food makes everything better.

i know all i do is blog about food, but after a particularly disappointing and difficult day yesterday, i am confident that food really does make everything better. we stopped by 2amy’s for some of our favorite rice balls (and succumbed to some pizza and olives, too) late yesterday afternoon. and for a little while, everything was better.

also, 2amy’s has fresh flowers in the windows beside the tables. i got to sit next to them. flowers also make everything better.

  1. Rasha

    Food rocks and yum that pizza looks good!

  2. That pizza looks delicious!! Aww the flowers are beautiful! Glad your feeling better!!!

  3. Sorry you're having a rough go at it! You're right food and flowers make life that much better!

  4. Sorry you had a crumby day! You look lovely and the food looks delish!

  5. so sorry you had a bad day yesterday! that pizza looks oh so yummy though! no wonder it made you feel better!! :)

  6. amber

    that pizza looks delicious – food really can brighten your mood, if only temporarily.

    Your hair looks really cute in the last picture :) I hope your days get better!! xx

  7. Sorry things have been less than great in your corner of the world.

    On a bright note, you hair looks fantastic in this picture. :)

  8. Some good food always does the trick. It can make the crappiest of days bearable. Hoping you'll feel better soon!

  9. Annah

    Dayum… THAT PIZZA LOOKS GOOD. Too bad I'm on a low carb diet :(

  10. I like it that you blog about food! Keep it up.,

    But I miss one thing at your blog. Today I sat and read your posts and wanted to go backwards, but I couldn't find "previous entrys" or a monthly chronology,could you please put it in? :)

  11. Caty

    That pizza looks

  12. thanks everyone. especially for being nice about my crappy hair. i finally scheduled a bang trim for tomorrow. growing them out just isn't working for me. cannot wait until tomorrow.

    and @koselig, you can browse "previous entries" by clicking the link at the bottom of the blog on the right. i just checked and the button is still there.


  13. OMG I want that pizza, yum!

  14. 2 Amy's Really is delicious! And yeah, fresh flowers make almost every situation better!

  15. Alison

    couldn't agree more! i'm finding that thai food with fried tofu is my go-to meal when i'm having a rotten day.

  16. This just made me have an intense craving for pizza.

    Hope your day is better than yesterday!

  17. sorry to hear you're feeling down…but you certainly don't look it! when i'm sad, it's so so obvious. my face has no color or brightness, and i'm usually in sweats. here's to looking pretty when you're feeling sad! x

  18. you make me hungry


  19. alli

    You look so pretty in that photo! I had a pretty crummy day yesterday too…so far today is a little better. Hope yours is too.

  20. that pizza looks amazing and those olives with the crusty bread are calling my name!

  21. Well of course food makes everything better! Especially pizza ;)

    (Moon Face)

  22. Your hair does look adorable in this picture, but I'm glad your keeping the bangs… you rock bangs so well!

    Bummer about your crummy day, its amazing what a little comfort food will do huh? I hope things turn around for you!! : )

  23. Crystal

    I am sending you happy, peaceful thoughts. Also, (1) that pizza looks incredibly good and (2) your hair looks fabulous. :)

  24. Nicole*

    yes! food can make you feel better! but tell me, what are rice balls?

  25. Emily

    Yum! You look so pretty in that picture. Your hair is awesome! Hope you have some fabulous days ahead.

  26. Legs

    I was just thinking about going there for dinner tonight. Their food looks delicious! I hope everything's ok! Feel better!

  27. Bri

    Glad the little things still lighten up your day! (that's all that's important, right?) haha : )

  28. Hope your day is much better today :). The pizza looks yummy! I love fresh flowers, they are so cheerful :)

  29. Marisa

    love two amys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so sorry you are having a rough day! I think the end of june has been tough, especially with the oppressive heat!

    Feel better!!

  30. Amanda

    that pizza looks amazing! i love your hair! i wish i could put mine in a cute bun like that…i am very hair challenged! lol!

  31. and so my unhealthy (but I guess healthy) obsession with olives continue. And, I love the subway tile in that last pic :)

  32. Joy

    bad days are stinky.
    pizza smells good.
    here's to more good smells coming your way!

  33. Mandi

    Flowers and food. You are very right. They make everything so much cheerier! I'm moving close to downtown and the farmer's market this week, so I'm hoping fresh flowers can be a regular occurrence at our new home. Ease the stress a bit, yeah? :) xo

  34. i'm glad you do! if i ever make it out to DC i will know exactly where to go!

  35. JennO

    from all your reviews. it sounds like 2amys is def a must try with the husband and i! hope your day got better.. today is gorgeous in dc fresh air may do the trick!

  36. what beautiful flowers!! what a nice addition to a lovely restaurant.

    strumblings =

  37. I hope you are feeling better now :)
    You look gorgeous in that photo- I'm loving the hair :)
    p.s. You are really making me want to visit d.c. and go to 2amys!!

  38. Ruth

    Yummy! Food does make things better!

    PS: I love your hair in the last picture :)

  39. Emma

    food really does make everything better!!! i always feel better.

  40. Amanda

    food, flowers, and a bike ride [unless it's raining]

  41. You are so pretty and that food looks delicious. I might just have to go to 2amy's when I go to d.c. Have a lovely day and feel better.

  42. You are so pretty and that food looks delicious. I might just have to go to 2amy's when I go to d.c. Have a lovely day and feel better.

