rockstar giveaway!

bijou market is happening this saturday in orem utah. if i lived anywhere close to that zip code, you know i’d be hitting up this event first thing saturday AM. i hear that the 50 crafty vendors setting up shop are some of the best around, and i’m sad i’ll be missing out on all the goods. if you can’t make it out on saturday, you can check out all the vendors and shops here.
and to kick off the festivities, bijou market is sponsoring a giveaway right here for you! the winner will receive a print of their choice from kantan designs. here are just a few of my favorite options:

see more print choices here and comment below before friday, june 4th! and if you’re in utah, don’t forget about bijou market on saturday!!! good luck!

  1. Sharon

    I love them all! Would look very lovely in my abode :)

  2. Gld2bMe

    It's been a trying year…aren't those the best ones!?! I love "Come What May and Love It"…what insipiration!!! HOOORAY!

    (Is it ridiculous that I want to change my Oregon roadtrip plans to Utah!?)

    Happy Week!

  3. JKreids

    You must not forget to pray night & morning everyday: What a great reminder! I'd love to post this one in my hallway!

  4. light and bright, I'd love one!

  5. Lindsay



  6. you must not forget to pray.
    i like this.

  7. Awesome prints! Excited about Saturday!

  8. these are so cute, i'd love any of them!

  9. Min


  10. relene

    Really love these prints… So cool! I LOOOOVVVEEEEE!!!!

  11. LPT

    I like the "Come what may…" print!

  12. Adri

    I love these! The wash one is my fave. Hope I win!!

  13. Beso

    Great prints and thank you for the giveaway! They can add the perfect touch.
    The Beso Team

  14. Krista

    These are awesome.

  15. Libby

    I'd love that wash one for the kiddo's bathroom. Very cute.

  16. Haley

    pick me!!! i'm loving these prints!

  17. Elle

    they're all genius! i can't seem to pick a favorite :)

  18. They are all just amazingly perfect for my kitchen. Nice work!


  19. Ummm hello pick me pick me!! I'm just starting a collection of prints and paintings and these are so wonderful! Pick me Pick me!!

  20. April

    I love the scatter sunshine print! My roommate from college and I were called "Team Sunshine." I miss her dearly! Thanks for the wonderful blog posts that help brighten my boring days at work!

  21. i like that "fat gives things flavor" one– perfect for ze kitchen!

  22. la MER

    Oh this would so make my summer… here's hoping!!!

  23. cassie


  24. Hayley

    I would love one of these for my new apartment!

  25. Kiley

    Love the prints!

  26. i love the "fat gives things flavor" one. i'd love to get that for my mom's kitchen!

  27. so cute! i love the scatter sunshine print :)

  28. Lindsey

    Oh my! These are so witty! May I please have one….please???

  29. Karen

    I could use some sunshine scattered my way!

  30. Britty

    LOVE the Fat Gives it flavor one! That would look adorable in my kitchen. Pretty please pick Me!

  31. Tori

    Oh love these! I especially love the I hope they call me on a mission" print. Great blues!

    [email protected]

  32. Lauren

    I would love love love to win one of these. So cute.

  33. Natalie

    Ooooo…how have I not seen these before? I love the Go and Do one, it would match my kitchen perfectly!

  34. Ivy

    I love these! Fat DOES give things flavor! True that.

  35. Polly

    awh… ADORABLE…. I love them… :)

  36. lizbonj

    it will come out in the wash would be so cute in a babies room!!!

  37. EB

    Oh, fun! Thanks!

  38. I love "it'll all come out in the wash" its such a true statement! :)

  39. OOO! I sooo want to win this! I love the prayer one! yay!

  40. fantastic! love them.

  41. Whitney

    I love the scatter sunshine one!! It would go perfect in my apartment!!

  42. Whitney

    I love the scatter sunshine one!! It would go perfect in my apartment!!

  43. Whitney

    I love the scatter sunshine one!! It would go perfect in my apartment!!

  44. lovely prints.

  45. It's my birthday! I need to win :) love these prints and Bijou Market.

  46. ooh, love-love-love!!

  47. So many cute choices!

  48. cathead

    Oh those are adorable! I want one for my new office!

  49. Elyse

    I loooove these prints. My husband and I are really into typography and these would look fan in our place!

  50. So cute! Love them all!

  51. Kelsey

    oh etsy <3
    go and do and the come out in the wash ones are my favorites

  52. Reyna

    Hooray! I live in Provo! I'll be stopping by for sure. In the meantime, I'd love one of these lovelies for my room.

  53. I am moving to a new apt. in a few months and will def. be needing some prints to decorate my walls … these look amazing!

  54. Jules

    I love the fat poster!!

  55. autumn

    Oooo we are moving in two weeks and one of these little sweets would be a perfect addition to our new home!

  56. love all the prints…would be hard to choose just one.

  57. I am definitely heading over to the market this Saturday. I've been looking forward to it for weeks! And how adorable are these prints? I can't wait to see what else they have!

  58. Melissa

    I just love the messages in those prints!

  59. Bri

    this is totally awesomness =)

  60. i need some sunshine. i'd love to scatter sunshine.

  61. FIngers crossed on this one!!!

  62. Sarah

    THANK YOU for the chance to win!
    I love the "G0 and DO" print.

  63. kendra

    i want them all. every single one.

  64. It's true – fat DOES make everything taste better! These are adorable.

  65. oh these are so cute!

  66. Tiff

    It'll all come out in the wash. With two little boys it's my motto!

  67. anne

    Ooh…count me in. Love the go and do! Woohoo!

  68. KMB

    Yeah for cute prints! I may have to snag one for a friend, too!

  69. Definetly loving the "Fat Gives things flavor" one. That would add a little zing to my kitchen.

  70. Frances

    oh this is so great! and i love the fat things print:) butter all the way!

  71. Frances

    oh this is so great! and i love the fat things print:) butter all the way!

  72. These are lovely! I would love one! Thank you!

  73. These are lovely! I would love one! Thank you!

  74. Alison

    what a fun giveaway! the "it will all come out in the wash" print would be perfect for our laundry room, which, let's be honest, could use some cheering up.

  75. bets

    i love mormon art that looks different. i want one.

  76. christy

    yes please! so cute…

  77. christy

    yes please! so cute…

  78. Johanna

    oh i would LOVE the julia child "fat gives things flavor" would go great on my plain white walls. i love the colors!! pick me! pick me!

  79. Tara

    what great prints! as a southern girl, 'fat gives things flavor' is a saying i live by!

  80. LRW

    Great prints-have fun at the market! Love the Go and Do!

  81. Love those prints! We just moved and could use some cute wall decor. These would be perfect! :)

  82. tw

    I would love one of these prints!

  83. anna

    too bad i'm not in utah… cute prints tho! i wanna win one!!

  84. ☂niki

    i'm feeling lucky;)

  85. It's my birthday tomorrow so I hope I win!

  86. carly

    they're all so cute!

  87. I love the "Pray" print. It reminds me of in One Hundred Years of Solitude where the whole town gets insomnia and posts signs above their beds that read "God Exists" so they see it first thing when in the mornings.

  88. MissMae

    I love the "it will all come out in the wash" print! that would be perfect for laundry room :)

  89. kwistin

    agh! LOVE it! love. i may or may not be obsessed with typography…

  90. mallory

    witty and stylish — would love to win one!

  91. love love love!!!

  92. Kelsi

    HOLY COW i love these! the prayer one would look so fancy in my newly decorated bedroom (plus it would serve as a lovely reminder). yay!

  93. ck

    so cute!

  94. I lurrrve these.