1. emma

    Love the icecream! Great pics.

  2. Oh man, I LOVE Paris! So much fun! You two look so chic in your Anthro skirts!

  3. wow. such great photos!!!!!! i totally think jcrew should hire you! xo

  4. Bri

    what an awesome trip !

  5. Julia

    that red and white skirt is so cute!

  6. Yes, I needed to take a break from my driving-me-crazy to-do list and visit paris for a moment. THANK YOU!!! :)

  7. Yes, I needed to take a break from my driving-me-crazy to-do list and visit paris for a moment. THANK YOU!!! :)

  8. koko

    These are beautiful….I'm now hungry for sweets! Yummmm

  9. amber

    wow naomi, your pictures are wonderful! this makes me want to take a trip to paris. it looks like you had a great time :)

  10. amanda

    that macaroon castle thing is so cool.

    also, i think you could wear a burlap bag and still look dazzling. jus' sayin, girl!

  11. Nikki

    og my gosh it looks so gorgeous there! Looks like you are having a beautiful trip!


  12. alli

    Looks like you had a ton of fun. Has anyone ever told you that you and Marci look alike? I thought that was you in the fourth picture until I realized you haven't cut your hair.

    And is that an ice cream flower?!

  13. i'm thoroughly jealous now. :)

  14. m.a.f

    you both look so darn parisian and cute, i can't even stand it!

  15. Sarah

    HOW did you get your hands on a fall Ketti Handbag already? Those wait lists are so long! I want that bag so badly!

    Cute Paris pics!

  16. omg you went to my favorite ice cream place! Petals ice cream is the best. this pics are making me long for paris again.

  17. Memories, memories… I love your handbag!!! Where did you get it from??

  18. Sam

    it looks dreamy :)

  19. Elise

    wow!! absolutely stunning. i'm so jealous! i need to go back! :)

  20. anjj

    The ice cream looks delicious :D and such lovely pictures :)

  21. Dip-tea

    The macarons and Marci's skirts are drool worthy!!

  22. Alison

    what kind of pastry is that? it looks like something i need to try baking for breakfast tomorrow!

  23. all of your pastries and treats from paris look delicious! i love that artwork above too your looking at! such a fun trip!

  24. Chaucee

    Are you SURE you and Marci aren't related in any way?? That last picture you two are identical!

  25. 1 – you always have the most fabulous skirts :)
    2 – i'm in love with that purple door!
    3 – That flower-looking gellato (i presume) is pretty sweet!

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  27. s a m

    the photo of Monet's waterlilies is so pretty and interesting. I bet a thousand snapshots have been taken of people looking at this famous painting – but this one one is so fresh. Love it!

  28. looks so amazing. paris is just perfect.

  29. looks like you had a fantastic time… I'll be in my corner of the world dreaming of paris! gorgeous!

  30. It all looks so beautiful! Paris and the two of you! I really hope to make it out there next summer.

  31. Maddy

    ahhh! all the sweets look amazing! i love the photo of you by the painting (?) very candid and a good shot!

  32. such awesome photos! I want to go!! ps, you look adorable!!

  33. aww love the photos – this makes me want to be there!

  34. love love love love love love…. obSESSED with montmartre–aren't you? it even has its own label on my blog! :) glad to see you're having such a wonderful time!

  35. you are hands down the classiest little lady ever

  36. MJ

    Oh my goodness that ice cream is beautiful!!! YUM

  37. anthropology skirt! love it. so pretty.

  38. You have found your fashion sister! It doesn't hurt that you both have faces framed by fantabulous smiles and foreheads of fringe.<3

  39. Flower-shaped ice cream cones!? How lovely! Also…how breathtaking is the sight of that church when you're standing down by the carousel?

  40. so i just now realized that your name is probably naomi. i've been calling you taza in my head all this time because of your url. but if your name isn't taza, where does that come from/what does it mean? i know it means cup in spanish (like one cup measure) but i doubt that's relevant to your blog at all.

  41. That ice cream looks amazing! How did they get it to form like that? Glad that you enjoyed your trip :)

  42. just dreamy… i can't wait to go someday. :) thanks for sharing these, naomi, it looks like such a beautiful trip!

  43. You went to Amorinos!!! My absolute favorite gelato in the world! I solely blame Amorinos for coming home after I studied abroad and not being able to fit into any of my pants. It was horrible but completely worth it : )

    Looks like you really enjoyed your time there!

  44. Wonderful wonderful photos! I want to see more more more. :D

  45. you are making me miss paris so much! i loved having little picnics on the lawn in front of the eiffel tower.

    you girls are tres chic in your sweet skirts!

  46. Oh what a dream trip!! It has been years since I have wondered the streets of Paris!! Gorgeous pictures!!

  47. kid.

    oh my gosh, these photos are making me burn with envy. i must go to paris sometime soon!

