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the last few days have been really stressful.

we’re currently car shopping and apartment shopping without a car.
gotta love zipcar, right? and getting used to the metro. and walking in 100 degree heat.
did i mention i can’t sleep anymore either?
icing on the cake, really.
hope your thursday is going much better than my thursday!
  1. Wren

    Oh hang in there!


  2. loomie

    Yes, hang in there….everything will work out just the way it needs to…


  3. Kamaia

    it's friday in australia and i know for a FACT that yesterday was a good day, and you've got the summer over there! plenty of pro's!

  4. Kate

    I'm sure its stress – car trouble and apartment searching is super stressful (I know- one or the other happens at least once a year)
    I'm in the middle of summer school which is stressful so I don't sleep either.

  5. 2busy

    These are the moment you will look back on and say "Remember when…" and laugh. It too shall pass…

  6. stress is the worst!! i recommend treating yourself to italian soda in all that heat and journaling to relieve stress :)

  7. Positive thinking now. Snow cones. Sprinklers. Slip n' slides.

  8. hanner

    i feel you. the AC in our house is basically broken and i think that heat just makes little annoyances ten times worse. especially in matters of sleeping… i couldn't sleep in bed last night bc of the heat so i went to the couch instead. hang in there.

  9. Rhianne

    ug, we're house hunting too at the moment, it really is frustrating, and I hate it when I can't sleep too. least you have a handsome kingsley to cuddle with I hope you find a new car and apartment soon x

  10. me too! Whenever I'm under stress and such, sleep fails to come to me. It really is a bummer, because I'll be even more stressed out the next day. Warm cinnamon tea tends to help me calm down, maybe give it a try?

  11. Karen

    Oh no! Is a move out of Cap Hill on the docket? This blog helped me convince my fiance to move back to DC.

    Stay positive. Just think, if the stressful stuff is all grouped together, that means it's mostly pretty pleasant from here on out, right?

  12. Amanda

    Everything will be OK. Hope things start to work out better Naomi!

  13. Ugh. I hope you can find a car quickly!

  14. cupcake

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  15. cupcake

    your day takes the chocolate brownie, but i would have to say my thursday could be worse: i am job hunting in an sea of opportunity LONDON and I am still unable to find a job. I am close to giving up, but its just not like me to throw the sock in :) so up she goes again. Theres stress but theres also determination, you hang in there girl (as america people like to say :)

  16. Aw, I'm sorry…
    It'll get better, though! :D At least this week is almost over. :)

  17. Annah

    Home shopping without a car :( Wow you're a superhero!

  18. Dang! If you want, you can use our car this weekend!! We're not planning on using it and we live in dc!! I would offer it today and tomorrow… but I have to work. Shoot me an email ([email protected]–you helped me once so maybe I can help you! :) ) if you want!! And good luck, did you know the high today is 98?!!!?? Even without all the humidity!! Yeah, that's just sick!

  19. Shauna

    you're moving? i thought your place was absolutely wonderful! but good luck! and hang in there! i'm sorry you can't sleep! i hope it gets better

  20. eeek stress sucks! I am an insomniac too, and the recession is getting the best of us meaning I can't seem to get a job, and we can't afford a car in a city with awful public transport. Oh and we're house hunting too. I'll keep my fingers crossed things get less stressful for you too!

  21. Ugh, no fun. I hope it gets better! And insomnia SUCKS. Have you tried melatonin?

  22. praying for stress-free days!
    it's not In His plan for you (:

    many hugs, sent from toronto!

  23. i'm sorry! cars are a necessary evil, i think. things'll be better. you're doing the best you can, right now, and that's all you can ask for.

  24. emily

    apt shopping? girl, we have got to talk more. and did i mention, you can totally use our car!!! (that is, when we aren't using it)

  25. Do you know that, myself included, you are about the 50 millionth person I've heard in DC say they couldn't sleep this week and that they were utterly exhausted?

    I blame the ridiculous heat.

  26. :) i was having the worst day/week/month and i had had about enough of myself even yesterday when i almost bit my little sister's (ten yrs. my junior and at a very needy age.. 10.) head off for asking if she could ride with me somewhere. THIS video pulled me right out of it. I hope it helps you too!

  27. I hear ya, having no car can be such a drag!

  28. Jacob

    hang in there! once you hit the bottom you can only come up!

  29. Jacob

    hang in there! once you hit the bottom you can only come up!

  30. Alivia

    Taza, my best friend & I just moved to New Jersey to dance over the summer at Ailey. Our apt is on the 5th floor and It. Is. Hot.

    Hang in there, everything will work out!

  31. I am a devoted follower, and just had to comment that I really hope your Thursday gets better!!

  32. Oh Naomi, wishing you the best. Keep your chin up! Hoping things turn around for you! :)

  33. amber

    i hope that today is a better day for you! for whatever reason, when it rains – it pours. it will all be better before you know it :)

  34. I'm sorry dear. The no sleep thing just makes everything that much worse doesn't it?! I know that feeling. I'm so sorry. You deserve all the best. I hope things turn around for you. Loves!

  35. awww man! this too shall pass :-T

  36. I'm getting married on Saturday so I'm stressed and not sleeping either – luckily it is fun/excited stress!!!!! I can't wait:) You and Josh are an inspiration for young married couples – thank you!

  37. Not really, I'm really stressed out. Exams are in four days OHMYGOD.

  38. Riley

    I'm sorry! But keep your head high. :)

  39. No wonder you can't sleep! Keep smiling!

  40. Rachel

    Ahhhh 100 degree weather, the Metro, and Zip cars! Welcome to life for most 20-something Washingtonians in the summer!

  41. Hope it all turns around soon. Stress has been wreaking havoc on my body for quite some time and I'm finally taking the proper measures to manage it better.

