the sleeping mask debut.

josh ordered these silly sleeping masks for us a few days ago (don’t they look like mini padded bras? i laugh every time i put mine on my head). they are supposed to help us sleep better (i have such a hard time sleeping at night these days.) but to be honest, i think the sleeping mask only makes for more tossing and turning so i have stopped wearing mine. at least they make for a little fun before bed with the photobooth.
  1. Sometimes I love wearing my sleeping mask, but other times, it does just cause more tossing and turning…it's a toss up.

    xx, ash

  2. The masks are mighty silly looking, but at least they make for photo fun!

    And congrats to Mr. Kingsley!

  3. haha! so funny. may i ask where you ordered those from? i use a sleep mask, but mine is so annoying because it still lets in too much light… i feel like these ones might be a little better. they totally look like mini-padded-bra-meets-batman. haha ;)

  4. I LOVE THESE! I bought one about a year ago from Bed Bath and Beyond, and liked it so much, I bought 2 more! I call them my face bras!

  5. That is one cute, wacky sleep masks! I wonder if they have it in baby pink? Hehe..

    Congrats to Mister Kingsley for the feature! ;)

  6. I bet they are really tiny padded bras. For tiny people. We need to meet up before your next big trip.

  7. I think I'd freak out with something on my face… or I would never wake up if I didn't see the sun.

  8. j.

    might i ask where they are from?

    been looking for a good one. i can't sleep, either and even the tiniest bit of light through the blinds wakes me up immediately. it's pretty annoying when i worked so so hard to fall asleep in the first place!

  9. i just asked josh where he ordered them from and he can't remember. it's a little late here and we're in bed, so we'll find the shop tomorrow and i'll post the link!


  10. Raquel

    Lol. They do look like little padded bras. That first picture is awesome though. You look like super heros.

  11. R.

    That is too cute — the sleeping masks and Kingsley's little award. xo

  12. Rasha

    haha yea, they are kinda funny looking! yayyyy for kingsley

  13. Teresa

    so cute that he ordered these for you guys!

  14. aw, how cute. :)

  15. ~L~

    I can not sleep without a mask anymore. Mine is not quite so elaborate though.

  16. Jacob

    congrats to kingsley— i love sleeping masks.

  17. I started wearing one a year ago and while it took an adjustment period, once I wore it religiously, it changed my nocturnal life! I wear it nightly now and I've never slept better – it's stops me from looking at my alarm clock and I sleep much more deeply now.

    Give it a consistent shot, I bet you'll love it!

  18. Krissy

    i couldn't get passed the fact that i had something on my face. even though i knew it was the mask, it was still kinda irritating, so of course, i stopped wearing it too. btw, congrats to mister kingsley!!!

  19. amanda

    sleeping masks are annoying, but the giggles the ensue are definitely worth it.

    and rock on to kingsley. love that there is such thing as bulldog of the month. and love that your pooch holds the title!

  20. I have a similar sleeping mask. Most of the time I love it. Sometimes it comes off while I am sleeping leaving the sun to wake me up. Other times it gets too close to my ears and irritates them. Good Luck with yours. Your picture are pretty cute!

  21. I did think that VERY thing when I first saw those pictures — padded bras! Crazy! Haha…

    You should read The Happiness Project, if you haven't already. It's not only such a very good book, she talks her first chapter about ways to sleep better. Mostly things we all know (go to bed at the same time each day, etc.), but she mentioned something I think I've heard, but don't really think about, and that is all the lights in our bedrooms. Between the cable box, alarm clock, blinking Blackberry — all that light interrupts our cycle, apparently. She has all the studies and such, but it has really worked for me, just hiding some of those cable box, alarm clock things.

  22. Too funny! I love it…I've been thinking of trying a sleeping mask – I just haven't been sleeping very well lately. But maybe I should just alter a padded bra and save the money. ;)

  23. Katie

    I know you get a lot of comments so I'm not sure if you read them all, but for sleep troubles I recommend taking melatonin. it's a naturally-occurring hormone that helps control sleep cycles.
    It works wonders and I'm pretty sure it's non-addicting since it's natural.
    Anyway, we get it at Trader Joe's and take it when we have trouble sleeping and it's great!

  24. Be careful with these! I thought when I first got mine it would be a silly joke, now I can't sleep a wink without it, and ANY light around makes me crazy when trying to sleep! I didn't use to be that high maintenance I swear!

  25. Bri

    aha you two are too cute!

    try yoga before bed. it works wonders, and you feel good when you wake up!

  26. Angie

    haha! Those masks are too funny. You remind me of a sleepy super hero!

