rockstar giveaway!

today our sponsor finders keepers vintage is offering this 1950’s vintage woven straw bowler hat with a white chiffon scarf attached. i am so in love with hats right now, i am tempted to enter!

to enter, please visit finders keepers vintage and leave a comment below before friday, july 2nd! and good luck!
finders keepers vintage is also offering 20% off over in the shop to all rockstar diaries readers until sunday, july 4th! just use the code “kingsley” or send a message on etsy to have the discount applied!
  1. Kate

    that is the most adorable hat ever! I must have it!!!! Love that bow!

  2. eeek I collect vintage hats! I'd love to win!

  3. This hat is adorable! Hat + Bow = awesomeness in hat form. I hope I win XD

  4. Alyssa

    Oooh. That's so pretty. I'd love to have it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Sofie

    very cute, love it

  6. i am IN love! i probably would not be able to stop myself from getting one of the fab dresses to wear with it if i won :)

  7. This hat. is. everything. I can't tell you how much I love it. All of your giveaways are so unique and so amazing!

  8. Ooh! I just got a haircut that is perfect for hats! And this one is a beaut!

  9. oo la la. perfect for summer.

  10. oooh.
    perfect parade hat.
    please bless it'll be mine.

  11. Katie

    ooooo i love her shop! please, please pick me!

  12. wayyyy cute!!! I hope I win!!

  13. Sarah

    We're moving to Puerto Rico and this hat would be perfect! I hope I win!

  14. Ashley

    Love it!!! Love everything they have! This is just what I need for summer!

  15. ErChap

    So darling!
    I've been looking for the perfect summer hat, and this may be it!

  16. So darling! And perfect for sun protection.

  17. Tansy

    LOVE THIS! Plus I never win anything, but fingers crossed:)

  18. So cute! And it's my birthday on the 1st – so what a great present!

  19. mallory

    this would be perfect for my upcoming montana vacation! i can see it now — lakeside, with a good book and rocking this hat!

  20. Oh wow! What a lovely lovely hat. We'll go to see the greens of Tagaytay very soon and I can't wait!

  21. beckie

    summer wouldn't be complete without this hat!

  22. Megan

    so. adorable. and perfect for summer!!

  23. Amy

    i don't think i've ever wanted to win a giveaway so badly! absolutely adore.

    amy m.

  24. Laura

    The huge bow makes me giggle with delight. I looove this style! Fantastic hat!

  25. Bee

    I've always wanted a pretty summer hat! If I don't win, I'm going to buy one anyway ;)

  26. erin

    all her stuff is super cute!

  27. 2busy


  28. my boyfriend makes fun of my love of these kinds of hats…please help me prove him wrong! such a lovely giveaway – thanks!

  29. my boyfriend makes fun of my love of these kinds of hats…please help me prove him wrong! such a lovely giveaway – thanks!

  30. this hat is adorable.

    love. kate

  31. oh oh oh me me me!

  32. M

    This hat is right on time to accompany me during my weekend activity outside :-)

    [email protected]

  33. ohh this hat is so gorgeous, fingers and toes crossed i win xx

  34. malori

    ADORABLE! I hope I win :)!

  35. Andrea

    CUTE!!!!..I hope its my lucky day. ^_^

  36. I've been looking for the perfect summer hat, and this seems absolutely perfect!

  37. Suzanne

    Super cute, as is the rest of their shop. Let the browsing begin!

  38. That is the cutest hat ever!! Love it! :)

  39. All of her things are so lovely and I adore the hat! Stephanie

  40. Renée

    So cute, perfect summerhat! fingers crossed I win :) xo

  41. Kayla

    I'm in LOVE with this gorgeous hat. You have amazing taste!

  42. lexan

    so cute!!! hope i win!!

  43. that is one of the cutest hats i have ever seen, and being vampire pale i have seen and worn my fair share. fingers crossed for me :)
    thanks for sharing!!

  44. Oh for the love of hats, me too! (Besides, I'm very largely expecting and at least my head could be cute and normal). Cheers!

