our blue tongue bully.

this dog has discovered and fully embraced his mischievous side.
on friday, he got into a tote bag of groceries that hadn’t been put in the fridge yet (this was my fault, for leaving the tote bag on the sofa.) he consumed 1 large red pepper (including the stem and seeds), 1 carton of blueberries, 1 carton of raspberries and 1 peach. he left NOTHING behind but a very clean peach pit. (and i was really looking forward to that peach.) p.s. yes, i know this was very bad for him to eat. and yes, i am glad we didn’t buy grapes on this outing.
then on saturday, he tore up a filing cabinet where a blue sharpie marker was hiding. we came home to paper everywhere and our bulldog sporting a blue tongue and blue ink stained leg to prove he was guilty. (fortunately, it made for a really good laugh- that first time he stuck his tongue out and we saw the ink. thank goodness he makes everything so cute.)
and then he ate 5 apricots last night. (they were up high on the table and he still got them.) i feel like such a failure sometimes with him. the messes he makes! the things he gets into! aren’t bulldogs supposed to be mellow?!
  1. Oh my God this is so precious!!!

  2. Tori

    Bully breeds are my FAVORITE (I have a Pit Bull mix), but some of their best qualities are also some of their most annoying. Perfect example: They're SMART. And if you're not going to give them those five apricots or that sharpie or what have you, they're going to figure out how to get it.

    I always tell my dog he's just lucky he's cute ;)

  3. I support all posts with Kingsley in them.

  4. by the time he is mellow (years from now) you will miss his mischief. enjoy the laughs.

  5. amber

    how adorable! it's always nice that you can laugh about a disaster, no matter how big or small it may be. glad kingsley is okay after eating all that :)


  6. What a naughty boy!

    My dog (who is white) got into a pink marker and it was ALL OVER him. He's lucky he's so cute and that the marker was non toxic!

  7. Riley

    Don't worry my Shih-tzu bit a blue pen and it got all over her beard and her front paws. Took over a month for it to come out.

  8. My Frank was just like that for a while. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! It is just a phase. WE tried everything: gates he jumped over, crates he learned to open, containers he chewed apart, beds he ripped to shreds … He will calm down eventually. Frank did after his second birthday. lol.

  9. My dog once ate a bar of soap. She literally had bubbles all around her mouth. Unfortunately it wasn't as funny as it looked, she got extremely sick and we had to race her to doggy ER. At least she learned her lesson.

  10. Krysta

    Haha, awwww. My bullie is three and still not mellow! We certainly can never have food within reach because she will eat anything!

    My favorite bulldog pup story is from when we were living back in Michigan in a house with a big backyard. Behind our deck/pool there were privacy trees lining the back fence. One afternoon I went out back and Coney was nowhere in sight. I called for her, and like naughty pups often do, she comes running pretending like she wasn't up to no good. And what a sight! She was covered in dirt, in her nose, all over her tounge. She had crawled on her belly under all the privacy bushes along the back of the yard to get to the part of the fence where she could see our neighbor's dogs! It was cute, but she required a bath every night after playing outside until the allure of the other pups wore off.

  11. Kelly

    the picture is awesome! did you take it w/ your new camera? what camera is it?!

  12. I think your doggie has ADD. It seems like anything will excite him!! Adorable tho!

  13. I got a bulldog because I thought they were mellow. Key word: THOUGHT. He is almost four and has barely slowed down.

    I learnt my lesson after he ate an entire block of cheese – keep food away. Very away.

    As I type this he is licking the kitchen floor hoping to find a dropped piece of something.

  14. Nichole

    naomi! my beagle fished out a bag of chocolate chips – she opened the pantry door & we spent the night at the vet & luckily, she's okay.. but dogsare sneaky & use their noses!

  15. Krista

    I have a lab who also got into everything when she was a puppy – including a scare with vegetable oil. *Chills*

    The microwave has become my new best friend for storage (not the oven because I think I'd accidentally pre-heat with something inside!). Whenever we leave the house, all items on the kitchen counter (loaves of bread and jumbo muffins, which typically live on the countertops, are her favorite) go right into the microwave.

    And I completely sympathize with you on the pen ordeal. One of these days we'll need to replace our carpet due to the bright blue permanent ink splotch.

    Good thing they're 100% worth it!

  16. Juultje

    gotta love dogs, the things they get up to…especially eating all that and not getting sick..amazing. Love these stories!!

