mister kingsley.

it always makes our day when someone who follows the blog
comes up to us and says hello. we’ve met a lot of wonderful people this way.
but it makes us even happier when they automatically greet kingsley by name!
from hello to goodbye, it’s all about mister kingsley.
and you know he loves it, too! all the attention focused on him…
did you know he got a a bunch of get well cards and gifts in the mail?
well, he did!
and then there is always the kingsley art that is sent via email.
we are aware he’s not really that big of a deal. but he is to us.
so it’s always nice when others acknowledge that too…

kingsley drawing, by harriet.

thread drawing on upholstery fabric, by stephanie.

kingsley drawing, by delaney.
thanks for loving kingsley!!!
  1. Maddy

    these are amazing! especially the 2nd one. what a joy!

  2. This is truly amazing that people do this! How great it is that people not only love you guys, but also your dog!

  3. Cassie

    Wow! Each of these is great! You three are special!

  4. I would buy the last two for myself! So fantastic, i love english bulldogs! The colors are so beautiful.

  5. Sara

    Oh my goodness! What talented readers!

  6. Kingsley is a rockstar!!! and you guys are the cutest. I hope DC is trating you guys great. love reading the blog with my gf( kidvscity.blogspot.com)… we were actually talking about doing an illustration of Kingsley the other day.. looks like someone beat me to it… maybe soon though.

  7. Dennise

    He most certainly IS a big deal as are you and your darling husband. xoxo

  8. Bree

    wow, these are all SO good!

  9. Whoa. everything is so amazing! wayyy cute.

  10. Erica

    that is so great!!

  11. that thread artwork is amazing! so inspired!

  12. Aura

    Oh my gosh how sweet. I bet you treasure these! What wonderful ladies, to gift you with them.

  13. oh my goodness, how thoughtful! you have such sweet readers. <3

  14. Jacob

    we/I do love kingsley, but I also love you guys! The perfect family and I would like to thank you for letting us in a little on your life! I always look forward to your posts.

  15. Kingsley is pure ninja for sure and you two are amazing rockstars. Such talented readers you have! Your little family is truly amazing and beloved by many!

  16. Luna

    those are great. gotta love kingsley.

  17. Wow the third one is great!

  18. Caty

    That thread drawing is by one of my dear friends, Stephanie Toland! So excited to see her work on here. She loves you and she is freakishly talented in all things art!


  19. Those are wonderful! It's so nice and sweet for people to do this for you!

  20. Mara

    aw such sweet drawing! I love that last one

  21. YAY… I am so excited and honored to be featured on your blog! I envy you… you are such a doll!

  22. Emma

    i love these pieces of art! so lucky. he is a darling doggie.

  23. These are amazing and truly fit for a KINGsley

    I especially love the thread drawing!

  24. What the hell, why don't people send ME cool stuff like this… I'm jealous.


  25. {jane}

    oh….my! my! my! my! my!

    sometimes naomi, i just want to be you!!!!! hugs.

    by the way, i received my custom painting from sammy. it is adorable! i'm keeping it secret till father's day, for my hubby. thank you again, for that giveaway! it is truly priceless.

  26. wow! these are sweet drawings of mister Kingsley!

  27. I just adore Kinglsey, if I had been following your blog back in February when I was in DC I would have totally stolen him! Not really, but I definitely would have said hi.

  28. Sum

    wowie wowza. these are some talented artists! i love them all!

  29. Barbara

    Those are great artist!! and Kingsley rocks!!! :)

  30. Angie

    how lovely it is to have your own little celebrity!

  31. Rhianne

    I love how blogging can bring out the best in people and their generousity, these are amazing :)

  32. Helen

    aww i love the last one! kingsley is a superstar!

  33. Colleen

    Such talented rockstars! Love Mr. Kingsley.

  34. this makes me want to go to DC so i, too, can have a kingsley sighting….

  35. John

    Oh awesome, are you guys rockstars? Are you in a band? What's the name of the rockstar band? Does Kingsley play drums or bass? What instruments do you play in the band?

  36. Nikki

    Aww I would totally greet Kingsley on the street with a huge hug. Love him!


  37. Those illustrations are awesome! :)

  38. Oh my gosh, these pictures are amazing!! The top one needs to be framed!

  39. Great! What lovely art.

  40. These are all incredible!

    How lovely that you bring so much sunshine into people's lives, and it's reciprocated. Hope you have a lovely day!

  41. Ali

    He is SUCH a superstar!

  42. Wow what incredible artists! Thanks for sharing, these are really spectacular!


  43. sarah

    Incredibly talented artisans, and testament to what a great inspiration you guys are! :)

  44. OH.MY.GOSH. Whoa – incredible stuff!

  45. all of the art work is so sweet. there are so many talented people out there. i especially loved the one with you guys and the row houses. so cute!

  46. Kelsey

    famous puppy you got there ;) hollywood star in the making

  47. some peeps are so talented and what a muse! =]

  48. Mallory

    oh my gosh, all three of those pictures are adorable! you definitely lead a charmed life. :)

  49. Jessica

    I recognize that thread drawing, it's my cousin's! Totally random: I was craving an orange juilius the other day and thought how the best one I've ever had Pat made the one day I visited your house as a teenager. I think Lynette had slept over with Hannah, and I went with to pick her up. It was summer time and your house was just magical in the mountains and the deck and everything. Then to finish the visit up the orange julius was just the cherry on top. Also, I think that was the same occasion your mom gave us a HUGE can of dry Potato Soup mix because Lynette loved it when she made it. Got to love Pat! I also have a fun memory at Brick Oven between Nutcracker matinee/ night shows and she took me to the salad bar to teach me how to stack a good salad on those little plates. Also trying apple beer for the first time. :)