  45. This hat is so very adorable. I'm also in love with multiple dresses from the shop. [email protected]

  46. mic

    oooh, this is probably the best hat i have ever seen! love!

  47. It's amazing !!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Loving hats this summer (because I hate my hair) and would love this cool hat to spread the vintage chicness in NYC.

  49. Zoë

    I would love to wear this to work, to the beach, on a walk, on a picnic… everywhere! Superb.

  50. I would love to be absolutely adorable in this adorable hat!

  51. What a lovely hat! :)

    I would like to wear it with a lovely dress for the summer! :)

    Hope you are well and enjoying DC. I hit up baked and wired last weekend when I was visiting and they NEVER disappoint!

    Happy 4th and tell Josh hello for me.

  52. zoe

    Ooooo what a lovely hat! Just what I

  53. Love the big, white bow! A great hat for enjoying the Charleston summer on a beach!

  54. i LOVE this hat!
    Please enter me! :D

  55. Reyna

    ooo pick me! I lurve that hat!

  56. This is a beau. Anyone would want to wear such hat. Here's to winning.

  57. beautiful. love the shop, its so cute!

  58. leelee

    ah me wants my precious!!!!
    Beautiful stuff ladies! <3

  59. wiley

    i love this hat! it would be absolutely perfect for a day at the beach!

  60. Ashley

    adorable!! Looks really cute with a summer dress – **fingers crossed**

  61. that hat is SO cute…and equally as cute is the fact that the coupon code is 'kingsley!' fingers crossed; this is such an adorable summer piece :)

  62. Katie

    lovely little summer hat!

  63. V.

    So cute! love it :)

  64. PICK ME! PICK ME! :D

    Quick question for you:
    My sister and I LOVE your blog and have been checking it religiously for about a year. I've notices you have super cute one-piece swim suits and if you could share where you've gotten them that'd be super awesome. :)

    Thanks and have a blessed week

  65. this is the coolest!!!adorable!

  66. What a dreamy hat to wear. This would be perfect for my trip to Mexico!

  67. nicole

    This pretty hat made my heart go pitter-patter. Thanks for the chance to win! xo!

  68. that's awesome! I'd love to win =]

  69. Sarah

    Love your blog! Hope to win :)

  70. dej

    sooo cute! love it <3

  71. oh myyyy!! that is one gorgeous hat! love it…thanks for the discount code too! :)

  72. Haley

    ok ADORABLE! and the discount code is a sweet deal too! :)

  73. Jacob

    love it. love vintage.

  74. Lauren

    <3 i would look like a rockstar with this rockstar bowler hat!!! hahaha

  75. I wannnnnt it =]
    so lovely

  76. Amy C

    something vintage would go great with my up coming wedding.

  77. gen

    omg this is so gorgeous!!

  78. this hat is perfect for so many of my summer dresses… hope i win ♥

  79. Shannon

    Oh my goodness I'm falling in love with this hat (and everything else on the etsy site)! Perfect for a July walk in the park:)

  80. this is one of the best giveaways Ive ever seen! oh please, i so want to wear you on date night Lil Miss of my desire!

  81. this is one of the best giveaways Ive ever seen! oh please, i so want to wear you on date night Lil Miss of my desire!

  82. kirsten

    such a super cute summer hat!

  83. Very cute!

  84. Melissa

    Love the vintage 1950s PEARLS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER hat!

  85. So pretty! I've just started wearing hats… this is perfect!

  86. Chylie

    That hat is so gorgeous! i Love it!

  87. Wow this hat is perfect!

  88. That Hat is so Beautiful….so perfect for summer…

  89. Lisa

    To die for. That is all :)

  90. Wahy

    ah, I wan it! I want it! I want it! pleaaaaaasssseeeee.
    *crossing my fingers*

  91. i think i need to add this hat to my wardrobe. i fancy it quite a bit.
    choose me!

  92. Frances

    the hat is so cool:) like a lady white rabbit from alice in wonderland. hahha. and hope things go better the next few days for you naomi:)

  93. Dasha

    oh, your giveaways are always so awesome)