quick family picnic.

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my little twin sisters came up to the d.c. temple on saturday so we met them on the temple grounds for a quick picnic. we enjoyed some pizza, roasted olives, arancini (italian rice balls) and homemade donuts from 2amy’s. we also split some yummy cupcakes from something sweet. nothing beats perfect pizza plus family time. it was a really nice afternoon.

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  2. Julie

    How fun! I love picnics. My husband and I had our first family picnic with our baby girl a couple weeks ago. Our food probably wasn't as yummy as yours looks, but we had fun!

  3. You and your sisters look so alike! Same sort of smile :)
    And that Hersheys cup cake – OH MY GOD. I'd fly all the way to the states for one of those delights..
    PD x

  4. Thos cupcakes and that pizza lok glorious

  5. I love to see twins like your sister, you guys are so cute :) especially those pizza and donuts, really my favorites! what a nice afternoon!

  6. ohh wow all of that food looks amazing! i love fam time!

  7. Erin

    You guys are adorable. I can't wait for my sister to visit in July!

  8. I moved to DC for the summer and just wanted to say thanks for posting about all the great places you go! We made it to 7th Hill Pizza last weekend and loved it! Those donuts look so good so it will definatly be the spot we hit up next! Thanks!

  9. YUM!! everything looks delicious!

  10. Omg did they cut their hair? Y'all are so dang cutes!

  11. looks delish! and you guys are so adorable!

  12. This is so precious! And those foods look sooo tasty!

  13. Seriously, this is more like triplets! What a quick but lovely picnic it must have been.

  14. You three are so adorable! I had a great time with my sister who visited too this weekend. It always feels so short doesn't it? Those donuts and rice balls look yummy!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  15. Cupcakes and pizza and doughnuts…OH MY!!!

  16. Ever since you have posted those donuts, in a couple posts below, i have been CRAVING them. and i'm not even pregnant!

  17. If I wasn't hungry when I was reading this before, I'm totally hungry now.

    Argh. :)

    But what a great afternoon!

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  18. Rhianna

    o, wow! Those cupcakes look sooo good!

  19. Sounds like a lovely picnic! I want to track down some Italian rice balls–they sound and look delish.

  20. Vanessa

    Holy goodness, that pizza looks scrumptious!

  21. The food all looks divine. Yum! x

  22. Raquel

    That pizza and those cupcakes look amazing! You're all so pretty!

  23. 2busy

    Best temple EVER!

  24. Renée

    I love picnics! And the cakes looks so yummiiiee!

  25. Rasha

    Yum! those cupcakes look delicoius!

  26. I just love the misshaped donuts. so adorable!!!

  27. ok, ok, i have been reading your blog for a long time now and i just have to know- how do you eat all this delicious fatty, greasy food ALL THE TIME and stay looking so fabulous!?!! what is your secret! it's probably just great genes, but WOW. way to go you. :)

  28. Helen

    those doughnuts look amazing! i love hot fried doughnuts rather than the sugary sweet kind.

  29. YUM! i feel so sad eating my top ramen right now :(

  30. Natalie

    Argh. A) The DC Temple is my favorite. B) I hope to get into Columbia for law next fall, so your husband's shirt is killing me softly. C) cupcake..*drool*.

    My stomach just growled haha.

  31. yum, that all looks so delicious!!

  32. I've never had the donuts at 2 Amy's before – Nick and I will definitely need to go try them out!

  33. kylee

    i totally made those smore's cupcakes once! they were delish!

  34. amanda

    what's not to love about family time and a good donut. perfection!

  35. so fun! you must stop flaunting 2Amy's fabulous saturday donuts.. :) they are inspiring me to book a trip to the district!

    love it!


  36. R.

    I love family picnics, and now I feel like I NEED a donut! They look so good. Unrelated question: where do you get your jeans? I have the hardest time finding ones that look good and fit well! xo

  37. Yeah! I'm going to be in d.c. in august. Can't wait for all the cupcake shops i get to try.

    xo. you are so beautiful.

  38. Kelsey

    you post the yummiest looking foods!

  39. those cupcakes look out. of this. WORLD!

  40. so sweet! i love sisters :)

  41. Jacob

    great write up- all that food looks so good!

  42. Yummy, everything looks so tasty :)

  43. wow awesome blog and more awesome posts …
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  44. Jodi

    What a perfect picnic! The pizza looks aaamazing! I really need to get to DC to try those cupcakes…

  45. these photos have left me drooling…and officially giving up on my plan to do a juice detox cleanse starting tonight!

    i love your blog; thank you for sharing this and for the lovely photography, humor and fun!

    i'm a recent blogger myself and your writing is not only enjoyable but inspirational to myself!

  46. Oh my goodness, you all are really adorable. What a cute family:)

  47. YUMMY


  48. Sum

    all of you are the cutest!

  49. CAPow!

    that looks delicious!

  50. Sam

    love the photos. all of those foods look so yummy!

  51. The three of you couldn't be any cuter! Seriously:) Happy belated, sweet pea. 24 is so NOT old…enjoy it!