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just a quick hello from paris!
we (candice, nicole + their loves) are actually in benyac now…
will post more later!
(photos by candice + her husband, mark)

happy monday!

au revoir!

  1. Sal

    ah paris in the summer looks wonderful! went there for Valentine's day last Feb with the bf and my family. Unfortunately it didn't turn out too well, it was very cold and wet for the three days we were there :( glad to see you are enjoying yourselves! Love the last pic of you! very pretty! xo

  2. JenRem

    You ladies are beautiful! Love these photos. Glad you're having a great time in Paris! Can't wait to see all the fun photos you come home with :)

  3. Helen

    oh this time exactly last year i was in paris! i really want to go back, it was such a great holiday.

  4. It will be a year next month since I've been back to Paris and I feel like I already need to go again… Maybe in the fall when the weather is nice! You always look way too gorgeous Naomi!


  5. All beautiful brunettes! So jealous of your mysterious travel adventures in Paris and other amazing france places.

    pretty pretty.

  6. Jay

    How lovely the three of you look together =)

  7. You look so cute in that last photo! I am dying to go back to Paris…

  8. Rhianne

    these are so fun, I hope you are having a fantastic time :)

  9. abby

    looks like you're having SO much fun! i especially love the leaping photograph; makes me want to go take one of my own!

  10. jealous! i want to go to paris one day! enjoy it for moi. :)

  11. J'adore Paris!! Your photos are fabulous – I love love love them!!

  12. How cute are these photos?? Love 'em! Hope you have fun!

  13. Gisela

    I am jealous ;-)


  14. Nikki

    Ahhh i LOVE these pictures!!
    Have a fabulous trip.


  15. Amazing!! I really need to get to Europe someday, it looks absolutely awesome! I hope you're having a great time!

  16. Erin

    What beautiful photos!

  17. Sonja

    Awww awesome photos! I keep checking the blog in anticipation of photos…I didn't want to get my hopes up this morning…but yayyy! THere were photos, and words to go with them! hehe

  18. Sonja

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  19. love. ps – so weird…I was just going to say that I was in Paris the other day and then I saw a comment from Emma Ann Robertson (who I was visting in Paris the other day)…what a coincidence

  20. Absolutely gorgeous–you're glowing from the inside, so happy you're having such a wonderful time! :)

  21. Marie

    Have a fabulous time! The photos you have posted are both fun and beautiful, which I hope is exactly what the holiday is like :)

  22. m l e

    where oh where did you get that skirt?!

  23. carina

    The last picture is so great! You look so beautiful, happy and healthy:-)

  24. Beautiful pictures! May the memories outlive them.

  25. wowza! wish i was in paris! make sure you go to the latin quarter and get some shwarma, fritz and fanta. it was like 4 euro last time i was there!

    strumblings =

  26. You're so so cute! I love this pictures, the eiffel tower looks really stunning.

  27. Amanda

    These are all frame worthy! Enjoy your trip!

  28. I need to go back to Paris or just Europe immediately.

  29. Have fun in Paris, love the pictures of you and your friends…so pretty!

  30. Sweet! So sweet I want to hug you!!!

    Have a beautiful time, deary!

  31. Julia

    such cute pictures!

  32. ahh! i love how you are a dancer and how you are pointing your foot in the jumping photo!

  33. say bonjour to the musee d'orsay for me.

  34. you girls are so beautiful!

    i am excited to see more photos from your trip!

  35. oh paris. kiwi and i went there on our honeymoon! it really is a magical city.

    i hope you guys are having an amazing time! eat your weight in baguettes for me.

  36. katrina

    oh how lovely!
    i'm so glad you are in paris! you are a lucky lady! i hope you are enjoying yourself very much. can't wait to see more photos!

    i love that striped skirt! where did you get it? if you don't mind me asking :)

  37. oh my gosh I love these pictures!

  38. Lainey

    Such gorgeous photos. I love Paris in the summertime. And you look so chic.

  39. Your clothes are always phenomenal. But I MUST know, that long dress in the photos on Nicole's blog today…where can I get one?? It is unbelievable!

    [email protected]


  40. Carly

    so SO cute! I love these :)

  41. Go-rgeous! You got the best snapshots ever. Paris is on my list of cities to visit in the next year so hopefully I'll get there soon. Enjoy it!

  42. MJ

    & SOOOOOO pretty :)

  43. Jacob

    really great pictures!
    I love paris! It was a fun trip!
    enjoy yourself and be safe! :)

  44. Johanna

    Looks like so much fun! I'm excited to see your photos from the workshop. How do you like Paris so far?

  45. Anna

    I love your hair in this last photo…it look so light!
    And Nicole is already a super mom. Jumping and prego? Sheesh.

  46. Barbara

    Oh la la!!! Paris c'est tres belle :)
    such nice photos!! have a nice time!!

  47. Caitlin


  48. Josh

    Aren't I the luckiest guy? Naomi, you're so stunning!

  49. beautiful! aahh, i bet you're having a magical time!

  50. Belle

    Amazing! You look so french as well, love the outfit x

  51. Jessica

    You look fabulous! Love the outfit. I'm completely jealous! One day I'll visit Paris! xo

  52. delaney

    you are SO adorable. loveloveeee that skirt! hope you're having a amazing time!

  53. beautiful photos!
    looks like a splendid time with splendid girls!

  54. Beso

    Ahhh, summertime in Paris is always so nice. I sit here in envy as I look at your wonderful photos. Looks like you girls are having a blast.
    Au revoir!

  55. Hello hello! Beautiful city you are in. Enjoy. xx

  56. Eli

    so cute! love the last pic!

  57. just beautiful! that last portrait of you is definitely one for the mantle :-)

  58. Noell

    Naomi, I am loving the black & white striped skirt you are wearing lately. Where did you find it? What material is it – cotton stretch?

  59. Ayley

    awwwww Josh's comment :)

  60. omgosh you girls are adorable!! Love the shot of you jumping – it's almost perfect, I'd say.

  61. Jayne

    So freaking adorable! Love these…

  62. CHAR

    Pretttyyy. Btw, how do you do your hair? I love it! (But can't seem to be able to do it myself :'( )

  63. We will be there tomorrow!!! =D

  64. so. jealous.
    so. freaking. adorable.
    so. happy. i. follow.

  65. Carissa

    PARIS! Wish I could got there :(

  66. Kamaia

    you are beauuutiful! the hair, stripes and smile, too pretty!

  67. Lauren

    The last photo is especially wonderful! x

  68. I see that several others asked where you got this striped skirt…and i'm so curious too! i have spent way too much time looking for one like it online, so thought it was time to ask you! Thanks for being so cute!

    ps.i'm headed to France this summer too!

  69. @smorrison, it's from urban outfitters. have fun in france this summer! xo