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after the photo retreat in beynac, i spent a few more days in paris with my beautiful friend marci. we walked, shopped, ate and toured so many museums and places until we couldn’t feel our legs or feet at the end of each day. it was perfect. here are a few photos… more to come.

  1. Annah

    Love your pictures and the subjects. Have traveled quite extensively but never to Paris :( That's my next destination for sure! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. jones

    looks like you learned a lot at the retreat. those photos are stunning!

  3. Oh my, those pictures are SO SO SO gorgeous.

  4. woooooowza! Places like that really exist! ;)

    I really need to travel more! That looks amazing!

    Do share more pics!


  5. Maria

    gorgeous pictures, can't wait to see more!

  6. Can I ask you a question? How did you manage to take pictures in France especially Paris because from what I understand, they don't allowed picture taking. Did you ask the shops permission to take picture of their bakery? Would love to know.

  7. Dip-tea

    Your friend is gorgeous. And the chocolate roll and pie looks so delicious, yumm yumm. Love the picture collection Naomi!

  8. Chaucee

    What fun this looks like!

  9. Caty

    I want to go to Paris SO badly! Your photos are lovely and the bakery looks wonderful.

  10. @dancing mischief, nobody ever told me i couldn't have my camera out in paris. sometimes in a shop i'll ask first, but i never had a problem. you can take pictures all you want in paris.

  11. kwistin

    These are beautiful shots! I just spent a month and a half in New York for the first time and had wonderful sensory overload–so much amazing design! And now, your photos make me want to go photograph Europe. Yessss. :]

  12. so cute! i love paris :)

  13. You ladies are so cute! I love Marci's hair!

  14. Beautiful pictures. They make me fall in love even more with my hometown, if that's possible…

  15. I love Paris. This is making me travel hungry.

  16. 7upkels

    You are quite the photographer! Oh my amazingness! Stunning pictures!

  17. Chiara

    Gorgeous pictures!!! Love the way you snapped the Eiffel Tower with the sun peeking!!
    You always took good pictures but these are amazing :)
    Did you eat lots of french treats?

  18. Chiara

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  19. Envelop

    That's a great Mona Lisa shot! It totally depicts the Louvre atmosphere…

  20. *Sigh*…I miss this beautiful place! Thanks for the walk down memory lane :)

  21. thanks everyone!

    @chiara, SO many french treats! it was almost disgusting. i kept telling myself it was OK since we were walking 10+ miles every day. have been craving more bread and nutella since being home. i loved the french treats!

  22. what a fabulous time!! and naomi, i don't know if it's the summer sun or if you lightened your hair, but it looks lovely :)

  23. naomi these photos are so lovely! gosh you are a good photographer!
    and those deserts. ahh mouthwatering.
    some how though it does even out. with all the walking around. i ate sweets like it was nobody's business in europe and i seemed to loose weight. how silly is that

  24. Beautiful photos! I can't wait to see more. Please don't tell me you got those awesome sunnies in France….

  25. Molly

    These photos are so perfectly Paris! Beautiful work!

  26. WOW! You looked like you had a fabulous time in Paris. You and your friend are gorgeous :)

  27. @chicfaced, they are from H&M; here in the US. $3!!!

    @stephanie, yeah i noticed my hair looks lighter too in these pictures. i guess it's the sun…

    thanks everyone!

  28. Meg

    i could never get tired of gorgeous shots of the eiffel tower (and of course, french pastries)… yours are fabulous! you make me wish i was in paris :)

  29. so lovely!! i especially love the first one of the window… beautiful… je l'adore :)

  30. Absolutely lovely pictures !
    All the food looks absolutely delicious. :)
    Your friend's houndstooth jacket is so adorable. Looks like a wonderful little vacation (even if you did wear yourself out)!

  31. cde

    these photos are gorgeous! i especially love how you've made the eiffel tower seem light and sparkly. also, it makes me wish i was in paris too!

  32. So glad you had a great time! Can't wait to see more photos!

  33. Wow, gorgeous!

    What kind of camera do you use? The quality of these shots are phenomenal.

  34. Merci for the fabulous time. Love the photos.

  35. ps – That cheese picture of me is hilarious.