  27. My husband calls them "Eye Bras". He use to wear them all the time because he went on his mission to alaska and the sun was always up! hahaha. Yours definetly look like mini bras though! haha.

  28. Jamie

    Naomi, I am up late, too, should be sleeping, head buzzing…your posts are so sweet, they've calmed me right down and made me feel grateful instead of inadequate, and also made me miss DC. It's one of my favorite places on earth (I call it "my Disneyworld", the place I always want to go on spring or fall vacay). I have been reading for a long time, I've commented before, I wanted to make this an email, but a comment will have to do…just thanks for sharing your life and ideas and testimony and good taste with us. It's fun watching your life unfold and I pray along with you that you will have all the blessings your heart deeply desires. G'nite, e-friend!

  29. Oh, I have that same eye mask. They are dorky looking but, ah heck, they are great.

    They don't squish down your nose or eyes. I'm totally the type of person that needs to sleep in complete darkness and silence.

    These suckers are heaven sent!

  30. Mara

    aw so cute! They actually kind of remind me of Batman masks haha

  31. Helen

    haha they really do look like padded bras! i used to have to sleep with an eye mask on the other summer because i was sleeping so badly, it actually helped.

  32. Natalie

    Oh goodness this is adorable.

    The first thing that came to my mind was bum-pads you put in your jeans to look like Beyonce. It's like..the bumpit of down under. The kind they advertise on late-night infomercials. Uh..not like I watch that..


  33. Nikki

    LOL you guys look adorable!


  34. 2busy

    I think the sleeping mask would drive me crazy. Try a new pillow, it worked for me.

  35. Cortney

    I loved the story of a "day in the life" of a bulldog rescue worker next to Kingsley's profile. It is so sad how many people give up/abandon their dogs- even expensive, hard to get dogs- and how many of them need homes. I'm thankful for people that do that work. Any time I've volunteered in a pet shelter it has made my heart very, very heavy. On a lighter note, yes, those masks look exactly like mini padded bras, haha.

  36. LOVE your pink shirt in these pics!! where-oh-where did you find it? oh yes, the masks are nice too.

  37. you guys are so cute! the bf and i would have taken pics too. hehe


  38. haha they do look a little like bras.. but they also make you two look like batman and robin!

  39. Lynn

    Naomi & Josh,

    what a cute boost! i agree with the consensus, Batman meets Bono (the fly). super hero's rock on cos we all know you use your super powers for good!


  40. I've been wearing a sleeping mask for years now and I have a hard time sleeping without one! What kind are those? They seem a bit more sturdy than mine, if that makes sense.

  41. oh goodness, kingsley is too cute. if you wanted to post kingsley blogs/photos on a daily basis, i wouldn't be opposed to that.

  42. Gld2bMe

    Hello new-pseudo friend!! First, and foremost, I LOOOOOOVE sleeping masks!! I always sleep a million times better. I wake up without it on, but no recollection of having removed it and the slumbe is lovely!! You have good ones–they poof out at the eyes so you can blink! Cute ones at Lounge in Reno, NV.
    Also, congrats go out to Sir Kingsley–I absolutely adore him and think he is Bulldog of the Year (we'll wait for the official naming, but my money's on him!). I love the Bulldog site as well–thank you for the intro. We're working through a rescue to get my mom a pair of beauties!!

    Enjoy the day dear!

  43. Karen

    Aww–congrats little Kingsley! A title truly deserved! :)

  44. I love those masks

  45. I have to admit though these masks are surely a saving grace when you are flying in an airplane. hence the feeling silly in front of many strangers but at least your prepared and will get some wonderful shut eye!

  46. Beso

    Maybe these "maxi eye pads" will help with my boyfriend's snoring. Perhaps it will make him sleep better and go into a deeper REM. Who knows…..maybe worth a try, so I can have a better nights sleep. Thank you for sharing.
    The Beso Team

  47. they totally look like boobs stuffers. Or knee pads. That is too funny!!! There are some pretty awesome ones at Old Navy. I wouldn't be able to wear them, I would feel like someone was kidnapping me the whole time I was trying to sleep.

  48. B

    I love sleeping with eye masks. Get a soft one from Bed Bath and Beyond. It will change your life. Those look too firm and not comfortable.

  49. Nicole*

    yay Kingsley!!

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  51. Ingrid

    aw shucks, i thought i was going to be the clever one and say that josh looks like batman. seems i've been beaten to it. :)

  52. These do look like mini strapless bras on your heads. It reminds me of Weird Science (80's movie). I hope you get to resting better soon.