summer has always been my least favorite season.
i love winter because i love the holidays and i love snow.
and nothing beats crisp autumn air or new spring flowers.
but kingsley caught a firefly in his mouth last night on our evening walk.
and i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything so cute.
also, we have a freezer stocked with otter pops and popsicles
and a lot of really wonderful things are taking place this summer.
we are excited.
what about you?
what’s on your summer itinerary?
  1. i'll be leaving to serve a mission this summer, probably around august! :) i'm waiting for my mission call and i'm so anxious! it's super exciting.

  2. that is so exciting steffany! congrats and goodluck!

  3. Chloe

    Your summer sounds fantastic already! This summer, I have some really great plans: I will be going to London for a few days during the end of July and in August, I'll be taking a two week holiday to Chicago and New York City, I'm ridiculously excited!

    Chloe xxx

  4. Caty

    On my summer schedule? A family reunion! We haven't had one of those in almost a decade and I cannot wait to see all of my too-cute nieces and nephews.

  5. Riding roller coasters at Hershey Park!

  6. yay!! otter pops ROCK!!

  7. Kait

    I'm with you on loving winter and autumn. It's particularly hard to love summer in DC but I'm trying really hard to like it this year! It's nice to not have to bundle up to walk the pup… and beach vacations are always a plus too :)

  8. breaking in our new tent trailer (first trip was last weekend.)

    gardening. lots of fresh veggies on my table. (good for the growing baby too…)

    lazy days in my yard listening to the laughter of my children while I read through my giant stack of books…

  9. This is my last summer break from school EVER!

    I just got back from Miami with my boyfriend and friends and am looking forward to lots of baseball games, visits to the aquarium and my 21st Birthday!

    I will also be stocking our freezer with otter pops! :)

  10. here in brazil where i live is summer all year long..

    beach all the time
    but i didnt go to the beach since 6 months ago..and its 15 minuts from my house.

    so sad.

  11. Summer is my least favourite too!

  12. Ashley

    I'm looking forward to my summer plans! I'm going to NYC for the first time on Sunday! :) After that there is going to be alot of lake and river time, bbq's, friends, concerts, and a trip to LA to visit my sis! Can't get much better than that! :)

    Otter pops are the best! :)

  13. drive in movies. river rafting often. fireworks {they're legal ALL summer in WY!} sun kissed shoulders. yellowstone. hiking. camping. mallows. dutch oven potatoes. inner tubes and a backyard river. sigh.

    i'm actually REALLY excited for summer this year. i just hope it comes soon. :)

  14. i agree. fall is my most very favorite because i my pale skin just burns in the summer but i have to say i love love love summer nights, bbqs swimming my heart out, floppy hats and sandals.

  15. aaand my husband and i just bought snow cone flavoring for our snow cone machine. yeah for popsicles and snow cones!

  16. I love the summer especially after hot day when it's raining cuz it was so warm I love going out on my flipflops enjoying the smell from grass and trees. Over here in Belgium we only have good weather during the summer so. Last summer break from uni before I start a new job. Going to visit friends in Iceland and Greece and enjoy some sightseeing in Bosnia-Hercegovina and Serbia. Guess this summer will be a mix of travelling, working, nice days on the beach and enjoying lots of ice cream. Yummie!

  17. suzy

    otter pops??

  18. Tracee

    going to the beach and relaxing with family! and camping and bonfires :)

  19. leaving for europe next week! we're going to Barcelona, South of France and Slovenia!

    now I want otter pops! :)

  20. Kristel

    We're getting a dog on Sunday so this summer will be all about having fun with that little cutie! I can't wait…especially because I see how much fun you have with Kingsley. :-)

  21. Kayla

    I am thrilled for summer. I live in a city with 2 rivers, 3 lakes, the country's biggest waterpark and more live music than I could ask for. Summer here is fabulous; minue tourists.
    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  22. amber

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  23. amber

    I get to go to California in July to visit my best friend and then Idaho in August to see my sis and niece and nephew. I am super excited to make some great memories this summer! :) :)


  24. here in arizona, the only thing on our list is: survive. it is so hot. but that's what we're known for, right? i have a love/hate relationship with otter pops. love for the obvious reason. hate, because my kids (and husband) leave the plastic all over the house for me to pick up.

  25. omg! i've been trying to find otter pops! we just moved to ohio and i can't find them here! where do you get them?!

  26. Summerfest this weekend, California for the 4th of July and Family reunions! (plus plenty of otter pops)

  27. Summers have never been my favorite either. But after this last winter, I'm really loving this one. Walks in the canyon, pool days and T-Ball games have kept our minds off of the heat. It's been fun so far.

  28. Erin

    Hubs and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in August. I'm so happy to have spent these years with him and I'm hoping to have a party for it. :)

  29. Maddy

    We saw our first fireflies 2 days ago here! (they don't come to FL but since we live in the panhandle in basically georgia we get them!) they are so pretty, I just love them! it's been really hot here though… we're looking forward to our Keys trip in August! (and of course lots of pool days in between!)

  30. Sara

    Eating as much fruit as possible, reading tons of books, and destressing from school!!

  31. Carly

    otter pop stocking up = a brilliant idea ;)
    i'll be relaxing plenty, going on my first trip to Utah to visit a best-friend-penpal for a week, hosting her over here in Washington (state) for two weeks, and doing plenty of camping! very excited, summer is only a few days away for me :)

  32. hopefully we will be doing lots of kite flying, morning ocean swims, lots of star watching while eating ice cream, and many hand-in-hand beach walks. i love summer! come to hawaii!