  17. i KNEW i saw blue!!!
    thats awesome!

  18. Well, at least the picture is too cute for words!

  19. LMAO – mischevious, but oh so adorable! I love bulldogs (they are on my list of puppies I want when I get a home – I even have names picked out for them already). :)

    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  20. Chelsea

    Awwww… Kingsley is just so cute that I can't be mad at him! That picture is adorable! Our bully definitely went through a similar stage. He is 3 now and I swear he is the best doggy there is. I'm sure that Kingsley will grow out of it… he is just having fun exploring right now!! :]

  21. Chelsea

    PS- and also. When our bully was 1, he ate our entire loveseat. True story.

  22. Barbara

    HAHAHA! this made my day!! he's a cutie!!

  23. Loved this story…my choc lab, Mousse, is such a personality and he keeps us laughing every day. Dont feel like a failure girl it happens to the best of us. Kingsley is a muffin <3

  24. We have a Basset Hound that is almost 6 months old… and they are supposed to be a mellow lazy breed. Needless to say she has eaten almost EVERYTHING I own, she's such a little monster! Lucky for them they are so cute or they would be out on the curb by now!

    Pickles has eaten numerous shoes, a pins cushion (full of pins… I cried when I caught her I was so worried), groceries, mail, boxes, presents for friends, purses, you name it. I feel your pain :)

  25. Erin

    LOL! But how can you be mad at that face? :)

  26. Natty

    Awww…too cute to be mad for long :)

    I would tell you that Kingsley getting into things could be a sign or boredom and he needs to be stimulated and get out more but I'm willing to bet Kingsley gets out more than I do :P

  27. what a stinker! haha he is so darn cute! i one day want a bulldog, so get to learn about them through your experiences! haha thanks ;)

  28. Taza, it sounds like you need the Dog Whisperer. I'm house sitting a dog right now and boy it's a lot of work.


  29. i'm so glad he didn't eat the peach pit!!! what a mischievous little nugget!!!!

  30. OH my! I think I just fell in love with your dog.
    Excellent photo him!

  31. haha maybe Bully is looking for HIS groceries! hahaha we have a 3.5yo Min Pin and SHE is into everything- we have our house doggy proofed to the max, but that's why we love our little ones- they keep us busy and laughing at life ;)

  32. Kara

    haha that is so funny! our doggies are little trouble maker's too…

  33. what a hoot! he is so funny!

  34. don't feel like a failure. when your dog has sneakily consumed as much chocolate as mine has, then you can feel bad.

    we're up to a bag of miniature candy bars, a bowl of chocolate covered peanuts, miscellaneous bites out of treats and an entire chocolate cake.

    doggies can be so bad.

  35. j.

    my dogs used to do this kind of stuff too. every day i came home to a new nightmare! finally i decided that they had more freedom than they could handle, and they were given less. now they hang out in the kitchen while we're away with with a bed, toys & a dog door leading to the backyard. i felt bad blocking them off from the rest of the house at first, but they don't seem to mind at all.

    good luck!

  36. Rica

    Seriously, how adorable is that?? :)

  37. Liv

    It might be time to kennel train him when no one's around to keep him out of mischief! That would be so frustrating!

    Whoever had my dog before I adopted her taught her not to eat shoes/garbage/people things and I'm SO GRATEFUL.

  38. Amanda

    i LOVE all the kingsley posts! he's perfect even when he's naughty :)

  39. kylee

    you should meet my dog. once he ate an entire blackberry pie which was on top of our super tall hutch. it's still a mystery as to how he got up there. he once ate a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. he's crazy. but we love him.

  40. Oh my gosh, what a stinker!

    Troublesome puppy stories are always so cute though.

  41. Rasha

    hhaha how funny what a stinker!

  42. Nikki

    OMG I love Kingsley so much. He reminds me of my boxers!


  43. I grew up with two labradors that were the most michevious creatures i have ever known. Our female was extremely shy and calm (never heard her bark out of demand or anything aside from fear or warning). Our male thought he was a real boy… or even a cat sometimes. In any case, they had 2 seperate litters of puppies; the second litter in our home. 8 delicious puppies for 10 weeks plus the two 98+lb parents made for interesting adventures. One of which was the, "I'm going to deflate this pool in which you keep me and have my daddy lift the gate while my mother keeps an eye out for you while my 7 brothers and sisters and I pounce in the living room tearing the place up!" It is hard to stay angry when there are 8 puppies covered in planter dirt, cotton from the sofa cushions and straw from the topierie adornments while the parents sit in the corner sleeping. Dogs truly make life better :)

  44. Ferni

    your bully is too stinkin cute! I can't wait till I can get a little partner in crime! My cat doesn't really count hah.