  43. Sorry to hear about your bad day! Glad 2 Amy's made it better! Hope the car/apartment search is coming along okay.

  44. Jacob

    that food = looks great.

  45. Gina

    i agree, pretty flowers & good food can really help a bad mood.
    p.s you hair looks really cute

  46. Luna

    the pizza looks good. yes food can make things better. its comforting to eat something you like. especially after having a bad day.

  47. That is such a pretty picture of you.

  48. Lindsey

    I know just how you feel. I had that kind of day yesterday as well, and when the hubs brought pizza home…well, everything else seemed to fade away.

  49. Connie

    I'm sorry about your bad day! I too noticed "Food" is tagged most often in my posts too. haha. Food is great.

  50. Leni

    that pizza looks amazing!

  51. So funny that you mentioned needing a bang trim because I was thinking they looked cute kinda like that!!

  52. Yum olives. Hope today was better! xo

  53. cute bangs girl! and i know how it is. i wanted to grow mine back out. but it's an awkward 'awkward stage' if you know what i mean.

    you are cute. excited to see the new do!

  54. I want that pizza! It looks like what I get at Estes here in Salt Lake :). Yum! And I agree, sad as it may be, food does make most everything better.

  55. You cannot image how much sugar I have eaten since my dad died. I am drowning my sorry in sugar. Also, there is a reason why people send flowers when someone dies! I'm so glad we forgot to add the "In lieu of flowers' note in my dad's obituary. Our house was a garden of eden for over a week. I liked this post…

  56. delicious pizza!
    BTW your hair looks very cute :)

  57. It's always the little things that make us happy.


  58. Hi Naomi! Ofcourse I found the Previous entry button, I just had to ask first ;) 2 seconds later… *lol*
    Have a nice summer,
    Koselig :)

  59. Rhianne

    I ate growing my bangs out as well. rice balls sound amazing! food definitely does help.

  60. Nikki

    this looks fantastic!


  61. how blissful. your hair looks lovely like that :)
    PD x

  62. PIZZA makes everything better :) always!

  63. as a pregnant woman who lives in the NOVA/DC area, I LOVE your food blogs :)

    it helps me and my husband figure out what I am craving and where to get it :)

  64. t.

    that pizza looks good – reminds me a bit of the ones here in italy. and are those arancini i see? yum!

  65. Food really does make everything better, and I just bought that shirt yesterday! Shopping makes everything better too.

  66. koko

    I know your days will get brighter! Keep smiling : )

  67. I love your posts about food. Keep them coming! And they really do make days brighter :)

  68. I love your posts about food. Keep them coming! And they really do make days brighter :)

  69. Food always makes things better! I agree!

  70. Food always makes things better! I agree!

  71. oh that pizza looks divine! I'm so hungry right now!

  72. Hi Naomi,
    I shared a cab home from JFK with you & your husband a year or more ago and just randomly happened upon your blog today. I love it! You're a stunning girl with fabulous style and a lovely take on life. Too bad you left NYC before we could get to know each other beyond that cab ride small talk! I'm so glad I happened upon your blog today though.

    Thanks for the post about Sally Jane Vintage. I absolutely love her shop!!

    I've been trying to grow my bangs out also and they do not look nearly as gorgeous as yours! I'll likely give in and chop them soon as well.

  73. Annah

    God I can't stop staring at that delicious pizza!

  74. Annah

    God I can't stop staring at that delicious pizza!

  75. Cambria

    Your blog is absolutely amazing! I'v been trying to look for some other blogs to follow to inspire me like yours does, but I haven't even come close to finding one. Your blog is full of style and originality. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for another cool blog? Im finding it impossible to find original blogs like yours.


  76. Suse

    It is so interesting to me that you venture from the Hill to all of our other neighborhoods – especially since you have such great resources on the Hill. I have friends and colleagues who never leave the Hill, because everything is already there. As a native of DC, I love how you present my hometown as a place of discovery and enjoyment – beyond the political and bureaucratic. You Are a Rock Star, darlin'…

  77. 1. That pizza looks delicious!
    2. I'm going through the same bangs dilemma. They are at that awkward length where you don't know whether to cut or continue growing.
    I think the grown-out bangs are working for you, though! The straight across is still gorgeous on you, too!

    Pale Bluebird

  78. Mara

    wow that pizza looks increible (ny style!). I hope you're feeling better today! Just have a holiday weekend coming up!

  79. Katya

    I've been a bit of a lurker on your blog, but… I had a "lost my tail" kinda day too and picking wildflowers made it better! You are too stinkin' cute!

  80. Barbara

    Hope everything is in order soon!!! that food looks super yummy

  81. Nikki

    Hope you feel better and have a fabulous weekend!



  82. i just love your blog. and food is the best.

  83. mmmm that all looks so delicious!!!

    i'm a HUGE fan of olives. and pizza.

  84. I never see you eating anything leafy or green in your pictures! Ever! How in the world do you keep that shape Oo

  85. it's so cool to see a girl that is just beautiful love food so much! lovin' it! ya'll are so cute together :)

  86. Kelsey

    that pizza does look great!!

  87. I'm convinced myself that food does make everything better!! Awe I need some good food today!

  88. Dear BFF,

    How I miss you so. Next time I am in town, let's please go back to this restaurant. Please please. That was a good day.

    Here's to hoping to see you soon,

  89. i miss 2Amys deviled eggs! The very very very best. Must know more about your Paris photo workshop too!