seriously. i love it.


  2. Such clever shirts! Love looking through their shop.

  3. love. love. love. yes, I do indeed.

  4. I love the morning buzz shirt, but all of them are clever and lovely!

  5. caitlin

    Those shirts are the coolest!

  6. Krista

    i could use the "you are what you eat" reminder every day

  7. la MER

    oh love! so fabulous! would love to win this one!

  8. Great t-shirts! Would absolutely love one!

  9. love the breakfast for dinner shirt! so adorable!

    corrie mae.

  10. We're expecting a little us and all of us would LOVE one of these shirts~

  11. I absolutely breakfast for dinner.
    pick me!

  12. Ashley

    These shirts are soooo cute! I think I'm going to try to get my bf and I matching ones… If he'll let me get away with it that is!

  13. Jana

    such fun shirts! i love them :)

  14. Sara

    Ahhh I pretty much want them all!!!!!

  15. Brooke

    Oooh. These are great. They're all so clever!

  16. What a great store!
    I love the "cupcakes make everything better shirt.

  17. Suzanne

    These are too fun! I unfortunately relate too much "Do You Breakfast for Dinner" and "Drinks Like a Fish."

  18. I LOVE the cupcakes are cute shirt!!

  19. Dara

    oo!! i have wanted one of their shirts for so long! I love them!

  20. ohh pick me, pick me!!! i love them all but my favourite is definately the In search of the perfect Burger shirt!!!! im pretty sure i would never take it off!!!:)

  21. i desperately need new shirts. i would love one of these!

  22. Shilpa

    I love the "you are what you eat shirt" Too cute!!

  23. these tees are super adorable!

  24. mina

    everyone should breakfast for dinner!

  25. Randi

    ooh..ooh… me??

  26. Too Cute.
    I love the cupcake one.

    Fritzi Marie

  27. Cute Tees! There is nothing like a good conversation starter. I would LOVE to WIN one and strut the wear here in Colorado. : )

  28. Ann

    I love these shirts – especially the "Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?" Cause I am one, and I do. :)

  29. {b}

    Such rad shirts! love it!

  30. Alexia

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  31. marie

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    I love all of their shirts! sooo awesome!

  33. Thanks for the intro to Dressing on the Side. These are some adorable tees! I particularly like Sweet as Pie, and Do You Feel the Butterflies.



    P.S. Your photos of the adorable Kingsley are making my two shih tzu envious. Pretty soon I'll have to start up a blog just for them!

  34. love these!

  35. pretty please, w/ sugar on top, let me be the winner??! The "Sweet as Pie" one is absolutely adorable :)

  36. Kelly

    cute shirts! i would like one!

  37. Jessica

    i am always in the search of the perfect burger. nom nom.

    fingers crossed, thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Amy

    "Cupcakes are Cool" boyfriend fit? Oh yes!

  39. Britti

    I love this giveaway! These shirts are all so cute!

  40. Being a vegetarian, I think it would be quite humorous to wear the "Do Vegetarians Eat Animal Crackers" shirt! And I can say that I do…they are a favorite snack to grab from the vending machine at work! :) Too Cute!

  41. relene

    Love LOVE love those tshirts!!! It's so adorable… :D

  42. relene

    Love LOVE love those tshirts!!! It's so adorable… :D

  43. Jenny G

    Cupcakes DO make everything better!

  44. Frances

    ooh i would love the queen of tarts shirt! and if only there was a " in serach of the perfect pizza" hhaah!:)

  45. Frances

    ooh i would love the queen of tarts shirt! and if only there was a " in serach of the perfect pizza" hhaah!:)

  46. Jessica

    Coolest shirts! I want them all.

  47. Han

    I love the Cupcakes Wishes shirt – it's sooo cool! I love the Breakfast for Dinner one as well :D

  48. Han

    I love the Cupcakes Wishes shirt – it's sooo cool! I love the Breakfast for Dinner one as well :D

  49. Amanda

    i love these t shirts!! i don't know how i'd pick just one, but i'll do it if i have to!!