  36. Wow, these are great! And your friend has the absolute perfect French haircut!

  37. I can't believe I was in Paris only days before you were. Arrrr

  38. ohhh you went to the Lurve!!!! we went and they were CLOSED! i was so broken hearted :((
    …so i have to go back :D


  39. Julia

    you have very cute sunglasses on! where did you get them?

  40. lovely pictures…reminds me of my paris trip! glad you're back safely.

  41. welcome home!!!! gorgeous pics. When i went to Paris, it was so rushed and "toured". I cant wait to go back and see it how it should be seen. (it is amazing how small the Mona Lisa is, huh?)

  42. Nikki

    oh my gosh, These pictures are spectacular!
    Looks like an amazing trip!!!


  43. These photos are so wonderful! I've been once many years ago. Seeing these pictures make me want to go again!

  44. BEAutiful photos. AH! I'm jealous. Glad you're having fun!

  45. Katie

    I've recently stumbled across your blog and think it's beautiful! How do you take such gorgeous pictures??

  46. Looked dreamy :) :) :) And you & your friend Marci look like sisters!

  47. Gorgeous photos! I'm leaving for Italy and France on Saturday and your pictures are getting me super amped!

  48. looks like you had a great time!

  49. eleanor

    I'm so glad you are having a wonderful time, I loved Paris :) mmmm pain au chocolat!


  50. Karen

    Beautiful photos- makes my feet even itchier to get to France…a dream I've had since I was in elementary school :)

  51. Barbara

    Those are so great naomi!! looking forward seeing more!

  52. amanda

    stunning. simply stunning. what an awesome experience!

  53. you two look alike! i thought she was one of your sister's with darker hair:)

  54. great pictures, paris is simply one of the most beautiful cities in the world! love it!
    viele grüsse, kristina

  55. Colleen

    Perfect pictures, what an awesome trip. And way to do something fun for yourself!

  56. carissa

    welcome home :) pretty photographs. cant wait to see more.

  57. Biz

    Stunning pictures! I'm a new blogger/follower and have loved visiting your blog! Not quite sure about the protocol yet, but I gave a little shout out to Rockstar Diaries as the "link of the week" on my blog today… special thanks to you for keeping me entertained this week!!

  58. Lainey

    I love your sunglasses! Where did you get 'em? And beautiful pictures. I always love seeing pics of France.

  59. Sera

    beautiful photos!! love your hair!!

  60. To Naomi,

    Thank you re: your reply! I will bear that in mine when I'm next in Paris – as my husband had such bother, the last time we went! :-O

  61. i love the picture of the window with the vines all around it! it totally reminds me of Madeline, she was from France so I suppose that would make sense :) so jealous!

    xo Jessica Rae

  62. such a beautiful pictures…

  63. Sonja

    oooh la la and Yumm! looks like a fabulous trip!!

  64. cuuuuuuute. i had the same pastry problem in paris….actually i have that problem everywhere in europe.

  65. cherie

    ahh. looks like you had a fantastic time. and that feeling when i`m soo utterly exhausted I secretly love, cause in 90% of cases, that means that I`ve had an unbelievably awesome time. :)


  66. I'm having a giveaway with a very beautiful watch prize if you'd like to enter :)

    love, polly

  67. what kind of camera is your friend holding? it looks like a nice one but small enough to carry around.

  68. gorgeous photos! what an unforgettable trip. ♥

  69. Your blog is really cute! Just Love it! Im from Brazil, but lives in NYC. Visit me in my blog if you want. See you!

  70. Your pics are so beautiful! That picture of the Eiffel Tower makes me want to go to Paris RIGHT NOW!!

  71. Love your photos! I can somehow imagine how was it like to be in Paris. Lovely.

  72. Johanna

    Those pastries look delicious! I love seeing photos from your adventures. Looks like a great time.

  73. s a m

    naomi – you are such a stylish traveler! so refreshing to see someone not wearing cross trainers and running shorts {atleast not all the time…} :)

  74. Naomi, I didn't realize you are such a talented photographer! You could have been teaching us in Beynac, too, I think! Thanks for being such a patient and perfect model for us.

  75. @jaymie, thank you! i shot these with just the canon rebel, xs. it is a great camera!


  76. Claire

    That first picture is so so pretty!

  77. I absolutely love your pictures!! Ah, one day I'll make it to Paris :)