our anniversary day plans had to be put on hold
after we found out that that oil spill under the beetle is actually
a much bigger deal than anticipated. like, our car is totaled.
as in, RIP beetle. (we don’t want to talk about it. we loved that car.)
so, we stayed on the hill on saturday.
we spent a few hours researching new cars in-between naps,
walks and eating. i think it was actually one of my
favorite saturdays we’ve spent together yet.
i love lazy saturdays spent with my dog and husband.
here are some photos from the day:

brunch at jimmy t’s.
isn’t their website so cutting edge? ;)

a walk over to eastern market and around the hill with kingsley.

a late night frozen yogurt run to the hill’s new sweet green.
hope your saturday was lovely, too!
  1. Aura

    I cried when I sold my Jetta, so I'm sad for you.
    Beautiful pictures! I love the one of the flowers with the bike in the background. Happy Anniversary! :)

  2. JenRem

    That is such a beautiful photo of you and Sir Kingsley! Actually all these photos are fabulous – did you get a new camera?

  3. Kingsley looks so big. Where did your puppy go?!?

  4. I love your hair in the picture with Kingsley! So chic!

  5. amber

    Sounds like a wonderful day! I just love all your pictures! What type of camera do you use??


    p.s. sorry about your beetle :(

  6. Morgan

    YUM! Looks like a foodie weekend. The best kind!

  7. i'm so sorry about the beetle! so sad. beautiful pictures and beautiful family!

  8. pretty pictures! you are already a pro with that camera. i'm still struggling with mine.

  9. Bad news about the beetle!! Uhmm… Is Kingsley's tongue blue!? LOL!!

  10. Whoa! Wasn't that car sort of brand new? Major bummer. So sorry!

  11. Dang, I'm so sorry about your ride. I often wish I lived in a city where a car were not a requirement! So much hassle. Oh, and that website, I can't even imagine the time and effort that went into the design. Haha.

  12. sadness for the little beetle… happiness for a new adventure in a new way!! love your striped skirt by the way…

  13. Caty

    I am so sorry about your car!

  14. Kelsey

    I love froyo!

  15. pooor bug!!! so sad!! but i'm sure you will love your new car but always have wonderful memories with the beetle :)

  16. yes, so sad about your beetle. the thing that is a drag is you are never prepared for these things. who would think your car would be totalled after that. i hope you find a new one that you love just as much!

  17. are these taken with your new fancy camera? they all look amazing! happy birthday and anniversary!

  18. Erin

    You're making me hungry. Everything looks beautiful! :)

  19. I'm so sorry to hear about your beetle!

    I had a yellow beetle that passed away. It took me so long to get over it!

  20. Ahh, cute pics and cute outfit! xx

  21. Beautiful photos, Naomi!
    Are they taken with your new fancy camera?! :)


  22. lynette

    Your sweet and salty breakfast looks delicious!

  23. Ruth

    O, this looks delicious! Looks like you had a great birthday :)

    Well, I just love your blog. It's the only one that gives me this instant happy boost!

  24. Lainey

    I'm so sorry to hear about the beetle. My husband and I are currently carless right now too, and in LA no less. I hope you guys have better luck than we've been having trying to get a new one. I see down below that you had a great bday. 24 will be a great year, because it has been for me so far. Apart from the no car situation. Happy Belated birthday!!

  25. i am so sorry. i loved that car of yours as well.

    i guess a new car will end up being like an anniversary present now. ya?

  26. Maddy

    I'm so sorry about your car! RIP little Beetle. I'm sure you guys will fall in love with another automobile soon :) lazy Saturdays are the best! so at least there was some positivity ;)

  27. Rica

    I love your pics!

    What a lovely Saturday :)

  28. Suse

    Get yourself to a MINI dealer – or build it online – pronto! You won't be disappointed, I promise.

  29. Liz

    happy anniversary! sometimes the best way to celebrate is the simplest.

    good luck finding a new car to love!

  30. I was just telling my husband the other day that I love when we don't have any plans on a Saturday and we can sleep in- get breakfast- just be lazy and do whatever comes our way. Those are the best and they seem rare because we always pack our free time. That's a weird concept because it's FREE time. We should keep it free don't you think?

  31. Angela

    Aw, your poor car! :( It looks like you guys had a fantastic weekend regardless though!

    Good luck car shopping :) I suggest a mini cooper!

