have a great little weekend! {and our giveaway winner announced!}

i desperately wish i was back in cabo mexico this weekend napping on a sunny beach. i was looking through our vacation photos trying to imagine myself in the sun at this very moment and found this photo from our day on lovers beach. i loved this bird woman. she fed the birds literally all afternoon. i thought it was sweet.
and here’s this weeks giveaway winner:
selected at random

congrats! please email me your contact info–[email protected]
and if you didn’t win, you can always check out the goods at bijou market tomorrow in orem utah!
p.s. if you’re going to the beach this weekend, please don’t tell me.
just kidding. enjoy it! for all of us!
  1. Rasha

    I wish I was going to the beach too and yay for giveaway winners!

  2. Heading to Huntington Beach in So Cali haha but I will be sure and send greetings to it for you!

  3. What I would give for a beach weekend…

  4. Ann

    i so totally agree with you…i posted my {holga goes bahamas} photos today from last summer. we are on the same brain wave. just wish it was an ocean wave, too!

  5. Kelsey

    lol alright then.. I am definitely NOT going to the beach Monday. Definitely not.

  6. Jacob

    Sounds amazing ;)
    looks like you had a wonderful trip when you were there!

  7. OK, did go to the beach today but did NOT see water like that~wow nothing like tropical blue seas!

  8. I'm actually in Miami right now! I'll think of you on the beach tomorrow. :)

  9. 2busy

    I need some serious beach time, but it is too far away. Ugh!

  10. Awesome photo! I looooved your memorial day post as well! :)

  11. Barbara

    I think that is sweet too!! hope you had a great weekend!!!

  12. bijou was so wonderful and hot hot hot. utah summer is here! hope your weekend was wonderful too!

  13. I was on the beach this weekend! St. Augustine! The town was beautiful, and the beach was… HOT! If the humidity was cut in half, it would have been perfect! ;-)

  14. Woop woop! I love your giveaways :) Well done to the winner!
    And your continuous sunny pictures are getting me so envious. Why does the UK have to be so grey??
    PD x