  50. à part

    Love the morning Buzz shirt! Yes, please!

  51. These are adorable! I would love to rock one this summer in NYC!

    I hope you both are doing splendid! Your pup is getting so big and so cute!


  52. Due to my love of food, i love these tees! Pretty please can i win :) x<3

  53. serene

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  54. B

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  59. i just told my boyfriend the other day that i need one of these Cupcakes make everything better t-shirts!!!! BECAUSE they do!!!

  60. love-v

    The animal cracker shirt makes me laugh, and I love the "you are what you eat" – I've eyed these shirts from afar for a while.

  61. MGrand

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  62. pick me! pu-pu-pu-please!!!

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  66. Pretty sure I could eat a Hamburger for Every meal! Just moved to a new area and husband works a lot so my little guy and I love to find new burger joints. Please pick me :) Caughtbyawebb.blogspot.com

  67. Chloe

    I am amazed, I've never seen anything like these t-shirts before, I would love to win one and declare my love for food to the entire world through my clothing!

    Chloe xxx

  68. Oh wow! Can i win all of them please!

    they speak the truth – cupcakes do make everything better!

  69. I love their t-shirts! Anything food-related is perfect for me ;)

    I think "sweet as pie" is my fav. But it's a little hard to choose!


  70. As always, would love to win :)

  71. Hannah

    I love these guys! thanks for introducing me to a new etsy shop. :)
    the burger shirt would be perfect for my daddy – his anniversary is coming up!

  72. M

    Clever shirts. Hope to get one!

  73. Wow these t-shirts are fabulous! Kinda thinking about buying some for my friends when I visit them abroad this summer! Would be great to have a matching t-shirt myself. Hard to pick a favourite but I have to say that I always end up watching the 'cupcake wishes cappuccino dreams' shirt over and over again! So gorgeous!

  74. i love the cupcake wishes cappuccino shirt! these are all so cute!

  75. Sarah

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  76. Sam

    They're all great! Too difficult to choose my favourite!

  77. I like the "Sweet as Pie" one, but the pizza one and the fish one are super cute too.

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  79. Those T shirts are so cute! :)

  80. i dream of winning one of the VEGETARIAN shirts… one day.


  81. Angie

    <3 their shirts, especially the "cupcakes are cool". :)

  82. Sierra

    Love love LOVE The "Cupcakes make everything better" shirt!

  83. The store is soo adorable. My personal favorite is the "Can you feel the butterflies?" T. I have the perfect funky skirt for it, cute for a lunch date. Not to mention that it reminds me of a song my Jimmy Eat World which I love. Oh please please please pick me!

  84. Sierra

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  85. Kate

    The "Drinks Like a Fish" shirt is so cute! Must have.


  86. Jayme

    i love love love these shirts! been admiring them for a while!

  87. i love these…yes please

  88. Tara

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  89. cupcakes make everything better…so true…except I have brownies in the oven now…they come close!

  90. bell

    uhh!! LOVE THEM!! my favorite is "cupcakes make everything better". so cute!

  91. jessica

    I love t-shirts and I love food.

  92. nicole

    I want a burger t-shirt! Thanks for the chance to win. xoxo.

  93. Laura.N

    Yes. Me. I looove to breakfast for dinner. . .one of my most favorite things! Not only is it a delicious dinner alternative (and adorable t-shirt idea!), it is a highly enjoyable monthly ritual with one of my closest out-of-town friends. We pick a central locale, order up a country breakfast and a plate of strawberry waffles/blueberry pancakes, share our food and gab about current haps. Delightful!

  94. bethani

    cupcakes DO make everything better. no lie!

  95. Katie

    I love the "Do you breakfast for dinner?". They're so cute!

  96. Julie

    I LOVE the "you are what you eat" shirt. After I lose five pounds it will look fabulous on! :)