  45. dogs never seem to grow out of the puppy stage! but luckily around 2 years ours started mellowing out. but the dog training classes saved us. good luck! and soo cute too!

  46. Lauren

    Doggy pica? I can't imagine how a Sharpie could taste good. He's pretty dang cute though!

  47. Alisha

    He's just strengthening his immune system, right? ;)

  48. oh kingsley, such the troublemaker. fortunately for him, he's just too adorable for words. ;)

  49. My puppy is a bit younger than Kingsley and we have her crate trained. I think it would really help you guys. It may seem a little mean to keep them cooped up, but just give him his favorite treat (we give Heidi peanut butter stuffed kongs – she LOVES them) and he'll learn to love it. It's like her little bed room. At night we tell her it's time for bed and she gets her stuffed animal and runs and lays down to be tucked in. It's so cute!! Anyways if you need any tips feel free to msg me!

  50. puppies…can't wait for them to grow out of the mischievous behavior and at the same time not wanting them to grow up so fast.

    My puppy used to eat markers too, thankfully it didn't damage too much. oui!

  51. Sera

    look at that smile! so cute!

  52. don't be too worried about the fruit and veggies, dogs on a diet of fresh food like that actually out live dogs who eat "dog" food. if anything, it was good for him. garlic and onions are what you should look out for.

  53. Cathi

    Oooo! I remember the days of everything in the house getting chewed. Have fun!!

  54. at least he's going for the healthy snacks :)

  55. 2busy

    My dog is into chewing pens she gets off of the table. We have the ink spots on the carpet to prove it.

  56. Lexie

    Aw, Kingsley! He is so stinkin' cute. Our corgi, Mia, stuffs herself with apricots every summer and hasn't gotten sick yet. We have an apricot tree in our back yard, and it's nearly impossible to keep up with the ones that make it to the ground. We frequently open the back door and find a pile of apricot pits stacked neatly on the door mat.

  57. Kelsey

    my parent's dog back in the day ate half the christmas tree! talk about bad

  58. Hilarious! My dogs have definitely gotten into plenty of mischief over the years, but that blue tongue might take the cake!

  59. vcm

    Aww.. Kingsley's soo cute! Our dog's a lot like him too. One time I came home to find my new ballet flats wrecked and when I called his name, he immediately took cover under the sofa as if admitting his guilt.. dogs..

  60. Jacob

    hahah! kingsley– that little rascal!

  61. erin

    he loves fruits! haha!

  62. Ariel

    my miniature poodle once ate an entire package of chocolate covered mini donuts and she is alive and well. at least he was picking all of the healthy items!! :)

    my dog also walked through my paint palette once and left paw prints all over my car seat. i think they secretly want to be artists!

  63. Sum

    Mr. Kingsley sure is a sneaky smart bulldog!

  64. I love his expression — he is completely unashamed and totally cute!

  65. cherie

    your dog is simply so cute + awesome! :D

    meh, when I leave mine alone at home, I usually return to see my clothes scattered all over the room and some papers torn apart. :D



  66. I read this just a couple of hours after a harrowing trip to the vet. My little cockapoo, Cupcake, ate himself a pen last night and managed to poison himself with the ink. Lovely black vomits everywhere. He's going to be fine THANK GOODNESS. He's completely hopeless. He knows exactly what he's doing, he waits until we leave the room, and he goes to town on whatever he can find! You can clearly train them to recognise what bad behaviour is.. but apparently it doesn't count if you're not there to witness it! Silly creatures!

  67. Jessica

    I have a beagle, and he was a mess for the first year and half to two years of his life. It will get better! They are such a joy to have around. :)

  68. kristin

    Could he be any cuter!?

  69. Lindsey

    It's weird, my bulldog has never gotten into mischief like that. I will consider myself lucky! We give her Nylabones to chew on, so when we are gone, she has something to chew if she gets bored. I don't know if this helps with the mischief, but it's worth a try eh?

  70. love-v

    @Liv & @Kelly Leigh are spot on.