  32. Katie

    Happy Anniversary, date twin!
    (Hubby and I just celebrated our 1st anniversary in Palm Springs, CA this weekend!)
    June 19th is a lovely day

    & p.s.I'm sorry to hear about the beetle :-(

  33. Lucy

    Congrats on the opening of a sweetgreen in Cap Hill!
    There is a near future opening of one in Reston and i am quite ecstatic!

  34. I laughed out loud when i clicked on JimmyT's website link….i was waiting for something to happen! :)Looked delicious.

    Sorry about the bug…i would be CRUSHED if i ever had to say goodbye to my 66' vw bug.


  35. Barbara

    Looks like both of you had a lovely day !!! :)

  36. So sorry to hear about Beetle. I know I would be vehwy, vehwy sad if something were to happen to my Jetta.

    Glad that you had a good weekend in spite of it all.

  37. Haley

    SO SO so sad about the beetle. that is seriously tragic.

    also this post was adorable, but it made me super hungry. sweetgreen looks divine!

  38. wowza what a pretty saturday and such lovely photos!

  39. oh no… rest in peace, little beetle. :( how sad!

    happy anniversary!

  40. terribly sorry about your car :(

    Happy belated b-day and anniversary none the less!

  41. Karen

    that brunch looks AMAZING!

  42. Poor Bug! That sucks eggs… I had been hoping your car would fare better than my dad's did in its battle with a manhole cover… sorry it didn't :(
    Glad you had a great weekend otherwise!

  43. i might be mistaken, but is kingsley's tongue blue??? hahah i just noticed that when i was looking at him.

    p.s. i love your bloggggg. it's so precious.

  44. Chelsea

    my goodness, i love that skirt and those yellow flats!

  45. Yaary

    lots of colors here in these photos! i love them…
    and thas skirt is awesome!

  46. Major bummer about the Beetle! If you are forced to get another car I highly suggest the VW Passat! WE LOVE OURS! So fun to drive & I feel super safe in it. Plus it is a VW so whats not to love right? (as you probably already know)… I've had several cars & our Passat is by far my absolute FAVORITE!

    Best of luck!


  47. Maria

    Rip Beetle :(

    PS: You're shoes are ADORABLE!

  48. Sorry about your car! That is sad! But it sounds like you had a great Saturday still. I love hanging around home with my husband and going on walks or whatever else we decide to do. It really is a nice change sometimes! And Happy late Birthday!

  49. How sad! It looks like a lovely weekend otherwise.

  50. 2busy

    Great pics…rest in peace little beetle.

  51. Jacob

    I am so sorry about your car! :(

  52. those are such beautiful pictures! you look like you had a wonderful time! :D

  53. oohh, rip leetle beetle. :(

    at least you live in a walkable/bikeable area, and can take the metro! i am currently carless (but walking to work is nice! yay, city living :)). I'm considering the honda fit when my man's car finally dies, if we decide to get one together.

  54. Natty

    Sorry about the beetle. Car troubles are awful. Looks like you still managed to have a lovely anniversary. Also, cough cough giveaway winner?

  55. Saturday was lovely! My husband and I were doing some e. market shopping and saw your adorable family from a far, it was a nice surprise! Cap Hill is a magical little neighborhood to live in! We adore it.

  56. Happy Anniversary! I was going to say that fruit looked delicious. Then I saw the ice cream…YUM! xoxo

  57. that sounds like a most marvelous saturday!! i love when i get a whole day with my husband and my dog…LOVE.

  58. McCall

    hahaha. i'm totally cracking up at your jimmy t's website comment. ;)

  59. Sum

    That froyo looks like to die for! I always love your food pics. And you always have the cutest fashion. My gosh am I jealous!

  60. Natalie

    I'm selling my Beetle. Come take it :-P

    No need for a bug in the city. Nope.

  61. Awww, the poor bug! It was such a perfect car for you!

    I love the striped skirt paired with the yellow flats — lazy day perfection!

  62. I am sorry to hear about your beetle it was adorable. I don't know about DC but in Chicago if your car is damage because of a pothole or manhole or whatever the city will reimburse the cost (lots of evidence is of course needed)

  63. I must tell you pretty lady, that I am in LOVE with your shoes!


  64. So sorry…that blows, big time:(

  65. Shanley

    All six of my roommates and I used to eat Jimmy T's every weekend. LOVE them. And, did you know that if you're local, and you don't have cash, you can come back and pay them like three days later?

    Yes. I've done it.

    I loved living in the historic district. I miss DC.