  48. Great pictures. I wish I'd taken more!

  49. Beautiful photos. You went to my favorite gelato place, Amarino. When I was studying in Paris I went there every Friday. So so yummy. I looks like you had an amazing trip, I can't wait to see more of your wonderful photos and read about your adventures. xoxo H

  50. Paris looks like so much fun! Lovely photos! xo

  51. ciupa

    beautiful pics, I especially love the one of you in front of the Monet.

    Just finished a great book about Paris, "Paris to the Moon" that you may enjoy reading.

  52. Loving these photos! It really shows that you guys are having an awesome time!

  53. I'm so happy that i'll be there again soon. Is the 9th photo taken in musee d'Orsay? It's beautiful!

  54. Marie

    These photos are beautiful. It looks lovely, we're off to Paris for the weekend in August and this is making me super super excited!

  55. Whitney

    Everything about that post just made me insanely happy.
    a) PARIS
    b) the clothes and patterns and colors
    c) Monet — 'nuff said, & DaVinci
    d) fooooooood & architecture
    More, more pictures!

  56. Very much in awe! Gorgeous friend, pictures, clothes and adventures.
    safe travelling

  57. love these! hoping my husband and i can visit paris one of these days. you have a good eye! love the icecream photo especially.

  58. Erin

    First of all, you are making me hungry. Secondly, Paris looks SO BEAUTIFUL in your pics. I would love go there. And lastly, I wish I had HALF your fashion sense.

  59. Amy

    You blend right in with your cute skirts!!

  60. Paris looks as amazing as I would imagine it to be :). And now I want ice cream….haha.

  61. lindsey

    What a beautiful city! How fun that you got to spend time with Marci there!! You pics are all gorgeous… looks like a great summer so far. ;)

  62. Beautiful photos! I love the one where all we see is your back, such an awesome photo!

  63. great pics

  64. Sarah

    I love these pictures so much! Isn't the Orangerie such a great little museum? And so many people pass it by–I was happy to see you stopped there. :)

  65. These pictures are LOVELY! Note to self: Go to Paris one day!

  66. Love your last outfit! V inspired!

  67. Amanda

    I love living vicariously through you! Paris looks amazing–I want to book a flight now:)

  68. carmen

    I just have to comment on this, because it is such a strange coincidence, I just got back from paris earlier today. I was there for 10 days with my mum and it was wonderful. It is pretty weird to see pictures of you in places that I just was a few days ago, I really loved paris and I hope you did too!

  69. Barbara

    You both look so pretty!!!! lovely images of paris!!

  70. gah! Your pictures of Paris are so much better than mine. Arrr. (I was in Paris recently, too.)

  71. Britti

    Wow these pictures are really, really beautiful! I love Paris! xo

  72. Looks like you guys had a gorgeous time and hit up all the good spots :)

  73. aah, now I want to go back to Paris again…I love this city so much :)
    have you been to Montmartre?? And beautiful pictures you´ve got here ;)

    Cuddles :)

  74. Sabina

    What a sweet blog! :))
    Come visit mine hon, I think (hope :)) you'll really like it! I can't wait to hear from you!

    Have a nice day!

  75. Angie

    These photos are FANTASTIC. Seriously. And I noticed you have one of those gorgeous Ketti Handbags. I want one of those so bad. Do you love it?

  76. Rose ice cream, perfect blouses, hats, and skirts! What a vacation. Honestly.

    I think Marci's red and white skirt is a vision of perfection. I'm wondering where she got it?

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  77. Please tell Marci Hi for me! How is she doing? How are you doing!? Does Marci have a blog? You're a beauty! :) love, Daile

  78. @angie, i LOVE it. you need to get one. it's genius.

    @thereafterish, marci's cute skirt is from anthropologie. i know, it's stunning!

    and HELLO daile!!!! marci and i talked about you in france. i miss you. and yes, marci has a blog, it's linked in this post. hope you are well. come visit me soon!


  79. Naomi, these are lovely photos! I recognize just about every location except for that very top one…where is it? It looks like a fun neighborhood and great for people-watching :) If you think of it, I'd love a heads up!

    p.s. you are such a gorgeous model and it's fun to see pictures of La Maisonnette with you in them!

  80. @stephanie, that top picture was taken at a carnival right by the Lourve while we were there. It was pretty amazing!


  81. The Sacre Coeur is one of my favorite places on the planet! :) Seeing your pictures of Paris made me smile.. France is the only place I would like to go back before I cross all other places off my travel wish-list.

    P.S. It will be a pleasure to follow you and your bully! My husband and I actually have a Frenchie named Kingston – although he was almost Kingsley :D haha

  82. Tats

    O.M.G you had ice cream at AMORINO! I can't believe it!! That was my favorite ice cream place in Paris :)

    I found your blog yesterday and I've been reading all your posts! Its amazing. What a wonderful family you have!!