    My bully Odin started his crate training with our breeders and spends time hanging out in his 'room' when we are out of the house. Sometimes when I'm working in the office (where we keep his crate) he'll come in and spread out in there and take a nap. You should see him run when we tell him to go to his room for his dinner. I highly recommend the crate, it keeps his mischief at bay.

  71. Vanessa

    There is no such thing as a mellow puppy – haha. I'm sure as he get's older, he will calm down a lot. Have you thought about crating him, or doggy daycare?

  72. how is it that he gets cuter by the day? everyone has those stories of animals getting into stuff and it's just part of the process. that blue tongue is pretty hilarious though. x

  73. Our dog, Tango does the same thing. He'll behave like a little dog angel and then the next week he's stealing things off the counter and ripping out blinds off the window. awesome.

  74. oh my gosh we have a pug that reminds me so much of Kingsley. Our pug, Abby Grace – has a keen affinity for finding all things chewable. Especially fruit. Especially when I turn my back. The dog can be zero to fifty in .025 seconds just to get her mug on a piece of food.

    they are like vacuums!

  75. oh my gosh we have a pug that reminds me so much of Kingsley. Our pug, Abby Grace – has a keen affinity for finding all things chewable. Especially fruit. Especially when I turn my back. The dog can be zero to fifty in .025 seconds just to get her mug on a piece of food.

    they are like vacuums!

  76. Haley

    hahahaha this post desperately makes me wish I had a dog.

    I once knew a dog that ate grapes. but then her eye popped out and she died. that's the closest I've ever come to a story like this.

  77. We had a basset hound that would jump up and put his two front feet on the kitchen counters and be able to reach things off the back of them because of his long body. He ate my Dad's piece of pie clean off the plate one day when he turned to put the rest of the pie into the fridge. It was hilarious. Our newest dog ate a whole 12-pack of jumbo muffins from Sam's Club in about five minutes and swelled up like a balloon. Dog's just don't learn, and it is lucky they're cute or they'd be in so much more trouble than they actually get.

  78. So funny! Sounds like my post with chocolate lab and watermelon, and my cat Sage with her tomatoes! :) It's so hard to be mad at them… when they are so darn cute!

  79. He's so cute, you can't help but say, "Aw, it's okay, look at that face."

    Like my husby does with our Wheaten Terrier. I know I'm the bad Mummy, because I discipline and Husby commends for mischief. He's a terrier, but he needs discipline!

    But it's true, look at your dog's face… how could you get angry!?

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  80. Kelly

    I know you must have been oh so frustrated…. but this is freaking hilarious and made me laugh on this terrible Thursday I am having! Thank you for that!

  81. Kelly

    I know you must have been oh so frustrated…. but this is freaking hilarious and made me laugh on this terrible Thursday I am having! Thank you for that!

  82. Renée

    I think it's a little bit hilarious and sooo cute!

  83. Libby

    my roommate had a bulldog that was 4 years old and he got into EVERYTHING. once he tore into our other roommates down comforter and ruined it..there were feathers EVERYWHERE. upstairs, downstairs, in the bathroom, in the backyard…he had trailed them around everywhere. that dog was a nightmare, i hated him!!

  84. Luna

    lol so adorable. oh kingsley what will you get into next?

  85. bama

    hey, I stumbled upon this and immediately thought of Kingsley. Enter. that. pup! win some cash!

    thanks for your life

  86. I'm a bully mom too! They're cuteness is the only thing that saves them. The EATING.EVERYTHING.IS.OUT.OF.CONTROL. My dog ate and, ahem, "passed" an underwire bra. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? And who thinks, "oh gosh, I really better pick up that bra because my dog might swallow it whole"? NO ONE, that's who!

    They are the greatest and the worst. That blue tongue is HILARIOUS! Hahaha.

  87. cute

  88. he is so cute but you can tell by that face that he would get up to mischief! i bet it is hard to stay mad with him though!

    beautiful blog – I love this little insight into your lives :)

  89. King is hilarious. My rat terrier mix, Olive gets into EVERYTHING as well. Once I came home to find her innocent face standing at the top of the staircase with extra black spots all over her front. I had to squint because, she's a white dog with black spots, but these were definitely new. What was going on?! Well, she had also discovered the sharpie. She had black teeth, and had also stained our white couch and her puppy bed with soot looking stains as well.

    Sigh. What are you going to do? You know. They even make their bad behavior seem cute.