memorial day: red, white & blue.

on memorial day, josh put on a red,white and blue striped tie and we crossed over the bridge to IHOP in arlington for an all american eggs, pancake, hash brown, french toast and bacon breakfast. (yes, we couldn’t decide so we ordered it all). p.s. IHOP is making pancakes with bits of new york cheesecake inside and strawberries on top these days….i know it sounds sketchy to have cheesecake in your pancakes, but i was smitten by the picture and had to try them. and…yes yes yes, they are delicious! i’ll be back for more.
anyway, we planned on stopping by the arlington cemetery next, but after sitting in traffic on the freeway for over a half hour by the exit, we decided to check out the cemetery another day, when everyone wasn’t there.
we went home and walked kingsley around the neighborhood and then went to see the documentary babies. have you seen it? can we please have that baby from mongolia over to play? how much fun is that movie? then we walked around the world war I and world war II memorials which were less crowded as the evening went on and beautifully decorated with flowers and flags.
it was a good day. we feel blessed to live in such a great place and are very thankful for the honorable men and women (many of whom are part of our family) who have served and continue to serve our beautiful country.
  1. Looks like a wonderful day! Great photo of Josh (rockstar shades for sure) and Kingsley – so cute!



  2. Rasha

    Awe, love it. Looks like a wonderful day!

  3. D&D

    beautiful photos. D.C. is such a gorgeous place…especially the fountains at night!

  4. Wow, D.C. would be such an amazing place to be on Memorial day! Glad you had a good time!

  5. Jeanne

    You are too cute!

  6. i love your pictures. we are moving back to the DC area, yea!

  7. Emma

    i absolutely loved babies! that Mongolian baby was to die for, so entertaining and fun.

  8. jones

    love your day! i convinced my husband to see babies the other weekend and for sure the mongolian baby (those cheeks, those cheeks) was edible. BTW – can you please let me know where you get your hair cut? I am contemplating a change . . . thanks!!

  9. emalie


  10. emily

    glad you had a patriotic day in dc. i think i have that same shirt. h&m;?

    date soon?

  11. Cortney

    We spent Memorial Day watching Babies as well. I love how nerdy the San Fran parents seem when compared to the other couples :) Bayar was our favorite too, just because he was kickin' it alone in almost every scene, he seemed scrappy and able to hang. I loved how he was literally tied to a bedpost, eating toilet paper, or how he was naked on that pail in the middle of a goat herd. I think the San Fran couple would have died, haha.

  12. Nicole

    Love your pictures and love DC! Looks like such a fun memorial day!

  13. I love honoring the fallen soldiers and those that continue to serve our country! What a beautiful place to live with all of the memorials so near by! I love your skirt too!

  14. EVA

    I loved Babies! I know the Mongolian baby boy was the cutest :)

  15. i loved babies too! i even mentioned it when i blogged about it that bayar from mongolia was my favorite!!!

  16. What a beautiful holiday well spent!

    I looooove days like these

  17. You had me at bits of cheescake in my pancakes. Great. That image is going to stay in my brain until I have that sweetness! Sounds heavenly. Looks like we're eatin dinner at IHOP ;)

  18. jones,
    bobby at PR Partners salon at metro center cuts my hair. i love him.

    and yay for the mongolian baby fan club! seriously. he's all i've been thinking about. also, goes to show you don't need overstimulating or fancy baby toys in life. pretty sure he was content with a roll of tipi or a bucket and found creative ways to play for hours with those things on his own. i loved that about him.


  19. your pictures are so beautiful.

    i've only been to dc twice, but they made me really miss it and wish i was there for memorial day, as well.

    thanks for sharing!

  20. Lovely pictures! It sounds like a super fun day, too all around. Those pancakes sounds insanely tasty. IHOP forever!

  21. Maddy

    sounds like a fun memorial day! wonderful that you two get to live in dc :)

  22. Barbara

    Looks like a wonderful day!!
    those last pictures are great!!
    have a nice day :)

  23. Steph

    We live right next to IHOP in Arlington! Glad you guys had a wonderful weekend – we should get together sometime.

