my birthday.

all i wanted for my birthday this year were some king crab legs and maybe a cupcake. in fact, whenever josh asked me what i wanted for my birthday this year, that is exactly what i would tell him.
so we started with dessert at georgetown cupcake followed by a big yummy crab leg dinner (which we ate in bed while watching the new top chef d.c.) it was a lovely evening.
and then there were the sweet surprises during the week leading up to my birthday. like, spoon and arcade fire concert tickets given (ahhhhh!), a new fancy camera, lots of back rubs (love!) and all of my favorite foods! thank you so much josh! it was a beautiful week. and i am so grateful to be healthy and happy. and for all the wonderful people in my life. 24 is going to be an exciting year!
thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes, too!
  1. What a cute cupcake. I'm glad you had such a great day!

  2. That sounds pretty cool.

    I absolutely love crab legs! Everytime I would go to the mandarin buffet, I would load plate after plate full of crab legs. Well, they are pretty expensive aren't they?

  3. Laura

    happy Birthday! I love King Crab Legs too … MMMmm

  4. happy birthday! week-long birthdays are the only way to go.

  5. Spoon ANNND Arcade Fire tickets? Jeal.ous!I'm counting down the days until the new AF album comes out.

    Sounds like a perfect birthday and a perfect birthday outfit to go along with it! :)

  6. Rhianne

    spoon and arcade fire?! I'm suitably jealous :) Glad you had a great birthday, I've really enjoyed 24 so far so I hope you do too.

  7. emily

    glad you had crab too :)
    and what is this about a new fancy camera? do tell…

  8. I am so glad you had a great birthday!! Spoon AND Arcade Fire?! I am so envious!

  9. Sounds like a freaking sweet birthday to me! Happy 24!!!

  10. Sounds like a super awesome birthday!


  11. Rhianna

    Cute outfit!

  12. Crab legs, yum! You have truly been spoilt as you should – what camera did you get? You have a wonderful marriage it sounds. I am a newbie – only got married in March and fall in love with my husband more and more every day!

  13. 24 and fabulous ~ here's to MANY, MANY more!

  14. You are one cute 24 year old!

    Props on eating dessert first! When we do that we call it "Pre-ssert."

  15. sounds like an amazing birthday week!!! You deserve it girl!

  16. spoon tickets holy cow, i am jealous!! i believe in secret surprises all birthday week as well! so glad you had a nice time.

  17. SO glad you had an amazing birthday!! THe simple things that make us happy in life are truly the best : )

    We walked by Georgetwon Cupcakes on Saturday but didnt get one! We went to eat before at Fishers and Farmers down by the water and were full!!

    Glad you had a great birthday!!!!

  18. Jayne

    That sounds just perfect! Oh, and I love what your wrote about marriage below. Couldn't agree more!

  19. so much fun! you are so model-esque! sounds like josh spoiled you, what a good husband!

  20. hanner

    i can't wait for arcade fire… i have waited so long for them to go on tour again!

  21. Rasha

    Sounds fun! That cupcake looks delicious!

  22. wow! i love that you had such a great day and week. i especially love your outfit. i have been looking for a skirt like that for ages!

  23. Happy Birthday! I love your skirt, where did you get it?

  24. Maddy

    crab legs and cupcakes! best birthday ever. what kind of camera did you get?!

  25. Sounds like the perfect birthday! :).

  26. You have inspired me through your photos to take at least one picture everyday.I have been on this mission for about a month and have fabulous pictures to prove it :) I have been hinting to my boyfriend and parents about getting me a camera for my upcoming birthday.I would love to know what camera you use to capture the beautiful moments you and your husband share…?

  27. Barbara

    happy birthday naomi!! hope your journey to 25 is as awesome as the previous years!

  28. this all sounds just perfect! i'm so glad you had such a wonderful day. :)

  29. Tanwon

    Sharing favorite foods with the hubby and a back rub really do make for a great evening!

  30. Chelsea

    what kind of camera did you get? love that cupcake pic of you btw!

  31. A bit late,but Happy Birthday!
    I hope you'll enjoy everyday of your life!

  32. Nicole*

    spoon concert tickets? that will be fun fun fun!

  33. Helen

    happy birthday! sounds like a perfect day

  34. Sum

    I'm so happy to hear you had such a good birthday! Josh is the sweetest. :)

  35. Naomi, your photos are beautiful! What "fancy new camera" did Josh get you? I'm uber curious!

  36. Please tell what camera you got! The pictures look great!

  37. stacy

    yeah arcade fire!

    i've got tickets for their show on toronto island!


  38. Izzy

    Where did you get that pencil skirt? It is so simple and adorable. Love it styled with that top :)

  39. Izzy, the pencil skirt is from UO.


  40. just started looking at your cute blog! I love it!It makes me happy that your husband and my man are Josh :)
    Happy Birthday!

  41. Ayley

    that shirt is sooo perfect! i swear to you i have been looking everywhere for something to strike me like that. where is it from? it's so great!