our anniversary day plans had to be put on hold after we found out that that oil spill under the beetle is actually a much bigger deal than anticipated. like, our car is totaled. as in, RIP beetle. (we don’t want to talk about it. we loved that car.) so, we stayed on the hill on saturday.... Read more

my birthday.

all i wanted for my birthday this year were some king crab legs and maybe a cupcake. in fact, whenever josh asked me what i wanted for my birthday this year, that is exactly what i would tell him. so we started with dessert at georgetown cupcake followed by a big yummy crab leg dinner (which we ate in bed while watching the new top chef d.c.... Read more

i believe in marriage.

“there is no greater risk than matrimony. but there is nothing happier than a happy marriage.” –benjamin disraeli, 1870 in a letter to queen victoria’s daughter louise, congratulating her on her engagement. via the book committed by elizabeth gilbert … today is our 3rd wedding anniversary. the past three years married to this man have been the best years of my life.... Read more

today, i am 24 years old.

whaaaaaat! i don’t feel any different. but 24 sounds super old to me. (no offense to others who are 24 or older. ok? just sayin.) happy birthday to everyone else who celebrates birth on june 17th! i sort of think it’s the best day ever to have a birthday. photo from my last birthday. ... Read more