  24. koko

    so beautiful. Love all those pictures!

  25. R.

    In. Love. With. Babies. And you're right, that Mongolian kid. Cah-ute! xox

  26. you guys are the cutest! and now i'm craving pancakes. ;)

  27. Suse

    As a native Washingtonian, I love to see how you explore and discover my home town – you always present a fresh view. And thanks for that. Keep lovin' my hometown the way you (and I) do because it is a great way to share with all. Rockstar Diaries? Yeah, you rock. Cheers and love.

  28. OMG! That little baby from Mongolia(and his naughty brother!) were SO funny! Definitely my favorite! So much personality! :)

  29. Ali

    I hear Babies is absolutely amazing and adorable and that the Mongolian baby IS the cutest! So glad you had such a lovely Memorial Day.

  30. Great pictures! I would love to visit DC on Memorial Day soon. So my husband can see the Iwo Jima statue and we can go to the concert and see all the memorials.

  31. sounds like a perfect day to celebrate memorial day!

  32. Jacob

    this was a beautiful tribute for memorial day. I swear.. you have the perfect family! That breakfast sounds AMAZING. holy geez.

  33. Leni

    my grandfather is buried in arlington. it's so beautiful there. i wish i didn't live so far away and could visit it every memorial day.

  34. Kelsey

    cheesecake pancakes? nom nom nom

  35. Great pictures, as always!

  36. heather

    & a blue drink! so patriotic. ;) sounds like a wonderful day!

  37. these pictures are beautiful. love the way kingsleys ears are cocked so cute!

  38. B

    I love that you spent Memorial day in such a meaningful way :)

    The last few pictures were cool. Glad you had a fun trip!

    B from A plus B

  39. Sounds like an absolutely lovely day :)

  40. Marisa

    I must tell you, your blog makes me miss DC oh so much!!!! The husband and I spent three happy years in the district, and while we aren't too far away, we just can't find the time to get up there enough….

  41. amanda

    what a great way to spend the afternoon.

    i love the red, white and blue tie. what a festive man you have, naomi!

  42. kendra

    the mongolian baby was my favorite too. Actually, his big brother was. When he was dragging the cat… HILARIOUS

  43. One day I want to be in DC for a holiday such as this; just to feel the vibe and wonderment of it all.

  44. aww I saw Babies on Monday too! It was the cutest movie I've seen in awhile! But I was surprised the American baby they selected to follow b/c it just didn't seem how I was raised or anyone else I know but still so cute!

  45. I want to see that moooooovie! I almost spent Memorial day in DC but went sailing instead.

  46. i love how festive you are! dc is the perfect city to celebrate patriotic holidays.

  47. Nikki

    Sounds beautiful.
    Kingsley is getting so big! love him.


  48. Caty

    Question that has nothing to do with this post: Where did you get your fedora that I see pop up in photos here and there? I want one, but I can't find a cute one. :(

  49. You inspired me to buy that shirt from H&M.; It totally completes an outfit!

  50. Caty,

    I got that fedora at UO last spring. I'm not sure if they still carry the same one, but I know they have others in the store.


  51. Renée

    Seems like you had a wonderful day :)
    Have great weekend

  52. Tiffany

    oooh! that baby and his naughty big brother were adorable! i loved his little voice yelling 'mama!'. so sweet!

  53. Cute! It's beautiful out there. What a nice place to be for memorial day.

  54. Annie

    it makes me laugh that you list the components of your "all-american" breakfast, nearly all of which can also be found in a full english…!!

  55. Dolce

    Hi Naomi! I love your blog and all the fun pics. Have to ask…where is that presh floral skirt from?

  56. Meghan

    You always have the coolest pictures! Could you please do a post with some photo tips? It would be very helpful and very appreciated :)

  57. dolce, the skirt is from anthropologie a few years back.


    and meghan, that is very sweet of you to say. i don't know much at all about photography so i feel that post would be quite silly coming from me. if you have a particular question you can always email me and i'll try my best to answer. though when it comes to photography, i probably won't be much help.