can eat".

  8. i haven't had any good gelato since italy/nyc. i miss grom on the uws. if im ever in dc i will check this out. looks yummy.

    strumblings = samandlivi.blogspot.com

  9. mmm, pistachio gelato is divine. xo!

  10. Sounds fab. One of my favorite things about gelato is eating it with the tiny spoon they give you. I kind of want to drill a hole in one and make a necklace. BTW, best gelato in Las Vegas is at the Bellagio. In case you ever need to know.

  11. Sounds fab. One of my favorite things about gelato is eating it with the tiny spoon they give you. I kind of want to drill a hole in one and make a necklace. BTW, best gelato in Las Vegas is at the Bellagio. In case you ever need to know.

  12. my roommate just got married and is moving to dc with her new hub today, i'll have to share this with her

  13. Jacob

    oh yum!
    that looks absolutely splendid.
    *jealous feelings arrive*

  14. Definitely going there next time I visit my brother!

  15. Erin

    Now I'm officially craving gelato. YUM!

  16. That looks so good! And I love their packaging/branding.

  17. I am so hungry now.

    Did you know your bangs are perfect? I feel so sad when I look at mine.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  18. MJ

    CUTE shirt :) Seriously you have the most adorable style ever.

    The gelato looks yum.

  19. tvmom

    looks yummy! I'll have to try it. You should also check out the Dutch market here in Maryland. Every Th-Sat the Dutch farmers come down from Pennsylvania and sell their icecream and homemade stuff…so good. It is called the Dutch County Farmer's Market in Laurel, MD…

  20. Sarah

    Cute top! Where is it from?

  21. mmmmmm gelato :) SO delicious.

  22. i just came across your site & i love it ! its so cute – love the pics! DEF following you ♡
    i love the concept!
    id love for you to check out my blog. I constantly host giveaways and interact with my readers.
    My next giveaway will be hosted in a week or so!

    xo elena


  23. Bri

    I love how the gelato is literally melting off the sides! Looks delicious!!!

  24. I think I'm missing out on a lot – I have never tried Gelato EVER! I think it's time to change that 'Gelato Virgin' status. Me wants some RIGHT NOW!

  25. Barbara

    that gelato looks delicious!!!! mmmmmmmmmm!!!
    have a nice weekend :)

  26. Luna

    yummy, i love gelato. havent had it in a while. its a bit expensive so i dont buy it much but its a great treat once in a while.

  27. Just had gelato for the first time in my life 2 weeks ago. Pistachio. It was good, but not as good as ice cream or my other new favorite, frozen yogurt.

    Although I'm trying not to eat animal milk anymore so coconut ice cream is my new thing. Thanks for the tip about Lancaster, by the way. I need to visit this summer! Have a great rest of the weekend!

  28. Love your top, it's a great classic piece and fits you well!

  29. Kelsey

    gelato is SO good!

  30. nom nom nom i love gelato!

  31. roysie

    Wow! I am totally going to check this place out! I hope you have fun in France.

  32. Ayley

    adam and i just barely wandered to this place last night… it was amazing! their sorbets taste like pieces of summer! i loved the banana one {i'm a fruit freak} but the chocolate noir was amazing! it's amazing how fresh and pure everything tastes!!

  33. looks sooo dang good. my friend is staying in dc for the summer. i might just have to tell her about this shop.

  34. pitango is the BEST! I am three blocks from the one in Baltimore. It is going to be the death of me!