donut joy. and our giveaway winner.

one of the highlights of our weekend was making it to 2amy’s
in time to snag some of their homemade donuts
(they run out so fast! and we’re slow pokes on the weekends).
and it slipped my mind that i never announced
our giveaway winner last friday!
whoops! sorry…. without further adieu…
congrats cami! please email me
your shirt choice and shipping info!
  1. look so delicious donuts, really.
    and congratulation for the winner!
    happy Monday guys :)

  2. Yum! I could just eat one! x

  3. Katrina

    Homemade donuts are the best, and the funky large shape of those make them all the more appealing. Now if only I could muster up some self control when confronted with such goodies!

    love the blog, and little Kingsley!

  4. Jamie

    I love 2Amys! I walked six blocks uphill with my husbands family last week to get there. Our feet were mad at us but our bellys were happy! :) I didn't know they made donuts, we'll have to try that if we ever get to visit D.C. again!

  5. Jacob

    those. look. so. amazing.

  6. Suse

    Hey! Next time you are up near the Cathedral, let me give you a tour!

  7. That picture is so cute of you with the donut nose… And then I saw your wrist!! Are you double jointed??? haha :P

    love the blog!

  8. Karen

    Those donuts look delicious! I am a Canadian currently residing in Australia, and they make some amazing hot jam donuts that look quite similar…may have to be on the hunt tonight for one!

  9. Natalie

    AHH CAMI I LOVE YOU YAY!!! I just screamed.


  10. Kelsey

    those look delicious! I can't stand Dunkin Donuts anymore.

  11. So cool to see Cami win!
    I hope she sees this, since she just left out of town for 2 weeks!

  12. hooray! cami won! that little girl deserves it. i just loooooove her.