ted’s bulletin on capitol hill.

^^^^^ they show old black and white movies in the dining room!

this record breaking heat in d.c. has been killing my soul just a little.
just kidding. it’s not that dramatic.
but it has caused me to lose my appetite.
so last night we took a break from all the car and house hunting so we wouldn’t kill each other and grabbed some much needed food at the newly opened ted’s bulletin on capitol hill. because of the heat, we just ordered a bunch of dinner sides + dessert + a milkshake.
this place is awesome! not only is the decor absolutely wonderful, but you can watch the pastry chef in the front make homemade pop tarts and watch old black and white movies while eating! we also really liked the food too! (don’t think i’ve had better vegetable minestrone.) we’ll be back!
  1. That milkshake looks amazingly delicious.

  2. Why must you show me such tasty things so close to me?It's official – you're dangerous.

    ps. This heat has been awful. AWFUL!

  3. Glad you took some time out to relax. And that milkshake looks awesome!

  4. christiana! you have to go! and take me with you! i want to try their homemade poptarts next trip!


  5. This place looks AMAZING!

  6. wow! If I ever come to DC I am totally stopping in to this place. I love the old black and white movies and the food looks so YUMMY!

  7. Meighan

    I was just looking for a place to stop for brunch tomorrow in the city, and their menu looks delicious! I'm happy you posted this!

  8. Black and white movies? I will drive there all night just to drink a milkshake and watch.


  9. Emily

    Awesome! You should go back to celebrate after you get your car and housing situation sorted out. :)

  10. R.

    You got a new camera for your birthday, right? I'm dying to know what kind it is! xox

  11. yum! that looks amazing! good luck with the house/car shopping!

  12. carmen

    I am making a trip to D.C. next week. I must check this place out! thanks

  13. i agree, your photos are looking great. what kind of camera did you get?

  14. Lainey

    They show black and white movies?!! This place looks right up my alley. Amazing.

  15. Naomi, could you please tell us which camera you got? We're all dying to know! Don't keep us in suspense! HAHA.

  16. Sorry, I had answered the camera question in another comment box. It's the new canon rebel XSI I believe. And I'm in love with it.


  17. That place looks awesome! The heat is horrible here (KY) as well! Hope you have a nice weekend :)

  18. m.a.f

    next time i visit–can we go there?!

  19. you are beautiful! i love your natural face. &that; place looks so perfect. they don't have places like that in alabama…

    i want that milkshake!!

  20. I live in MD and love seeing your DC outings. Do you think you could round up your DC restaurant reviews in one spot on your site? I'd love to refer to them later, when I go into the city. Much appreciated!

  21. Becky

    We're coming to visit DC for the first time in a couple of weeks, so I will definitely add this place to the list! Thank you!

  22. Stacy

    Your husband needs to come out of the closet. He has a serious gay face!!

  23. How DO you both stay so thin and adorable?

  24. what an adorable little place. love it!

  25. Maddy

    this looks awesome! & that milkshake looks delicious… the heat has been atrocious where I live (Florida) as well. I hope your car/apartment hunt goes well despite all the little bumps along the way, I bet you guys will find a perfect place to live and a perfect car to get you there! ;D

  26. oh my goodness, this place is darling!! i'm in love! we need a place like it in the west!

  27. All those desserts look delicious! Don't stress too much about the car and house hunting, it'll all work out!

  28. Tara

    oooh this place looks so cool! i wanna go! if only for the homemade pop tarts :-)

    you look darling in that pic of you!!



  29. this place looks amazing! and mmmm, that dessert looks so delicious.

  30. 2busy

    What a fun looking place! I want to go…

  31. i was in d.c. last week with my best friend, and every time we were about to kill each other in the heat, we knew it was about time to eat. so i hear ya.

  32. that milkshake looks so scrumptious! i've been craving a good thick mouth wateringly divine chocolate milkshake for a few weeks now, but just can't seem to find one! ted's bulletin looks like a great little diner!

  33. oh goodness i am headed to the kensington area of dc in august to visit my brother.

    i will definitely put this on my list of hope-to-do's while there!

    thanks! yeah!

  34. ack!!! youre adorable with your freckles and al :))


  35. Barbara

    Naomi this place looks so nice!!! hope the house & car hunting turns out ok :)

  36. WOw that place looks incredible awesome. Any restaurant (or building for that matter) that is playing old black and white films- wins.

    sorry you are sweltering in heat. Its starting to get very cold in aus.

  37. this place looks awesome!
    you also definitely inspire me to find more restaurants around in chicago to visit with my boyfriend :)

  38. What a cool place! I think it had me from chocolate milkshakes and mac and cheese….yum.

  39. hi! you have such a lovely blog :)
    and yes this heat is ridiculous.

  40. amanda

    yum! that dessert looks tasty. appetizers and dessert and a milkshake are the way to go.

    stay cool!

  41. colleen

    we never venture that far south but my oh my does that look delicious.

  42. how fun!! i love a good minestrone!


  43. Natalie

    Your blog makes me so excited to move back to the east coast. Gossssh.

  44. emilia.

    mmmm! i can't wait to try the one out in palm springs on my next trip :)

  45. sanchez

    That place looks amazing!
    and very pretty.

  46. Jacob

    yum! I love milkshakes; looks like a really fun place! I like the idea of black and white movies! :D

  47. lm

    That places looks awesome! And homeade pop tarts?! Seriously need to remember this place when I visit DC.



  48. Lily

    Gosh, you're lovely!
    I've been stalking your blog for so long and I thought I'd just let you know! You're just so lovely and so pretty! I love you and I love Kingsly and I love how happy you are with your man! I'm so sorry about your beetle, and the heat too! Keep eating yummy things and everything else will fall into place!

  49. emilia, i didn't know they had one in palm springs!! hope you enjoy it!

    and mayapamela525, that is a great idea about grouping the DC outings/ review posts in a same group for your reference. i think i'll need to narrow them down since it's all labeled under D.C. and there are a lot of posts there that aren't related to food or sightings specifically. will get working on it! thanks!!

  50. These pics look real good, I recently bought a new Canon and I'm in love with it too!

    Thanks for sharing this amazing place, I wanna go to DC now too, loveloveLOVE desserts!

  51. 7upkels

    Naomi! This place looks amazing, and you are beautiful. I hope your car/house hunting goes smoothly – at least job hunting isn't a part of the equation.. Worst. Thing. Ever.

  52. I love the newspaper theme so much!

  53. Cortney

    @Stacy- Well, since you dished out advice as to what people need to do, I feel I can say that you need to find better uses of your time than to hurl homophobic insults at strangers on the internet.

  54. Alexia

    Cute top!

  55. yum yum yum

    i just visited home in ohio and i've never noticed the humidity as much as i did this trip. BLECH, there were heat advisories

  56. You look like Hannah in this picture! Pretty!

  57. that place is like stepping into a time machine!
    PD x

  58. are you still using your cannon camera? these pics look so crisp and clear.

  59. Ayley

    the heat has been yucky! it feels so great at times but other times adam and i are sweating like thieves! yesterday we went for a walk around the portrait gallery and the china town area and we had to make several ice water, ice cream, and smoothie stops! sheesh!