  33. ha! I love that you asked this! Summer plans:

    Next week- in Charlotte, touring colleges
    The following week- all in New York, seeing family
    The entire month of July and more- an amazing whirlwind time, living in Dusseldorf, Germany, and touring the entire continent of Europe
    Second week in August- amazing family reunion in the mountains
    The following week- BACK TO SCHOOL
    Ha! I hardly have room to breath this summer.

  34. Hawaii!!! And a breather from school makes summer the best! And now that you mention it, this summer is going to have lots of otter pops and snowies!

  35. Alyssa

    Quick question. Do you know or care about half of your readers? Just curious.

  36. R.

    I love summer! Such a perfect time to kick your feet up and relax — the copious amounts of lemonade don't hurt either!

  37. Cathi

    I'm with you. I love the fall and winter months. We don't get snow here in Southern California. I do enjoy summer because my grandkids are out of school and we have much more time to play. I also enjoy working in the garden in the morning before it's too hot.

  38. No, no.
    Summer is the best.
    Beaches and sunshine.
    Flowers and sundresses.

    I plan on doing everything this summer.

  39. Even with a "grown-up" job and a fiance, summer makes me feel like a little kid. I love that buzzy "anything can happen" feeling that comes with the heat.

    Such a cute photo!

  40. katha

    popsicles and watermelons
    watching movies on our balcony
    warm late night breeze while chatting with friends
    walking bare foot in the park
    and eating ice cream of course
    and campfires and bbqs
    and and and

    so much to look forward to…

    every season has its best

  41. Angela

    Summer is just magical! It's always filled with so much fun and activity. This summer we have so many fun things going on…

    car shows
    baseball games
    road trips
    so many concerts
    picnics at the park

    Mmmm, I love summer! <3

  42. Marry

    we are waiting for our little boy to be born in a couple of days – we are adopting and have such a wonderful birth mother. it will be a fun adventure

  43. Mariele

    summer is the best!
    i'll be exploring and adventuring around europe this summer with a backpack. just waiting for it to warm up a bit :)

  44. A freezer stocked with otter pops and popsicles just makes summertime :) Otter pops are my favorite and I've recently acquired a love for popsicles of all types so I plan on consuming plenty of those this summer.
    Other plans I have are work, work, work, relax, and hopefully some time at the beach!

  45. Krissy

    WE LOVE OTTER POPS, so we've got our stash of frozen goodies all set. we plan on:

    going to the beach
    going to the beach
    going to the beach
    and did i mention
    going to the beach

    also, planning for our daughter's first birthday.

    have a great summer everyone.

  46. niki and collin- hershey park has the best roller coasters! i am so jealous. you will have such fun.

    suzy- otter pops are like frozen flavored ices. i don't really know how to describe them. they are my favorite!

    gretchen- have you tried costco? we get ours there.

    and alyssa- obviously i don't know all of my readers. but i do read all the comments and have created some wonderful and lasting friendships with many through blogging.

    your summers sound like a lot of fun!

  47. Aura

    Roadtrips, traveling, patio nights, watermelon, tan shoulders, gardening, music festivals and nights with friends. All of my favorites :) Summer is my favorite time of year, so my list goes on forever.

  48. Anna

    I'm totally with you, summer is definitely not my thing! I feel bad, not most people understand this?? THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING?

  49. Bridget

    girl! you shut your mouth when you're talking to me! i loooove summer! first, my husband is a professor so he's off all summer – score. and second, we like travelling. this summer we're going camping, to italy, and to a lake in new hampshire. it will be divine.

  50. Rasha

    I love summer!!!!!

  51. mmmm… i love summer. otter pops are the BEST! they remind me childhood… the gren & blue ones are still the yummiest ones in my opinion. :) i live off of watermelon in the summertime, it's my favourite.

    this summer, for me, means: working on film projects, photographing weddings, travelling to UTAH :) (i've never been , i'm super excited!), wearing sundresses, and painting. and probably eating too much frozen yogurt.

  52. Jacob

    summer is my least favorite, also! I like cool/cold weather. Mainly because I like winter fashion more. Also, I don't like to sweat. My itinerary is kinda exciting. Fair, Warped Tour, Ichthus Music Festival (next week/4 days), Shopping, swimming… loads of fun!

  53. yay for otter pops!
    and i'm visiting the lovely DC! i'm pumped.

  54. Twilight concert series, movies in the park, hiking in the canyons, farmers market, and of course sandals. Lots and lots of sandals.

  55. I am excited about this summer because I get to spend it in Chicago for the first time! My boyfriend and I are planning lots of picnics, a possible trip to Tennessee, a trip to Michigan, summer festivals, good food, and I will continue working at the amazing event venue I work at.

  56. pool pool and more pool!

  57. bridget, your comment made me laugh. WISH we had summers off to travel! lucky girl. i can see why summer is your fave. enjoy it!

  58. As a teacher – summer is the best time of year! I'm looking forward to a dear friend's wedding, a long visit with my sister, my 3 year anniversary, a Mexican cruise with my sweetie and our best friends, and lots of relaxing and fun projects around the house

  59. clhsNHS

    I am moving into Morningside Heights…as an incoming Columbia freshman that is :) Any advice on NYC? Tips on Columbia I should know? I am planning to study architecture and am tres tres excited!

  60. I'm so happy to see someone sharing the same love for other seasons over summer as I do.

    I have been enjoying summer more this year since we have a nice front porch and brand new kayaks but bottom line Autumn and Winter will always be my favorite! ox