  42. Chelsea

    I hate when I'm having a crap-tastic life and someone says this to me, so i wont say it to you, (i'll type it)

    someone else somewhere has it way worse today, so try and smile! (this is where you roll your eyes!) :)

    I was fasting last week and STARVING, and kept trying to remind myself that there are people in the world who are REALLY starving, and I tried to have a better attitude.

    I understand though-you guys will find an awesome car!

  43. don't worry, your car and apartment are out there waiting to be found!
    zipcar rocks in times like these!!

  44. barrel

    Someone I love tells me this when I'm overloaded with the happenings of life:
    "keep your head up, you look much prettier that way."

  45. Bree

    Oh! sweet Naomi, You always make my day better and it makes my heart hurt you're stressed!

    In lieu of giving you a hug and a Chanel lipstick, I'll just tell you what I do when I'm irreversably stressed:

    -give my husband as many (at least) six second hugs as he'll allow

    -eat by priority: 1. supersuperyummy and 2. healthy

    -go for an as-long-as-my-schedule-will-allow walk with just me and my pup (at twilight when it's less hot and a bit magical

    -tear out pages i love in magazines to replicate the next day

    -drink my favorite tea or beverage right before bed with husband and talk

    -sigh a lot a lot

    -redo my makeup a lot

    -and pray (I'll say one for you too! you're the best!)

  46. Suse

    Seriously – check out a MINI! It will make you Happy!

  47. denise

    try to stay positive. just think about all of the exciting things soon to come – a new car and a new apartment! you and your hubs will look back on all of this stress and laugh, someday.

    *eat lots of ice pops when you get home to cool yourself off and share with kingsley! he will love you (even more) for it. relax your mind to a good book before bed. don't think about catching good zzz's and they will come, i promise :)

    hang in there, sweet lady.

  48. Kat

    You'll be fine! I've apartment hunted in DC several times now – always sans car. Although it's so darn hot this week that I wouldn't want to be walking around, either. Drink lots of water and wear a big sun hat. Good luck! Things are bound to get better :)

    P.S. Your dog is the cutest thing on the planet

  49. Kelsey

    the heat IS exhausting! you walk outside for a second and you're soaked in your own sweat

  50. praying for you….God has a way of working things out…and He normally works them out even better than expected

    in the mean time give Kingsley a big hug :-)

    oh and being pregnant I have trouble sleeping (all the hormone rush) if I take a lavender scented bath and spray my sheets with the lavender sheet spray it always works :-)

  51. Aw i hope your luck turns around. looking for a car is not very fun… i lost my v-dubbie last summer, so i sympathize with your car search.

    good luck and i hope your day gets better.

  52. Tell me about it sister! There's something going on this week, for shore. Remember that a month from now things will be brighter. You'll be in a sassy new ride, loving your lovlies in a happy new home. May I be on the happy train with you.

  53. Alycia

    DC is tough in the summer. At least you can enjoy the free AC on the metro! Good luck!

  54. aaww, i'm sorry naomi. :( i HATE not being able to sleep on top of being stressed out, it sucks. i hope things get better! <3

  55. Tanwon

    Bummer! When I'm bummed out I dream of taking to the woods and hiking. It rarely happens. But daydreaming is a great escape.


  57. thanks everyone! the day has actually turned out to be better than my morning! crossing fingers i sleep tonight (and you all sleep who are having trouble sleeping. it is the WORST!)


  58. amanda

    ah, so sorry to hear you've been stressed. stress is slightly the worst. i hope it passes and you get some sleep! happy thoughts, warm sunshine, lots of snuggles and dance in circles. it helps!


  59. ahh, i'm sorry your day hasn't be going good. treat yourself to some laughable reality t.v. show with a yummy smoothie. always does the trick.

    amanda abby

  60. Ferni

    Stress is stinky! I hope you feel better. Why don't you guys just get another bug? Seems like you liked it a lot!

  61. Natalie

    On the upside, count your blessings:

    1) You are car-less-ly apartment shopping in a city that has viable public transportation. Can't get away with that in many places in the US.

    2) Not sleeping allows you time to get things done – read scriptures, catch up on television..haha.

    3) You have a cake to ice (baha jk).

    4) It's almost Friday.

    5) Because you have the gospel you have the infinite knowledge that things WILL get better.

  62. hang in there! hope you're ok!

  63. Would it help if I told you that I refer to your car breakdown/ice cream story when I am having a bad day? Hope it gets better soon.

  64. jb

    maybe its not your style, but i've just started doing acupuncture and it helps with my sleeping! and/or meditation is amazing.

  65. I'm so sorry you are stressed and not sleeping Naomi. Have you tried acupuncture for your sleep? I used to have severe insomnia and was on sleeping pills every night. Once I started acupuncture I sleep like a baby, no pills, and NEVER get anxiety or stressed EVER. It's really amazing!

  66. Aww

    Sing your favorite song REALLY loud :)

    It will cheer you up


  67. amy

    Sending you lots of good thoughts, sweets! Hope things are looking up…

    P.S. I had trouble sleeping until I starting using earplugs. They're kind of miraculous. :)

  68. Alexia

    I have a friend who on her birthday had strep throat, had a terrible allergic reaction to her medication, lost her cell phone, and all the while she was helping her boyfriend move out of the state(!). She said of that horrible day:

    "You know, sometimes you have to have a few bad days to make up for how awesome life is."

    I love love love that and think of what she said whenever I feel as if life just punched me in the face. Here's to all those awesome days!

  69. :( oh. i've never seen a sadder post on rockstar diaries. cheer up! atleast you're not appartment shopping in arctic conditions. and appartment shopping has got to be fun in some ways!

    PD x