i believe in marriage.

“there is no greater risk than matrimony.
but there is nothing happier than a happy marriage.”
–benjamin disraeli, 1870
in a letter to queen victoria’s daughter louise,
congratulating her on her engagement.
via the book committed by elizabeth gilbert
today is our 3rd wedding anniversary.
the past three years married to this man have been the best years of my life.
it’s weird how you can love someone more and more everyday.
it’s almost scary to think we were “in love” back then…
compared to what we have now, that was just silly talk.
photos by leo.
  1. Colleen

    Beautiful pictures – congrats on working hard and being rewarded with a happy marriage!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, beautiful sentiments…

    xo jessy

  3. Jacob

    happy anniversary!

  4. Britti

    Congrats! These pictures are unbelievable beautiful! Love them! I hope the two of you will be happy and in love forever! xo

  5. Lily

    THAT is the cutest veil EVER!

  6. absolutely beautiful!

  7. Erin

    Happy Anniversary! And Happy Birthday too (since I missed the last post.) :)

  8. K.J.D.L

    Isn't it awesome that we get to be with our husbands forever? Not even till death, simply forever. You remind me to enjoy the simple things


  9. congratulations! Very classy and elegant as always! Love the mountains in the background.

  10. Emily

    Happy Anniversary (a little late :) )

  11. jones

    Happy Anniversaries!!! They sounded perfect!

  12. well, happy anniversary! 3 years, that's crazy. I still remember your invite. I can't forget actually, it was fab! xo

  13. Becca

    Aw! Naomi I adore your dress. Where is it from?
    Is there any way you could talk about it a little, because I'm impressed that you found something modest and beautiful, and I'm jealous.
    Have a great day and Happy Anniversary!

  14. Happy anniversary to one of the loveliest couple ever! Stay in love forever. xx

  15. cupcake

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  16. cupcake

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  17. Dinah

    Hopefully you believe in marriage between all kinds of people…

  18. Gld2bMe

    This makes me believe in marriage so completely. Its exactly how I think I'll feel/hope I'll feel three years from this October (when I say "I Do" to the most amazing man).
    You are stunning and happy and amazing.
    I love the black and white, your dress, the wheat grass, your freckles, and the look on his face. He adores you…and rightly so.
    I just sent this link to my fiance…
    Happy Anniversary.

  19. Seyma

    oh dear lord i fell in love with your wedding photos.. yoou guys look wonderful.. totally..

    happy anniversary sweetheart..


  20. Amanda

    I believe that these pictures take my breath away. I am envious of your cute freckles and you have such a love for your husband…it shows. Here's to another year of bliss.